Opalite Water Safe

Can You Put OPALITE In Water? Here are some precautions you should take

Do you like to wear shiny stones? If your answer is yes, then Opalite is a must-have crystal.

The stone is well-known to de-stress when worn due to its exceptional metaphysical properties. Even though Opalite is a man-made stone, it requires special care and maintenance.

The first thought that pops up in your mind when you think about caring for your crystal is cleaning it with water as it is the most convenient way to cleanse your stones.

But can you put Opalite crystals in water? Well, putting it in water will not have any harmful impacts. However, any crystal, if left in water for long hours, can get damaged.

So, make sure you don’t let your Opalite sit in water for too long.

 Is Opalite Water Safe?

Opalite has a Mohs hardness between 5.5 and 6.5 and so, is completely water safe and does not react with water. 

You can safely run water over it and cleanse the crystal without any risk of potential damage.

For deep cleansing, you can let Opalite sit in contact with water and let it enjoy a good soak.

Opalite behaves more or less like glass but unlike glass, it can get damaged if the exposure to water is prolonged and frequent.

Can Opalite Be Cleansed In Water?

Opalite, also known as common Opal, is gentler than any other stone. So should you be scared of cleansing it in water? The answer is a plain NO as Opalite does not react with water and is not water-soluble.

To remove all the dust and negative energies that the crystal must have has soaked up, you can hold it under running tap water.

Just ensure that you don’t keep it exposed to water for long hours to maintain its beauty and good health.

Additionally, to preserve your precious crystal, take care of the kind of water you are using for cleansing. Extremely hot water is not at all advisable to clean Opalite. Hence, you should always use normal or lukewarm water for cleansing it. 

Can Opalite Go In Salt Water?

Saltwater is immensely divine for your crystals as it dispels all the negative energies from them and keeps them bright and shiny.

You can sprinkle some sea salt or Himalayan salt in a bowl of water and immerse your crystals in it to purify them.

However, you should avoid cleaning Opalite with salt water as it can have severe impacts on its physical appearance and alter Opalite’s chemical composition, reacting with it.

Can Opalite Go In Moon Water?

Moon is the king of stars and the light from the moon is full of pure healing energies

To harness the wonderful healing properties of the moon for recharging your crystals, you need to immerse them in moon water.

And Opalite, being a semi-hard crystal can be safely put into moon water for a few hours, and to activate your crystal, you need to keep Opalite in moon water on a powerful lunar night and let it absorb the soft feminine energy from it.

You can also put a few drops of essential oils in your moon water to enhance its properties.

Repeating this practice once a month will help remove all the toxic and unwanted energy from the stone, and prepare your Opalite crystals for healing again.

Can Opalite Go In Bath Water?

Bathing with Opalite water is the best you can do to charge yourself early in the morning for handling the responsibilities of the entire day.

However, A hot tub of bathwater is exactly something that you should avoid putting your Opalite crystal in, as it is likely to get your crystal damaged or even broken when introduced to high temperatures.

Instead, put it in cold water or normal water to avoid any damage to its physical properties.

Opalite, having a hardness range from 5.5 to 6.5, does not dissolve instantly when put in bathwater. Hence, you can infuse your bathwater with the spiritual energies that dwell in this crystal.

You can also lay Opalite around your tub or in the corners of the bathroom to attract its healing benefits and positive energy in your bathing routine.

Apart from Opalite, you can use crystals like Citrine, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Amethyst.

Can You Drink Opalite Infused Water?

Do you feel lethargic and drained? Then get yourself an Opalite and prepare crystal-infused drinking water with it as it acts as a magical potion that can immediately relax you.

As Opalite does not disintegrate when placed in contact with water, it is safe to drink crystal-infused water with it.

It is a natural liquid capable of healing you from within and after drinking it, you will feel relieved and strengthened.

Consuming Opalite infused water will help in connecting with your chakras such as Crown chakra, Eye chakra, and Heart chakra, and deliver its healing properties directly into your body.

How To Prepare Opalite Elixir?

It is a simple and effortless process to prepare an Opalite elixir and you don’t need to wander around the streets, searching for this product when you can create one by yourself.

All you have to do is, place a clean Opalite crystal in a vessel filled with freshwater, keep it outside under direct sunlight or moonlight, and let the water molecules get infused with the healing energies.

After the elixir is prepared, you can pour it into a small container and use it. 

Avoid using Opalite elixir frequently, as it contains very high vibrational properties and you can often get overwhelmed by the consuming excess of it.


You can barely find natural Opalite as it is extremely rare. Hence, man-made Opalite is the best and an inexpensive alternative to natural Opalite.

The crystal Opalite is known as Libra’s birthstone and is sometimes confused with moonstone.

Due to its metaphysical properties, Opalite is also said to be a merchant stone that aids in attracting abundant wealth.

This crystal keeps you healthy on a spiritual level and you can even wear a piece of jewelry made out of Opalite to harness the amazing crystal healing energy all day.

Opalite is a water-safe crystal and you can place it in water for cleaning purposes. 

However, excessive exposure to water and saltwater may ruin your crystal’s appearance.

You can also prepare crystal-infused drinking water and gem essence with Opalite safely as this crystal does not possess a very soft nature.

Moreover, Opalite’s beauty makes it irresistible to include it in your gemstone collection.

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