Green Goldstone Meaning

Green Goldstone, is a manmade crystal glass infused with metallic copper particles with meaning and properties to improve concentration and heal emotional imbalances.

Green Goldstone is a beautiful stone with the ability to help promote self love and provide spiritual protection.

Green goldstone has been known as the “Stone of Life” since ancient times. It is a very powerful stone that can help you to achieve success in life. It is said to be good for wealth, prosperity, health, and happiness.

It is known to increase psychic abilities and self-confidence.

The metallic copper particles infused in this stone gives it a shimmery, sparkling beautiful look.

Green Goldstone is also known as Aventurine glass, and monk’s gold or monk stone.

The meaning of Green Goldstone is to bring emotional balance, improve concentration and promote self love. It symbolizes spiritual protection, Prosperity and abundance in your life. 

This crystal heals the heart and heart chakra and raises awareness of our counterproductive thoughts and tendencies. It promotes emotional healing by balancing the energy between the heart and body.  

The chemical composition of Green Goldstone is SiO2 (silica glass) with copper particles and chromium in it. 

Goldstone was invented accidentally when copper chips fell into molten glass by the Miotti family during the 16th century in Venice. Since glass is made out of quartz sand, goldstone gets its way into the crystal healing community.

Green Goldstone Meaning Properties and Benefits Summary


Light green, Dark Green

Green Goldstone Contains tiny crystals of metallic copper




5.5 – 6 on Mohs hardness scale




SiO2 (silica glass) with copper particles  


Anahata Chakra


Sagittarius and Taurus


Number 7


Man made Crystal, First made in Italy. 


Rare Crystal


  • Heal emotional imbalances
  • Improve concentration
  • Stimulates and propels us to move forward
  • Improving decision-making ability


  • Promotes self-love
  • Useful in overcoming conflicts
  • Provides spiritual protection
  • Prosperity and abundance


Cabochons, Wand, Angel, Granules


  • Green Goldstone with Lapis Lazuli
  • Green Goldstone with Iolite
  • Green Goldstone with Aventurine
  • Green Goldstone with Black Onyx
  • Green Goldstone with Blue Tiger Eye

Is Green Goldstone a Natural Stone?

Green Goldstone is an opaque green-colored, sparkling stone suitable for astrological signs Sagittarius and Taurus. Green Goldstone is connected with Anahata or heart chakra. 

Anahata Chakra is situated in the center of the torso or chest, represented by the color green, explaining the connection with Green Goldstone.

Goldstone is also available in other colors such as Blue Goldstone, Red Goldstone, Purple Goldstone and Brown Goldstone.

Green Goldstone is quite rare to find, and its magical properties make it more valuable and unique in its way.

Green Goldstone Meaning

Green Goldstone Metaphysical Properties:

Spiritual properties 

Green Goldstone is very useful in attaining spiritual peace through different ways, few are mentioned below:-

  • Green Goldstone promotes self-love and empowers and unveils a person’s own heart to open up and accept his individuality.

  • Green Goldstone is connected with the heart chakra and can conduct love and harmony.

    Green Goldstone is highly useful in overcoming conflicts between loved ones and enhancing personal and professional relationships between lovers, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

  • Green Goldstone diverts undesirable and negative energies and provides spiritual protection from harmful energies.

  • Green Goldstone is linked with prosperity and abundance thanks to its beautiful blend of green and reflective luster.

Healing Properties

Green Goldstone with the healing properties of copper creates great soothing energy which stabilize emotional and mental tranquility.

Its healing properties are mentioned below.

  • Green Goldstone is attached to the heart chakra, which makes it perfect to heal emotional imbalances such as those created due to a heartbreak or failure in personal relationships, and helps in overcoming them.

  • In times of distress and panic, Green Goldstone helps to calm down the unstable heart and allows to focus with more concentration. Green Goldstone can repair mental damage and bring back the owner to a normal or stable state of being.

  • It inspires to outdo challenging conditions and helps in learning from the situation and moving forward. Green Goldstone stimulates and propels us to move forward and generate new and creative ideas, just like this stone was invented.

  • Improving decision-making ability while keeping the owner’s mind calm is a major benefit.

Green Goldstone Uses


green goldstone

Green Goldstone has many benefits and healing powers depending upon how a person is using it, what that person desires and how it is paired with other stones to enhance its ability. let us see and know more about its uses.

Green Goldstone Jewelry

Wearing Green Goldstone jewelry will help you attract wealth, balance all of your business and personal connections, and improve your motivation.

Green Goldstone at Home and Workplace

Introduce it into your house to bring peaceful and healing energy into your space, or use it at your workplace to increase productivity and improve creative thought processes.

It will also bring success and wealth and even provide a wage rise.

All in all, Green Goldstone brings good luck and fortune for both home and work life.

Meditating with Green Goldstone

green goldstone meditation

You can meditate with this wonderful green stone by lying and placing this crystal near your heart area or just sit holding the stone and focus your attention on the Heart Chakra and visualize the color green.

Tune into the crystal’s unique vibrations and imbibe its healing positive energy.

Green Goldstone Health Benefits

Green Goldstone is mainly associated with Heart Chakra (Anahata chakra), which controls the heart, ribcage, lungs, hands, skin, and upper back. Which makes Green Goldstone useful for these body parts.

green goldstone HEALTH BENEFITS


  • Green Goldstone can save from many heart diseases and keep the heart stable.

  • It is especially useful in relieving joints and skeletal system pain.

  • Using Green Goldstone can soothe headaches and migraines.

  • Enhances circulatory system and nervous system.

  • Helps to recover from arthritis

Green Goldstone crystal combinations

Green Goldstone with Lapis Lazuli: Helps in clearing evil energy and motivates to focus

Green Goldstone with Iolite: gives more knowledge gaining capacity and opens the path for new experiences.

Green Goldstone with Aventurine: increases the intuitive powers of the owner.

Green Goldstone with Black Onyx: helps in regulating mental stability and anger.

Green Goldstone with Blue Tiger Eye: increases intuition and self-awareness.

Cleansing and Recharging Green Goldstone

After using Green Goldstone healing stone, its important to cleanse and recharge it to work again with its full potential. There are many ways to recharge this gemstone some of which are mentioned below.

  • Green Goldstone is very delicate, so extra precautions must be taken while cleaning it.

  • Keep Green Goldstone in a bowl of saltwater for 10 – 20 minutes and carefully wash stones with normal water.

  • Placing Green Goldstone under the full moonlight for a night will recharge its energies and cleanse any unwanted energy.

  • Smudging with Palo Santo or Sage is another useful way of cleansing and recharging your Green Goldstone.

Can Goldstone go in Water?

Green goldstone is hard enough (5.5 – 6 on Mohs hardness scale) and does not dissolve in water there for it is safe to put green goldstone in water for cleansing. 

You can also use Salt water to cleanse Green Goldstone but remember not to keep it in salt water for more than 30 minutes as it might damage the crystal. 

Final Thoughts

Green Goldstone is the perfect man-made gem with enhanced properties of abundance, emotional healing, excitement, and protection to meet all your life needs.

Bring this rare precious stone into your home to bring a wonderful balance of physical healing, emotional healing, positive energy, and financial abundance into your life.

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