The only Healing Crystal you would ever need.

Crystals that help with depression and anxiety.

Depression, stress and anxiety are very common in today’s fast-paced life.

Depression and anxiety make you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and deteriorate your health.

Although there are a lot of mainstream medications to beat the challenge, a lot of people are moving to alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, and healing crystals.

The benefits of alternative therapy like yoga are well proven and accepted even by modern medicine practitioners to reduce stress and depression.

But what about Crystal healing to reduce your depression? The growth of the crystal industry in the past few years has been tremendous but do they really heal you? or is it just another craze out there waiting to fade off?

How does Crystal healing work to reduce your stress and anxiety?

If we speak scientifically, there is no evidence describing the healing power of crystals, some people have also termed it to be a placebo but using healing crystals allows you to feel relaxed and provides a sense of calmness within you.

According to many experts, crystals house energy and power that reduces your stress and depression levels.

Being in the vicinity of crystals allows you to increase the flow of positive energy within your body and reduces the negative and unwanted energy which makes you feel stressed.

Like many other forms of alternative therapy (eg. yoga) crystals help you channelize your energy and focus on the positive side of life making you feel relaxed and present.

“Crystals work if you believe in them”, is what you will hear from many people, and that is true as your belief in them acts as a placebo effect to your mind which is scientifically proven to heal you from many ailments.

There are many of these healing stones and each one of them gives a different sense of vibe to the people who possess them based on the chemical composition of each stone.

Before we go to the solution here some signs of depression you should know:

  • Physical signs of depression: Aches and pains, Chest pain or a feeling like your heart is racing, Exhaustion or trouble sleeping, Headaches, dizziness or shaking, High blood pressure, Muscle tension or jaw clenching, Stomach or digestive problems, Trouble having sex, Weak immune system.
  • Emotional and mental symptoms of depression: inability to focus or make any decisions, a lapse in memory, depression, anxiety, negative thinking, mood swings, frustration, irritability, anxiety or irritability, Panic attacks, Sadness.
  • Behavioural signals of depression: Either not eating or eating too much, avoiding responsibilities, increased use of alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, nail-biting, fidgeting.

Which healing crystals help with depression?

Although there is a long list of these magic stones that help you with healing, here is a list of the most important ones you should have to remove negative energy from your life and reduce stress and anxiety.

Amethyst - Depression and anxiety reliever you will ever need

Amethyst is a uniquely powerful crystal (also sometimes known as the depression crystal) that can transform lives, however, there is a lot about this mysterious magical stone that you might not know. The properties of Amethyst can be understood from its name itself. 

Amethyst means non-intoxicated and is taken from the Greek word Amethystos. For this ancient wise culture, Amethyst was the most important. 

The beautiful color of Amethyst means the spiritual qualities of groundedness, tranquillity, and calmness. Its radiant purple and white colors represent emotions and spirit.

Amethyst for stress and anxiety

Amethyst along with Amazonite is one of the relatively few gemstones with a specific purpose of improving intellectual and cerebral thought. Amethyst can help you keep a cool and clear mind leaving you more focused and positive in life.

This beautiful healing stone will not only clear negativity from your life but also attract positive and calming vibes which will make you feel much more relaxed and relaxed.

Keeping this amazing stone near you in your most depressed situations will help you keep your mind calm and relaxed allowing you to have better clarity in your thoughts and a direction to follow.

Amethyst helps keep your mind focused and releases negativity helping you with Stress and deprssion.

What are the other crystal stones you need to consider with Amethyst for depression?

Rose Quartz – A magic stone for your self-love

There is nothing more important than caring for yourself. When we are stressed out most of the time we forget to love ourselves. This beautiful pink stone Rose Quartz helps in enhancing the love for yourself.

You will see a lot of this stone used in bracelets and rings so you can keep it with you all the time making you radiate with beautiful loving energy. 

The calming pink hues from this crystal works beautifully with the purple Amethyst in reducing your depression and making you feel loved and worthy.

Rose Quartz

AmazoniteA magic stone for love and compassion

This beautiful stone in the color of the sea greatly helps in filling your heart with love and compassion.

This stone will calm your mind and bring a wonderful sense of wellbeing to you filtering out thoughts of any stress and worries.

Pairing Amazonite with Amethyst will work wonders in bringing a sense of calm and balance in your life and relationships and will help you reduce your depression.



Stress and depression has become an inevitable part of our daily life. Although mainstream medication help to some extent, alternative healing like meditation or crystals, condition your mind in a much effective way to tackle the situation for the long term.

Using Amethyst with Rose Quartz is the best combination to deal with depression. These crystals will certainly help you to maintain better relations with your loved ones and lead you to a healthier, balanced, and in turn happier life.

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