Side Effects of Green Aventurine

GREEN AVENTURINE Side Effects (You should know this)

Green Aventurine is a popular form of Quartz crystal, famous for its numerous healing powers that aid in spiritual growth and removal of emotional baggage.

Green Aventurine, like other Quartz crystals, is an oxide of silicon and is said to be the most abundant among all the Quartz gems.

This beautiful dark green crystal inspires you to work hard and attain success and prosperity in your active life. 

Aventurine imparts positive energy to the people in its proximity, thereby providing courage, strength, and confidence. 

However, along with these benefits, there are also some side effects that come with Green Aventurine and these side effects could be physical, emotional, or spiritual.       

We have discussed the potential risks of using Green Aventurine on a daily basis in this post, therefore make sure that you read everything before getting started with healing using Green Aventurine.

Green Aventurine Side Effects

Aventurine is a greenish stone that has been known to have mild side effects on people. It is said to cause emotional sensitivity, Mild headache and dizziness.

This stone is a very mild and none of the side effects are major.  Unlike the dangers and side effects of Moldavite Stone, very few people see side effects of Green Aventurine stone while they work with it for crystal healing. 

Possible Side effects of Green Aventurine are:

  • Emotional and mental Sensitivity
  • Increased irritability and aggression
  • Mild headache frequently
  • Dizziness
  • Recurring stomach ache
Green Aventurine Side Effects

Can you wear Green Aventurine every day?

Green Aventurine is famous for its ability to balance the heart chakra and improve heart health and immunity, hence, if you wear Green Aventurine jewelry close to your chest, it can help prevent heart attacks as well. 

Along with wearing Green Aventurine against your heart chakra, you can also wear it at any pulse point in your body, but there might be some side effects ( not prominent ) of wearing the crystal every day as the energy frequency may not suit your natural energy and eventually result in slow growth and unstable energy flow.

Green Aventurine side effects – Physical

Although Green Aventurine has a lot of great benefits, there are also some side
effects that you can expect.

The most notable characteristic of Green Aventurine is its high energy frequency which helps in keeping the negative energy away but can also cause undesirable consequences that may affect your professional as well as personal life.

The most probable side effect of Green Aventurine is getting a mild headache frequently. Prolonged exposure to this crystal may even result in dizziness or some other head

Another common side effect of Green Aventurine is an upset stomach. 

A person in constant contact with a Green Aventurine Gem may start to have a recurring stomach ache. 

Diseases like Diarrhea and constipation are also seen in some people.

But these health impacts of the Green Aventurine are not universal, hence you should try and test whether Green Aventurine is compatible with your energy or not. 

The Green Aventurine side effects – Emotional

Along with the above-mentioned physical discomforts, Green Aventurine has
some emotional side effects as well.

Green Aventurine is a powerful stone that is said to contain the universal life force.

This crystal vibrates at a considerably high frequency which might cause sensitivity in your emotional and mental body.

You may also feel increased irritability, aggression, and even dizziness as physical and emotional health are interrelated.

However, these side effects of Green Aventurine are not significant enough to cancel out those numerous benefits that this excellent stone is filled with.

Despite these side effects, Green Aventurine is used as a personal talisman as it is a protection stone that ensures a secure flow of energy.

Is Green Aventurine water safe?

Green Aventurine is completely safe to be put in water, the major reason being its hard nature.      Aventurine comes from the Quartz family and Quartz crystals have a Mohs hardness score of 7 which makes them water safe.

The chemical composition of Quartz is SiO(Silicon Dioxide) that is responsible for keeping the Quartz particles strongly bonded to each other.

Thus, feel comfortable to immerse your Green Aventurine in water, and cleanse the surface dust as well as the energetic blocks off your amazing crystal.


Green Aventurine is a highly effective Quartz crystal that can induce a sense of positive power, aiding in the balance of a healthy relationship.

This stone of opportunity and abundance will make you feel more inspired to follow your goals and when worn as a jewelry piece around the heart space, Green Aventurine helps in curing a broken heart when you go through a difficult time.

Although, the principal takeaway from this post is that not everybody has a similar response to Green Aventurine. Some people might enjoy the company of this crystal and some might just find the spiritual energy overwhelming.

Hence, the best thing to make out the benefits and side effects of Green Aventurine is to try the crystal out for yourself and observe what this talisman of profit has to offer.

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