Moldavite Dangers

Is Moldavite Dangerous? Moldavite Dangers + Risks you should know

Moldavite is touted as one of the most powerful crystal on this planet, which is why it is so popular and has a special place in the crystal healing world.

It is often seen as a stepping stone to higher spiritual levels of consciousness, which is why it is named “The Holy Grail Stone” and worshipped by spiritual healers and crystal healers alike.

What many people don’t know, however, is that Moldavite is not completely safe to use. 

As with any crystal, if it is not properly handled and used, it can be dangerous.

Moldavite releases intense emotional reactions which can cause depression and anxiety putting you in a state of trauma. 

This ability of the stone to influence your mind makes it one of the most dangerous stones on the planet.

On the other hand, Moldavite brings rapid transformation and healing, but it should be used with caution and under the guidance of a skilled crystal healing therapist only.

How was moldavite formed? What planet does moldavite come from?

Moldavite Dangers

Popular belief indicates that Moldavite has an extraterrestrial origin and was formed from a meteorite impact. 

The high velocity of the meteorite hitting Earth’s surface caused giant craters in which moldavite mineral was formed.

This green stone is one of the most mysterious healing stones in the world and has sparked a debate that has managed to divide the entire mineralogical world in two.

On one side are those who believe that Moldavite is a gemstone and on the other are those who believe that it is a special kind of green glass (either by human or by nature)

Below are some common concerns regarding the power of moldavite and its potential side effects.

Moldavite Dangers, you should know?

Moldavite dangers show up when you are not aware of how to direct its energy in a correct manner and are unprepared for the drastic changes it brings.

Moldavite is one of the most powerful and dangerous crystals on the planet, due to its intense energy, high clarity, and deep green color.

This is because this mineral was formed deep below the Earth’s surface around 15 million years ago.

A really dangerous and pure piece of Moldavite can be intensely overwhelming.

If you are familiar with your energy and vibration, you will know when Moldavite is too dangerous for you to handle.

But jumping into things blindly without knowing tips and tricks for working with Moldavite may cause harm or discomfort.

If you’re not familiar with crystals, it’s best to consult a crystal expert or therapist before working with a moldavite gemstone.

Moldavite dangers for beginners?

Moldavite might be bad for beginners, because it can be too intense for them to work with.

Moldavite can trigger a deep spiritual awakening, and this can be quite overwhelming.

Beginners should not handle Moldavites without first learning and understanding the correct usage of it.

It can be difficult, for example, for someone just finding their way spiritually to determine what drains them and when to put their Moldavite away if they are not in touch with their own spirituality as yet.

This problem can be solved by introducing the Moldavite to the body slowly and carefully observing its impact on yourself and your life.

For many people, the first time holding a real moldavite brings an intense feeling of being covered with an extremely large warm blanket. 

This intense reaction is so common that it has been given a specific name, called “The Moldavite Flush”

Moldavite Dangerous

Can Moldavite be too powerful?

Moldavite is believed to aid the soul’s evolution and has been used in healing practices for ages. 

However, be aware that it can also present a risk of emotionally intense reactions.

When activated, Moldavite can cause physical or mental symptoms which hinder one’s perception of reality, such as heart palpitations, headaches, mood swings, and feelings of anger.

 These dangers of Moldavite are well known and one of the many reasons people do not prefer to use Moldavite in their daily lives.

These effects generally do not go away on their own. if they persist they may be best treated by a medical professional.

Moldavite can transfer the negative potentials of another crystal or object into you if you use them in conjunction with another crystal.

Moldavites should be placed on top of black tourmaline if you wish to place another crystal or object on top of your Moldavites. As a result, any negative entities or energies targeted at you will be neutralized.

Is Moldavite dangerous to your body? Is it Safe To Wear?

moldavite dangarous to Wear

Moldavite is a grounding stone and protective for its owner. 

When worn as jewelry, just be aware of the effects and make sure that you are not wearing it during times when you feel intense emotions.

Wearing moldavite jewelry can amplify emotions, so you may want to consider not wearing it if you are experiencing intense emotions, such as extreme excitement or loss.

Moldavite stone itself is not dangerous for you, but the high energy may amplify your emotions in a way that you do not want.

You should not wear Moldavite all the time. We recommend wearing Moldavite for short periods of time rather than all the time. 

This allows your body to absorb the energy of the stone better.

Is It dangerous to keep Moldavite around you?

No, It is not dangerous to keep Moldavite. You can keep Moldavite in your house or car or at your office desk so it remains around you. 

