Rose Quartz to find love – Attract your true love

To attract love it’s necessary to have self-love and confidence in yourself first. When you don’t love and trust yourself it’s almost impossible to attract another love. Rose Quartz helps in developing self-love and building a mindset of being good enough to attract any partner you want. Rose Quartz is the crystal of peace and

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Quartz In Aquarium Safe? What About...
Quartz In Aquarium Safe? What About Other Crystals?

5 Best Crystals to Raise your Vibrations

Everything in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency. Every word, action, and thought has a vibration and different frequency, which is constantly manifesting. Every matter in the universe has its own unique vibrational frequency. Those who vibrate at a higher frequency radiate kindness, love, peace, and compassion, whereas those with lower vibrations display negative

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The only Healing Crystal you would ever need.

Crystals that help with depression and anxiety.

Depression, stress and anxiety are very common in today’s fast-paced life. Depression and anxiety make you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and deteriorate your health. Although there are a lot of mainstream medications to beat the challenge, a lot of people are moving to alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, and healing crystals. The benefits of

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