is Black Obsidian Water Safe

Can you put BLACK OBSIDIAN in water? (Read this first)

Black Obsidian, as the name says, is astonishing black in color.

It is a natural stone that is a result of cooled volcanic lava. The crystal is also characterized by its smooth and shiny surface with a glassy luster.

Apart from its striking beauty, Black Obsidian contains several healing properties that can benefit your physical and spiritual self.

And, to receive those benefits continuously, you must clean your crystal.

There are ample methods for cleansing Black Obsidian, water cleansing being the easiest and most effective.

Black Obsidian is a fairly hard and non-reactive crystal that can be effortlessly placed in water, provided the temperature is not at the extreme ends.

Is Black Obsidian Water Safe?

Black Obsidian does not react with water negatively as it has a hardness between 5 and 6 on the Mohs Scale and so, you can put Obsidian in water.

However, Black Obsidian is water safe only until the contact with water is not prolonged as the crystal is moderately hard and can still dissolve if exposed to water regularly and continuously for long hours.

You also need to take note of the temperature of water while immersing the stone in it as Black Obsidian is a volcanic rock that is a result of cooled molten lava.

If the crystal is exposed to extremely hot or cold water, it can weaken its structure, making your precious black stone susceptible to breakage.

Can Black Obsidian go in water

Can Black Obsidian be Cleansed in Water?

The ultimate cleansing intention is to get your crystals free of any debris or negative energy and this can be done by a lot of methods, including exposure to direct sunlight or moonlight, sacred leaves or sticks like sandalwood, and Palo Santo, sound vibrations, brown rice, and water.

Black Obsidian is compatible with all of these methods, cleansing with normal water being the most convenient of all. 

To clean the crystal with water, you can either keep it in your basin and run tap water over it for a few minutes, or if you want a deep cleansing, and you haven’t washed the crystal in a long time, fill a bowl with fresh water and immerse the piece of Obsidian in it for 24 hours.      

Following the right techniques, and keeping control of the temperature, you can cleanse Black Obsidian in water.

Can Black Obsidian go in Salt Water?

Saltwater is a valuable cleansing agent in the world of crystals.

It pulls out the bad energies from your crystals and makes them glossy and vibrant as new.

Black Obsidian, being a moderately hard stone will not break easily when put in salt water for cleansing and charging, hence, you can keep Black Obsidian in saltwater.

For preparing a saltwater bath, fill a container with fresh water and sprinkle some Himalayan Salt in it.

Submerge Black Obsidian in the container and let the salt remove any toxic or negative energy residing in your crystal.

After you are done cleansing, drain the saltwater and do not use it for any future purpose as the water may have gained negativity from the crystal which can be harmful for further usage.

Can Black Obsidian go in Moon Water?

Black Obsidian is a healing crystal that has the power to bring stability and positive energy to one’s life.

Crystal users usually recommend Black Obsidian for discovering hidden truths and new aspects of your being as it is a very powerful stone.

Moonlight contains immense healing energy and when used for preparing moon water, it transmutes the power of its pure white rays into the water, making it energetic and completely recharged.

Keeping Black Obsidian stones in moon water will amplify their benefits and renew their metaphysical properties, hence, it is a virtuous idea to place Black Obsidian in moon water once a month.

Can Black Obsidian go in Bath Water?

Black obsidian is quite resistant to water and does not break unless immersed for a long time, it can thus go in bathwater.

Dumping Black Obsidian in bathwater will give you a sense of freshness and newness.

Due to its dark color, Obsidian grabs on the negative energy and stores it in itself, radiating hopeful and optimistic energy in turn.

Moreover, according to Feng Shui, the color black is related to water and so the crystal blends well with its properties.

The only situation that you must avoid while having a Black Obsidian bath is, not to put the crystal in a hot bathtub as it may break your stone.

Rather than putting Black Obsidian in your bathtub, consider keeping it in the vicinity of your bathroom or beside the bathtub to enjoy the unmatchable benefits of this wonderful crystal.

Can you drink Black Obsidian Infused Water?

Black Obsidian scores between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale which makes this crystal perfect for preparing crystal-infused drinking water. 

You can make infused water by putting Black Obsidian in a mason jar or water bottle filled with spring water and letting it transfer its mystical energy into the water.

Additionally, you can place the bottle in your yard at night and recharge the infused water with the lunar energy of the moon.

if you don’t wish to work on preparing Obsidian infused water by yourself then you can opt for buying Black Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle.

If you want to try a variety of crystal-infused water, then get your hands on Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, or Clear Quartz.

How to prepare Black Obsidian Elixir?

Crystal elixirs are the magic liquids that fill you with cheerfulness and act as a support in your spiritual journey, and Black Obsidian, being a protective stone, fits well in the role of crystal that can be used as an ingredient for preparing elixir.

Black Obsidian is a transitional crystal from soft to hard, hence, with extra care and precautions, you can make use of it in preparing an elixir.

You can start off by placing Black Obsidian in a bowl filled with clean water and keeping it under the moonlight for charging.

For enhancing the power of your elixir, mixing a few drops of essential oils would work wonders.

Remove the crystal from the water after a few hours as Black Obsidian cannot be put in water for a long time.Shift the elixir formed in a dropper bottle and celebrate the goodness of that incredible liquid!


Black Obsidian, undeniably, is a miraculous crystal in terms of healing and reviving.

It is a moderately hard stone that can be put in normal water, saltwater, bathwater, and moon water, provided that it is not submerged for a very long time.

Along with benefiting your emotional and spiritual plane, Obsidian also caters to the healthy functioning of body organs when consumed in the form of crystal-infused water or crystal elixir.

The only precaution that you need to take while putting black obsidian in water is, to avoid exposure to extremely chilled or warm water, and you are good to use this crystal!


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