Remember not to wear it all the time on your body though and not to have it around you when you sleep.

Is it dangerous to sleep with moldavite?

High vibration crystals are not recommended to be used as sleep crystals

It’s not recommended to keeping Moldavite too close to where you sleep, as its strong energy can interfere with our sleep cycles causing disturbed sleep.

Can you wear moldavite every day?

Yes, you can use moldavite as your everyday jewelry, but you need to remember that this is a potent crystal and may bring intense physical symptoms such as dizziness and headaches initially until your body gets adjusted to its frequency.

We recommend pairing moldavite with another heart chakra crystal or a grounding stone to soften and balance its energy.

Does Moldavite Protect You?

While moldavite is not a substance that is sold as a drug, it still has powerful metaphysical properties. 

This is because, according to many people, it was formed in one of the largest meteorite showers in history. 

High vibrational stones are said to be self-cleansing and highly protective channeling away any lower vibrational negative energies from their vicinity.

Can a really small piece of moldavite work?

Yes, even the tiniest piece of moldavite gemstone can hold a powerhouse of energy

It is said that even those who aren’t particularly sensitive to energies feel some sort of sensations on holding a small piece of moldavite in their palm it is that powerful.

Genuine moldavite is usually available in very small sizes mostly used in pendants. 

If you see bigger size pieces or faceted moldavite there are high chances of it being fake moldavite. It is safer to go for tiny rough moldavite.

Can Moldavite Make You Sick?

Moldavite is not a harmful stone or toxic , but some people may experience discomfort or irritation from it. 

Moldavite is a very powerful stone and should be handled with a complete understanding of its uses and under proper guidance.

Moldavite is known to stimulate the higher chakras such as heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra helping raise your vibrations at a rapid speed. 

If your lower chakras are not already balanced this kind of sudden vibrational change can be difficult to handle for your body leading to various physical symptoms and aches and pains.

Is Moldavite toxic?

Moldavite is listed as not toxic by the International Gem Society in its list of toxic minerals, nonetheless, it is advisable to use this stone with caution.

Is moldavite radioactive?

No. Moldavite is not radioactive. They are just as natural a mineral as any other rock in the earth.

Is moldavite safe in water?

Moldavite hardness rates moderate (5 – 5.5) on MOHS Scale.

Moldavite being a green glass just like natural glass does not have any pores hence cannot absorb water so it is very safe to cleanse your moldavite with water.

Can you drink Moldavite infused water?

Moldavite does not have any toxic materials hence is considered pretty safe to be used in water. 

A gem elixir made from moldavite will have super powerful healing properties. 

Drinking Moldavite water is said to instantly cleanse your aura and balance all chakras and may lead to kundalini rising too.

What does moldavite do for you? What Are The Benefits Of Moldavite?

Moldavite is a healing crystal with multiple benefits. Moldavite is helpful for protecting you from negative energies, keeping you healthy, balancing your emotions, warding off shocks, and aids you in your spiritual growth.

Here are 6 important benefits of using Moldavite:

  1. Moldavite helps you gain clarity and perspective on what is it that your heart desires.

  2. Moldavite helps you move past points in your life where you feel stuck and gives you the much-needed push to move ahead.

  3. Moldavite helps you heal current traumas by accessing past lives.

  4. Moldavite crystal stimulates your Heart and throat chakra releasing any suppressed or unwanted emotions that do not serve you and opening your heart to receive love.

  5. Moldavite helps you enhance your psychic abilities and increase your spirit guide connection by stimulating your third eye chakra.

  6. Using moldavite in meditation helps in developing your psychic abilities. Doing meditation with moldavite is said to rapidly activate all chakra leading to kundalini awakening.

Moldavite effects on the body? How Does Moldavite Make You Feel?

Moldavite powers are sure to bring many physical and emotional sensations as it does intense healing work. 

If you don’t see any noticeable changes or differences within a month, chances are it might not be authentic moldavite so make sure you buy from a reputed crystal shop and the crystal comes with proper disclosure.

Below are few changes that are bound to happen with a good strong moldavite piece

Your life will be filled with tremendous energy:

Moldavite is often claimed to be a stone that will improve your energy levels by allowing you to tap into your inner self, “feel the beat” and find calmness again.

This is because Moldavite enhances your heart chakra and can help you find inner peace, as well as stimulate your third eye chakra to enhance intuition.

Your life will have continuous Changes:

Moldavite calls for changes in your life regardless if you see them occurring or not. 

Moldavite crystals can invite major life changes, so it’s important that you are mentally prepared for them to occur.

