Rhodonite Water Safe

Can Rhodonite go in Water? Is Rhodonite Water Safe?

Rhodonite is a beautiful crystal with incredible healing properties. It is a rarely found manganite silicate mineral with colors ranging from red to subtle shades of pink. It is a powerful stone that balances your turbulent emotions with its generosity of spirit elevation. The crystal is also believed to connect with your Heart Chakra and

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Quartz In Aquarium Safe? What About...
Quartz In Aquarium Safe? What About Other Crystals?
Hematite Stone Side Effects.

Hematite Stone Side Effects (Should you be worried?)

Hematite is a mineral stone that offers several emotional and spiritual benefits. It purifies blood, balances the root chakra, extracts out the negative energy from the body, and brings harmonious energy. It makes the one in its presence, mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger. The crystal inspires people to chase their goals by making them feel

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Optical Calcite Meaning, properties


Optical Calcite, chemically a calcium carbonate mineral is a transparent variety of Calcite. It has a hexagonal crystal system that produces a rainbow of colors when light is passed through. The crystal is known for its unique appearance and incredible healing effects. Optical Calcite has the ability to constantly radiate positive energy and absorb/prevent negative

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Crystal Stone Side Effects

Things You Need To Know About Crystal Stone Side Effects

Crystal is nature’s gift to mankind. These beautiful stones are naturally formed in beautiful color combinations, various shapes, and structures. Crystals are not just attractive to the eye but have amazing healing properties too. Crystals work on our body energy centers or chakras providing us with holistic healing on all levels. However, the strong energies

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