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WHAT IS CITRINE GOOD FOR? Properties | Meaning

The word “Citrine” is derived from the Greek word citron, due to the similarity in color to citrus fruit. 

It is a yellow gemstone known for its healing powers, bringing money, luck, happiness, and prosperity. 

Citrine stone is linked with the amplification of good luck and manifestation powers, which will bring a sense of joy and accomplishment into your life.

Citrine is yellow, brown, or orange-colored quartz of chemical formula SiO2 with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, but is it just a shiny glass or more than that?

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What is Citrine good for? 

Citrine healing crystals are energy centers that bring positive energy to life.

Citrine helps to get rid of all the negative energy from your life. 

The inherent spiritual properties present in Citrine induce positive energy and reduce anxiety and depression in the life of the wearer by stimulating clear vision and self-confidence. 

Citrine is known for its power to bring success, prosperity, and financial freedom, thus, also known as ‘Success Stone.’ 

What does Citrine Symbolize?

Citrine is a vibrant yellow color gemstone with brilliant clarity, representing a clear, and healthy mind. Citrine stones evoke illumination and are linked with freshness, vitality, passion, and positivity. 

It is believed that citrine crystal has the ability to boost creativity and stimulate intelligence. Citrine is also known for boosting emotional harmony and well-being. 

All these properties make Citrine a perfect gemstone to have as well as a valuable gift for your loved ones. 

What does Citrine do?

Citrine has been there in human life since the Hellenistic age, well known as merchant’s stone or money stone because of its shiny and golden appearance like gold. 

Citrine has been used as an ornament for thousands of years. Scottish men used Citrine to handle their swords and dagger to give them a fancy or adorning look. 

However, in some cultures, it has spiritual meaning as well.

Citrine is not just a stone but holds many spiritual qualities that can bring a 360-degree change in your life. 

Everything comes with a cost. In the case of Citrine, it is a bit of discomfort in the beginning. 

It is a well-said proverb that “gems cannot be polished without friction”. It will take time for Citrine to activate, but all discomfort is well worth it.

What are the Citrine stone side effects?

It is a well-said proverb that “gems cannot be polished without friction”.In the case of Citrine, it is a bit of discomfort in the beginning. 

It will take time for Citrine to activate, but all discomfort is well worth it.

Everyone reacts to energies differently and some may face below side effects when working with citrine crystal energy for the first time.

Some may feel a tingling sensation or prickly feeling which is very normal when Citrine Crystal stone is getting activated.

Citrine stone is known to stimulate the third eye chakra. If a person’s third eye chakra is blocked or very inert sudden activation can cause headaches.

Exposure to strong raw Citrine stone can lead to dizziness for those inexperienced to strong energies. 

In this case, it is recommended to pair it with another gemstone, like smoky quartz or aventurine to balance its energies.

Natural Citrine is associated with Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra and helps activate and balance them. 

When a person already has these chakras excited, anger issues and aggression can occur in that person’s behavior after contacting Citrine stone.

What are Citrine stone benefits?

Citrine crystals owing to their association with the sun remove the malefic effects caused by Jupiter planet, which impacts health, prosperity, and finances. 

Citrine stone helps clear any limiting beliefs and clears money blocks paving the way for abundance.

Some important benefits of Citrine are listed below:

Stone of Manifestation

Manifestation generally means projecting and programming the intentions into the specific crystal being worked with.

Citrine is profoundly effective in clearing money limiting beliefs and facilitating a mindset that promotes abundance and worthiness.

Stone for Mental Clarity and Creativity

Citrine is known for its capability to boost your creativity, intelligence, visualization, and self-confidence.

Stone of Positivity

Citrine is very powerful in getting rid of negativity. Citrine positive energy assists you in casting aside any emotional baggage and helps you to grow as an individual.

Citrine high vibrational energy helps cleanse your aura and also clear any negativity from your surrounding.

What is Citrine used for?

You can wear citrine jewelry like citrine bracelet or pendant to keep yourself aligned with wealth and manifest abundance. 

Those who are feeling a lack of motivation and inspiration must wear a citrine ornament to find the creative spark and unlock the imagination.

Citrine Pyramids make a great addition to work desks helping you to be energized, motivated, and inspired throughout the day. 

Those who are having issues or facing mental blocks at work can keep this stone at their work desk to boost creativity and get ideas flowing.