You may have an intense emotional release:

Moldavite can help you release any unresolved emotional pain. It’s a powerful stone that can help you heal your heart. 

Moldavite is also a great stone to help you explore your spirituality.

If you have a strong connection to the Divine, then you will be pleased to know that Moldavite can help you strengthen that connection. 

It can help you connect to the Divine with more ease. This helps you to tap into your higher self and your spiritual nature.

Moldavite can also help you to feel a sense of unity with all of life. 

No matter what it is you want to explore, Moldavite can help you to connect with your spirituality easier.

You may have intense physical symptoms:

Because moldavite is known to stimulate and open all chakras in order to balance them. 

If your chakras aren’t already in a balanced state sudden exposure to moldavite’s high vibrational energy may lead to severe physical symptoms as the healing happens at a rapid pace.

Real life experience of people using Moldavite

Activated Moldavite is believed to be even more powerful. This is known as the Moldavite flush, and for some people, it can be overwhelming. 

Here are 20 real experiences shared by people about their interactions with Moldavite.

I hope they inspire you to try Moldavite yourself!

“My friend gave me a small chunk of Moldavite after she had worked with it herself. She said it helped her tremendously during a difficult time in her life. 

It has been almost two years since then and I still have not used any other stone besides this one. 

The first thing that happens when I hold it is a tingling sensation on both sides of my body. Then there’s a feeling like someone or something is watching me from behind. 

After that comes a sense of peace and calmness. My mind feels clear and focused. There is no doubt in my mind that this stone works!”- Mary Beth

“When I held a piece of Moldavites against my chest, I could feel its power flowing into me through my heart chakra. 

It made me very happy because I love being around nature and experiencing new things. I also noticed how much better I slept at night.” – Linda

“The best way I’ve found to use Moldavite is to place it under your pillow before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll find that you’re relaxed and ready to start your day.” – Susan

“After using Moldavite for several months now, I am amazed at what it does for me. I’m able to focus on tasks without getting distracted easily. 

I notice myself becoming calmer and less anxious. I don’t know if these effects will last forever but so far, I think Moldavite is helping me live a happier life.” – Karen

 “I bought a large slab of Moldavite and placed it next to my computer desk. Whenever I need inspiration, I pick up the stone and look at it. 

Sometimes I close my eyes and visualize what I want to create. Other times I simply sit quietly and let the stone speak to me.” – Laura

“A couple weeks ago, I purchased a small piece of Moldavite. Since then, I keep finding ways to incorporate it into my daily routine. 

For example, whenever I get stressed out, I take a moment to breathe deeply while looking at the stone. If I do this regularly, I usually end up feeling calmer within minutes.” – Sarah

“Whenever I go hiking, I always carry a piece of Moldavate along with me. 

While walking, I often stop to meditate and reflect upon whatever thoughts come to mind. This helps me stay centered and grounded.” – Jennifer

“Moldavite makes me more aware of everything happening around me. 

I see colors everywhere and hear sounds all the time. I enjoy listening to music and reading books even though I never thought I would ever read again. 

I really appreciate having access to such amazing stones.” – Lisa

“I recently discovered Moldavite and started working with it right away. Within days, I began noticing changes in my moods and emotions. 

Nowadays, I can handle stress much easier than I did before. I also sleep well at nights and wake up refreshed every morning. I highly recommend Moldavite as an effective tool for self improvement.” – Rachel

“My husband gave me some Moldavite after we had our first child. 

He said he was giving it to me because I needed to relax and be peaceful. 

The truth is, I just wanted him to give it to me! I have been carrying it with me since then and I still use it when I need to unwind and de-stress.” – Julie

“I used to work long hours during the weekdays and weekends. After taking Moldavite for about two years, I realized that I could no longer function like that anymore. 

My energy levels were low and I felt exhausted most of the time. So I decided to quit my job and spend more time doing what I loved: writing!” – Mary Ann

“When I travel, I bring a few pieces of Moldavite with me. They help me feel calm and focused wherever I happen to be. 

When I’m home, I sometimes put them near my bedside table or by my front door. It’s great knowing they’re there when I need them.” – Susanne

“The best thing about Moldavite is how versatile it is. You can wear it anywhere you go; whether you are sitting down or standing up. 

And unlike other crystals, Moldavite doesn’t require any special care. Just wash it off with water once a day and store it dry. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it?” – Michelle

“I love using Moldavite on myself. Whenever I’m anxious or nervous, I rub it over my forehead and temples. Then I lie back and listen to soothing music until I fall asleep. 

