- Mystic Dee
-Mystic Dee

My goal is to awaken people to their own inner light and make them aware of their own power.

Deepali Prabhu

You are my magic is created with the intention of helping people explore their hidden truths. This blog will cover topics related to Metaphysics like Crystals, Switch words, Energy Healing, Light codes, and Psychic Medium.

We believe all individuals possess at least one special psychic gift (inner magic we like to call it) or more but are yet to unlock it.

There are techniques and aids which directly work with our subconscious mind and help us discover our gifts which we will be exploring in this blog and group.

Hope you find knowledge here as fascinating and magical as we did.

To those who are new to the topics mentioned in our blog, we request you to keep an open mind and allow things to unfold slowly through the subconscious mind rather than the conscious mind. 

Be like a child for whom everything is possible for whom magic is real

I am here to help people with love and light

Crystal Enthusiast, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Guide

Like many people, I began to search for answers to the deep questions of life, and the meaning of existence. 

I sought out answers to “Who am I,” “Why am I here,” and “What was I sent to do?” The answer I found, and continue to find, can be summed up in 2 words: LOVE and LIGHT.

There is love in everything and everyone, and each of us is here to share that love with the world.

I am a spiritual healer and intuitive who has been using my healing gifts to help others.