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GUA SHA FOR DOUBLE CHIN – Things you should know

What is this rave about “GUA SHA” all over the internet? Can you use Gua Sha for double chin?

Well, you’re going to know everything about it in this article.

Gua sha ( pronounced – Gwah Shah), is an ancient, spiritual, Chinese healing technique that has been used to cure diseases for centuries. The Chinese use Gua sha massage to reduce double chin and relax the facial muscles.

Gua sha is proven to move negative thoughts and energies away.

 Gua stands for ‘scraping’ and sha is referred to the ‘bruises’ that appear after scraping the skin.

‘SCRAPING THE SKIN‘, this might scare a lot of people, but there’s nothing to be afraid of, after knowing the benefits it transports.

gua sha massage

The terms ‘coining’ or ‘spooning’ are also used to refer to this technique, as in ancient times, apart from traditional gua sha tool, some random objects like coins or soup spoons were used to scrape off.

Now, a lot of us suffer from a bulge under our chin i.e. double chin or sagging jowl.

Double chin


The question here is, “does gua sha cure double chin and turtle neck?”

The answer to that is, definitely yes!

Keeping in mind the right techniques and using the proper tools, you can get rid of that saggy double chin.

Not only that, gua sha can be practiced all over the body.

Be it backache, sore arms, neck pain or even chronic diseases.


Gua sha is an ancient practice that blocks undesirable energies and is becoming a sudden obsession in the western culture. It is completely safe and not painful, although minor bruises and rashes( petechial) are visible.

Gua sha is extremely helpful in treating double chin as it stimulates the meridian points.

What gua sha tool does is, it helps move the stagnant lymph and untangle the stress knots on your body and face.

If followed consistently, a glowing and lifted face is noticeable.

However, you should not expect a change in the original pigmentation of your skin.

People who intake anticoagulants or have had a surgery, should probably avoid practicing Gua sha.

Consulting a TCM physician would be the best choice before approaching gua sha yourself. 

What are the benefits of gua sha?

As far as the benefits are concerned, there are innumerable.

But we will try to list down the most prominent ones.

  1. Practising Gua sha relieves the puffiness around your face.
  2. It is a natural therapy that is believed to circulate the spirituality of yin and Yang.
  3. Gua sha helps with the blood circulation around the body and face.
  4. Inflammation is reduced and the appearance looks more polished.
  5. Gua sha promotes lymphatic drainage and also slows down ageing.
  6. It helps in regaining the elasticity, tightens the skin around your face and neck, hence, double chin is reduced.
  7. It lifts eyebrows and also helps in reducing fine lines.
  8. It heals headaches, shoulder and back pain, and any sort of muscle pain.
  9. How to use gua sha?

 There is a specific and important procedure that you need to follow while using gua sha tool.        

Step 1: Disinfect the gua sha tool and make sure you never share it with anybody.

Step 2: Cleanse your face thoroughly and hydrate it with a serum, oil or moisturizer for better glide.

Step 3: Hold the tool at an angle of 45° and press it flat against your skin.

 Following are the steps that will guide you to perform gua sha on your face and neck, in an effective manner.

The idea is, to move from low to high, which will eventually result in upliftment of the face.

  1. Using the longer side of gua sha, move gently from the collarbone till the base of your neck.
  2. Fit your jawline between the curve of gua sha heart and glide it upwards, towards your ears.
  3. To regain the collagen in your cheeks, slide the gua sha tool from the side of your nose till your temples, following the cheekbone. A little wiggling action is helpful.
  4. While doing your eyes, be extra careful and try to put excess hydrating agent around your eyes.
  5. Slide the curve of the tool from the bridge of your nose till your forehead, pressing gently and at an even pace.
  6. Now, for the last step, use the longer side of your gua sha instrument, and glide it towards the hairline.

NOTE: ( Move in one direction. Gliding back and forth would not help in lymphatic drainage.) 

What are the facial oils used with gua sha?

Using facial oil is the mandatory step that you need to keep in mind for a better glide.

gua sha Oil

Below are listed some oils that you can preferably choose:-

1) Argan oil – It is one of the best oils if you have a dry skin type. Argan oil contains vitamin E and provides the right hydration.

2) Grape seed oil – If you have an oily to combination skin, this facial oil is just for you. It doesn’t clog your pores and provides a smooth texture to your skin.

3) Jojoba oil – This is an anti – bacterial oil. It is proved to consist of healing properties. Jojoba oil helps in controlling sebum production as well.

Can you use gua sha for smiling lines?

Well, the answer to that question is undoubtedly, a big YES!

Smile lines or laughing lines (Nasolabial folds) are nothing but the wrinkles that appear around the lips and sometimes eyes, when we smile or laugh.

They appear due to lack of collagen, dehydration, and genetical factors also contribute to smile lines.

The simple practice of gua sha can reduce them when done correctly.

Gua sha tool, when glided around lips and eyes, increases the blood circulation in those areas and eventually help in reducing smile lines.

Move the gua sha tool with a firm hand and exert a moderate pressure because you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Definitely try it out and you would see the reduction of smile lines for yourself.

When should you use gua sha – MORNING OR NIGHT? 

This choice totally varies from person to person. The important thing is, to do it consistently.

Including gua sha in your morning routine would move the fluid in your face, keep your skin elastic and boost your energy for the entire day.

While, gliding the gua sha stone after a tiring and heavy day, helps in reducing all the tension that builds up.

For better results, use the gua sha stone once a day.

If you have a busy schedule, then thrice a week would be advantageous too.

Which is the best stone for GUA SHA

If we think of the ancient Chinese tools of gua sha, we could find that traditionally, porcelain spoons were used to initiate the method.

But later, crystal stones became popular tools and came into use.

Gua sha facial massage stones are available in different sizes and shapes.

These precious stones are believed to have spiritual energy in them. Each stone has a different kind of energy and helps in lowering down instabilities.

Rose Quartz, Scolecite, Bianstone, Green Jade, White Jade are some of the gua sha stones that are most commonly used.

The two most famous facial gua sha tools that are super popular are “Rose Quartz” and “Jade”.

In the following part, the properties of these amazing stones are listed.

We also have chosen a winner after analyzing the characteristics.


  • It is a traditional stone.
  • The energy of Yin and Yang are balanced by jade.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Promotes in reproducing new skin cells.
  • It is a brilliant emerald green, translucent stone.
  • It reduces double chin.
  • Jade is believed to bring good luck.
  • Jade’s energy keeps negativity away.
Jade gua sha


  • It glides smoothly.
  • Rose quartz helps in lymphatic drainage.
  • It imparts peaceful energy.
  • The pretty, pink hue is very appealing.
  • It relaxes the muscles and drains off the tension.
  • Rose Quartz symbolizes love and purity.
  • Rose quartz is a cool stone.

It is believed that keeping rose quartz under your pillow, helps in sweet and stress less sleep.

Both of the stones are filled with amazing goodness and are hand carved.

Though the quality of both Rose quartz and jade is the same, Rose quartz is harder and sturdier than Jade.

Jade stone fails to maintain its natural temperature for a long time and gains the heat from our body.

On the contrary, Rose quartz stays cool and lasts longer.

 Although, both the gua sha stones serve their purpose excellently, we have to state that Rose Quartz is better than Jade.

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