During meditation sessions, I place one of these little guys under each eye so that I don’t miss anything important going on inside my head.” – Karen

“I bought a large chunk of Moldavite last year. Since then, I’ve noticed that whenever I get stressed out, I start rubbing it between my fingers. As soon as I begin massaging it, I immediately feel better. 

Sometimes I’ll massage it while lying in bed at night. Other times, I’ll take it into the shower with me and rub it against the walls. In either case, I find that it works wonders.” – Laura

“I got hooked on Moldavite after seeing a friend wearing hers. She told me she always carries her piece around with her. I asked if I could try it too. At first, I didn’t know what to expect. 

But within minutes, I knew this stone was different from everything else I’d tried. I couldn’t stop touching it. Before long, I found myself wanting to carry it everywhere I went. Today, I keep mine close by at all times. If I want peace and tranquility, I reach for it.” – Jennifer

 “Moldavite has helped me through many difficult situations. Whether I am feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed, I will often hold onto a small piece of Moldavite. 

Rubbing it helps me release negative emotions and allows me to focus on something positive instead.” – Sarah

“Whenever I feel tired, I pick up a piece of Moldavite and rub it across my chest. 

This usually makes me feel much calmer than before. Plus, since I have such sensitive skin, I never experience any discomfort whatsoever.” – Lisa

“If I ever feel particularly restless, I’ll grab a handful of Moldavite and sit quietly with it in my lap. 

After a few moments, I notice that I’m no longer bothered by whatever was bothering me earlier. Instead, I just relax and let the energy flow freely through me.” – Amy

“I like to rub Moldavite over my heart chakra during meditation. When I do this, I instantly become more aware of my inner self. I learn things about myself that I would otherwise not be able to see. 

For example, when I meditate with Moldavite, I can clearly perceive how much anger I harbor toward certain people. 

By doing this exercise regularly, I eventually come to realize that I need to forgive them. Once I do, I feel lighter and happier.” – Susan


How do you activate a Moldavite stone?

Using moldavite without activation can be dangerous as without proper direction moldavite energy might cause unwanted major changes in your life.

Moldavite can be activated or programmed just like any other stone with a simple activation process, moldavite being strong on the energy you might actually feel energy (either subtle or intense) during the activation process which means your Moldavite is ready to make great changes in your life.

Here’s how you can activate Moldavite:

  1. Hold your moldavite in your receiving hand that is your left hand.

  2. Next, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and try to imagine what you’d like Moldavite to do for you. If possible speak out your intentions loud and clear.

  3. Notice any kind of sensations you feel as this indicates that the activation is working.

  4. After finishing place the moldavite in your intended place for it to work its magic.

Crystal combinations with moldavite

Refer below crystal combinations to safely use moldavite with other stones to help balance and neutralize its energy.

Moldavite with Quartz

Quartz crystal is known as an amplifier which means when used in conjunction with another crystal it works to amplify the properties of that crystal. 

Be careful with using Quartz with a large moldavite piece as it may amplify the moldavite’s energy to a very high frequency making it difficult to handle it for you.

Moldavite with Lepidolite

Lepidolite is known as a stone of transition and Moldavite is known to bring rapid changes in life. 

Lepidolite when used in combination with moldavite assists in making the transformation smoother and prepares you mentally for the changes which are about to happen.

Moldavite with Tektite

Green Moldavite is a type of tektite and both are known to have extraterrestrial origins. 

Tektite works very well with moldavite to bring amazing physical and emotional transformations. Tektite provides excellent protection when doing astral meditation with moldavite.

Moldavite with Malachite

This is a heavenly combination for crystal healers and those who have already progressed on their spiritual path. 

These 2 crystals assist in providing amazing protection and purpose to guide those on their spiritual journey.

Moldavite with tourmaline

Moldavite is a stone that vibrates at a very high frequency its recommended to use it with a grounding stone such as tourmaline, smoky Quartz to balance its energy. Black tourmaline works as an excellent grounding stone to slower the impact of moldavite.

Moldavite with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz works beautifully in combination with Moldavite gem balancing its intense energy to open the heart chakra to bring about transformation in a gentle way.

Moldavite with Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond when used with Moldavite will bring amazing clarity and vision to you on your spiritual path and together these two will help you reach faster to greater spiritual heights.

Moldavite with Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli gem is said to be a healer’s stone that offers deep emotional healing and protection. 

Lapis Lazuli can be combined with Moldavite when doing any deep healing work in crystal therapy.