Citrine is a wonderful stone to keep positive energy and flow of abundance at home. 

Keeping the Citrine money tree in one corner of your house brings financial abundance and money to you.

Citrine is a must have stone in Money and success crystal grid.

How do you get to know that a Citrine gemstone is working on wearing? 

Like any healing crystal, citrine works best when you use it after activation. It may take a while for the crystal energy to work after wearing a Citrine crystal for some time. 

Within a couple of months, you are sure to notice the changes in your mindset, health, and overall atmosphere around you. 

Is Citrine a quartz?

Yes, Natural Citrine is a yellow variety of Quartz crystal belonging to the Quartz family, having similar physical properties to other Quartz Crystals like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz. 

Like all quartz variants, citrine is also constituted of silicon and oxygen atoms arranged in a tetrahedral pattern. 

Apart from the standard yellow bright color, citrine color also ranges from greenish-yellow, brownish-yellow, or orange color.

Where is the natural Citrine found?

Natural Citrine clusters are located in France, Britain, Russia, United States, Burma, Spain, and Brazil. 

Natural Citrine crystal is very rare to find hence a bit on the expensive side. Generally, amethyst is heated up and sold as heat treated Citrine.

Make sure you buy from a verified seller to get a certified authentic citrine gem.

What are the properties of Citrine?

Citrine in daily life helps to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter, which is directly related to finances. 

Thus it helps in wealth acquisition and maintenance by keeping control on spending. Apart from wealth acquisition, Citrine induces generosity to share the wealth with needy people. 

Citrine crystal is very useful in healing ailments of the heart, endocrine gland, fibromyalgia, liver issues, thyroid problems, and urinary system. 

It aids in detoxification and immunity building.

Citrine squanders away the negative energy from your life and relationships and fills your aura with happiness and fresh hopes. 

This way, it stimulates positivity all around and instigates fresh hopes

Citrine is quite popular in pregnant women who wear the stone for protection. It is also known for boosting self-esteem and optimism.|

Citrine Healing & Magical properties 

Citrine- Physical Healing Properties

Citrine’s high vibrational energy helps build mental and physical stamina of the wearer. Along with boosting energy level citrine also helps boost your sensuality, and sexuality.

Citrine healing properties are know to aid in the ailment of stomach issues, diabetes, growth issues, metabolism, kidney, bladder, liver issues, spleen-related diseases, body pain, allergies.

Drinking Citrine water regularly helps keep the mind and body at optimum health always.

Citrine- Emotional Healing Properties

Citrine exudes positive energy. The bright yellow color of the stone does not let anyone be in a dull or sad mood for long. 

Wearing citrine helps alleviate sadness and depression and lifts your mood and pushes you, motivates you to know your own self worth and get ahead in life.

Citrine helps enhance self-esteem, self-confidence, individuality, ability to express. With these qualities its easier to chase your dreams and fulfill your desires in life.


What are Citrine’s Spiritual Properties?

Citrine symbolizes spiritual qualities like joy, happiness, luck, and fulfillment.

Citrine is defined as the stone that brings prosperity and bestows an abundance of blessings and good luck.

Citrine has strong association with the lower chakras Sacral chakra and Solar Chakra. 

Strong energies of citrine help bring these chakras in alignment hence paving way for alignment of the higher chakras. 

When your chakras are in alignment a deeper wisdom flows through you and you ascend spiritually too.

Citrine being a stone of optimism it is believed that wearing Citrine helps dispel any negativity and unwanted energy raising your vibrations to a higher frequency.


Citrine Chakra Placement on your body

Citrine’s powerful energy can be used to stimulate and activate all the chakras by placing the citrine stone near the chakra location on the body.

  • Place the citrine stone near the crown chakra or third eye chakra to activate the pineal gland known to enhance and awaken intuitive and psychic qualities in a person.
  • Place the citrine stone near th root chakra to ground your energy and boost stamina and vitality.
  • Place the citrine stone near Heart Chakra to alleviate grief and sadness and bring positivity and hope.
  • Place the citrine stone near your solar plexus and sacral chakras when you are feeling demotivated, lacking in confidence or uninspired.



Citrine is known as one of the most versatile stones with multiple benefits aiding holistic growth with physical development, Emotional development and Spiritual Progression. 

Make sure you introduce this stone slowly in your life and combine with another stone if needed. 

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