Moldavite is a powerful crystal with amazing healing properties and guaranteed to bring transformation in your lives in unimaginable ways but certainly not recommended for beginners. 

Those who are new on the spiritual path are advised to work with safer beginner crystals first before bringing moldavite magic into their life.

12 thoughts on “Is Moldavite Dangerous? Moldavite Dangers + Risks you should know”

  1. Beware of deceptive gemstone dealers. DO NOT BUY Moldavite without a certificate of authenticity for it. Unless you know what you’re doing, the user MUST request a certificate of authenticity for Moldavite. The certificate is the only assurance that this is a genuine Moldavite and not a cheaper substitute. The so-called rule of thumb “all rocks are valuable” does not apply to Moldavite. Only when it is certified as genuine Moldavite is it worth anything.

  2. Moldavite was given to me by my boyfriend and he warned me to be careful at first due to its intensity. Having read about it, I know a little about its history (origins, uses, historical relevance).

    While reading about it, I pulled it from the case, held it, and felt the heat. Upon reading that it works on the heart chakra, I placed it there. I was overcome by the sensation. My vision was instantly crystal clear and sharply focused after I balanced it on my head, as it also acts on the crown chakra.
    The wood shelf beside the bed also holds my rose quartz and selenite since I read that wood amplified the stone. Weird stuff started happening at this point. My head echoed with a voice like someone underwater as I was trying to go to sleep. The repeating of this happened about 4 times, and I became quite uncomfortable. Using the moldavite case back in its container completely silenced it, and I went to sleep peacefully.

    It was definitely a voice I didn’t want to hear, since I had read that it was a powerful stone. Does anyone have any experience with moldavite, or a similar stone?

    1. Moldavite dangers are well known to most of crystal healers. Although Moldavite helps you clear your negative energy it also might make you sick and you might be depressed.
      I would request you to work very closely with a crystal healer before you use Moldavite.
      I have seen and read about a lot of experiences of people who have used this stone.
      That is the reason I fear using this stone and tell everyone about Moldavite dangers.

    2. This is really scary. Do you recommend Moldavite for a beginner? or do you think it is too dangerous to use?

      1. Hey Roman,
        Thank you for the question.
        I generally would not recommend using Moldavite if you are a beginner as this is a very powerful crystal and take your experience to extreme ends. If you still feel you want to take that risk and use moldavite, do it under a crystal healer’s supervision.
        Ensure, You cleanse the crystal well and activate it before you start using it.

  3. I bought a moldavite a few days ago and have started to use it to meditate. It has helped me to gain inner peace and eliminate stress. This is a stone I would recommend to any one who is willing to take that risk to succeed in life. this stone is like magic if you use it right. My life has changed for the better after i got the moldavite. I would recommend this stone to anyone who feels that their life should needs to take a U-Turn and get back on the right track. It has helped me make a new beginning on the love front.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Moldavite is quite powerful in its own ways. I am happy to know that it has worked for you but there are people who have suffered due to the bad and strong effects. Please use the stone with caution.

  4. I purchased this stone because it was recommended to me by some one who has used it earlier. I did not know if this had to be cleansed or not. Initially I used it without cleansing. But later someone told me that I should cleanse the stone before I use it. Is it really necessary to cleanse Moldavite before I use it?

    1. Hi Yaritza,

      Hope the stone did not have any negative effects on you. It is very dangerous to use Moldavite stone without cleansing specifically because it is a strong stone and takes action on extreme ends.
      Please do not use the stone without cleansing it. In fact, you should not use any stone without cleansing.

  5. I have a piece of Moldavite that I want to clean. It is about the size of my palm and it has been in water for quite some time now, but there are still bits of dirt on it. Can anyone tell me if this will work or not? If so how do you go about doing it?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Are you sure it is a real Moldavite?

      Moldavites are generally very small in size as they are rare. I would suggest you check if the Moldavite is real. Generally, you would get a certificate of originality when you buy a moldavite.

      To answer your question, Moldavites can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. The dirt should come off easily after soaking overnight. You may need to scrub harder areas more than once.

      If your moldavite was exposed to saltwater then it’s likely to contain calcium carbonate which would make cleaning difficult. Additionally, any iron oxides present could cause discoloration.

      It also depends on what kind of “dirt” you mean. There are two types of dirt – organic and mineral. Organic dirt tends to dissolve fairly quickly when immersed in water, while minerals tend to stay put.

      As long as you’re dealing with only one type of dirt then you shouldn’t have much trouble getting rid of it.

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