ROSE QUARTZ UNDER PILLOW – Things you should know

Rose Quartz crystal is the perfect stone to keep under your pillow for a good night’s sleep. This loving stone has amazing healing properties which are heightened when you keep it under your pillow.

Sleep plays a very important role in our physical and mental health. Continuous lack of proper sleep can cause grave imbalances in our Minds and lead to various mental and psychological disorders. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), about one-third of adults report insomnia symptoms which is the most common sleep disorder.

Sleep crystals like Rose Quartz work wonderfully with their healing energy to give us good restful sleep and heal sleep disorders.

Properties of Rose Quartz stone

Rose Quartz crystal, also known as Pink Quartz, is a pale pink color stone that’s part of the quartz crystal family. Rose Quartz is also available in a deeper pink shade known as Strawberry Rose Quartz and violet variety known as Lavender Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz can be found across the United States, India, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, and Australia.

Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal associated with the heart chakra and works on all relationships but is most popularly associated with romantic love.

Can Rose Quartz under pillow give you good sleep?

Sleeping with Rose Quartz under the pillow helps in bringing pleasant dreams and you can be sure to wake up feeling more confident, energetic, and inspired.

Setting the right intention with your rose quartz stone before going to sleep is important to get the best results from it.

Is it safe to keep Rose Quartz under pillow while you sleep?

Rose Quartz Crystal has a very warm loving vibration hence it is the safest, most popular, and recommended stone in crystal healing as a sleep crystal for restful sleep.

Keeping Rose Quartz under the pillow is known to put you to sleep faster and also aid in deep healing while you are sleeping peacefully.

Keeping Rose Quartz under pillow for love

Rose Quartz under pillow For Love

This loving stone is most commonly kept under the pillow to attract love and the partner of your dreams. It is recommended to set a clear intention when activating your stone for this. You can even keep a small note under the pillow with the cleansed Rose Quartz writing all the qualities you desire in your perfect partner.

Changes To Life –  Rose Quartz under your pillow

Putting Rose Quartz tumbled stones under your pillow not only gives you good quality sleep but is also a great way to be able to benefit from their healing properties.

Helps develop Self Love

Rose Quartz helps in inculcating self-love and building a mindset of being worthy. It opens the heart chakra, teaching the true meaning of love, and brings deep heart healing and a new love for self style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Rose Quartz is the best thing you can gift to yourself to inculcate self-love and boost your confidence in yourself.

Helps attract your true love

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra and works on all your relationships but is most popular as the stone of romantic love.

Rose Quartz is commonly used in the love crystal grid or worn as crystal jewelry to attract love.

Helps bring harmony in Relationships

Rose Quartz is best known as ‘Heart Stone’ for being the stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz is said to emit strong vibrations of loving energy and acceptance which makes you more empathetic and compassionate in all your relationships leading to emotional healing.

Helps manifest your desires

From a law of attraction perspective, rose quartz is a perfect stone to attract true love and your other desires related to the heart.

Rose Quartz fills you with gratitude for everything you have. An attitude of Gratitude is the base foundation to manifesting anything.

Rose Quartz with Amethyst is the perfect crystal combination for wish manifestation.

Helps relieve Stress and Anxiety

The gentle soothing energy of this loving stone helps calm your senses instantly removing any Stress and Anxiety and fosters a positive outlook towards life.

Rose Quartz with Amazonite and Amethyst helps deal with daily stress in an effective way leaving you calm and balanced.

Helps heal emotional wounds

Rose Quartz being a healing stone is very effective in heart chakra healing. It helps open heart chakra, to gently release emotions such as pain and sorrow and healing any emotional wounds from the past.

How to choose a Rose Quartz to keep under your pillow

  • When choosing a rose quartz healing crystal for sleep make sure you choose a small smooth stone with no sharp edges.
  • Never place crystal points, pointing directly at your head to avoid concentrated energy near the crown chakra.
  • Don’t keep a large raw Rose quartz under the pillow as it will cause physical discomfort
  • Don’t keep too many other crystals with rose quartz gemstone as their energies might clash and cause a disturbance.

Rose Quartz Bedtime Ritual

Before sleeping it’s recommended to have a bedtime ritual to cleanse and reconnect with your sleep crystal.

Steps to perform a simple bedtime ritual with your Rose Quartz

  1. Cleanse your stone under running water to clear it of any excess energy.
  2. With the cleansed rose quartz in your hand, close your eyes and try to connect to the crystal’s vibrations. Sense its energy of peace, love, and calm. You can also lie down and place the Rose Quartz stone on your chest near your heart chakra.
  3. Speak out your intention clearly how you would want the crystal to help you. You can even say a bedtime prayer.
  4. Hold Rose Quartz in your hands or keep it close to your heart for a few minutes as a way to connect with it and express your gratitude towards it.

Which other crystals can be kept with Rose Quartz under your pillow?

Below are some crystals you can keep along with Rose Quartz under the pillow

Pair Rose Quartz with Howlite to calm your senses for deep sleep.

Pair Rose Quartz with Amethyst crystal to reduce stress and anxiety and bring peace and love.

Pair Rose Quartz with Rhodonite to heal past wounds from a broken heart and prepare you for new love life

Pair Rose Quartz with Unakite to maintain the love and harmony in marriage.

Pair Rose Quartz with Carnelian gemstone to ignite your passion and attract some fiery romance in your life.

Pair Rose Quartz with Moonstone to induce lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Pair Rose Quartz with Clear Quartz crystal to access higher consciousness and deep healing.

Pair Rose Quartz with Lepidolite to build self-love and trust by releasing old negative patterns and bringing about a positive change in life.

Pair Rose Quartz with Selenite to cleanse your space and provide protection again unwanted spirits.

Pair Rose Quartz with Angelite for communicating with spirit guides, induce a lucid dream, and out-of-body experience.


We all know how important a good night’s rest is for the healthy functioning of our body and mind. Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal as a sleep companion for better sleep and pleasant dreams. Sleep with Rose quartz stone under your pillow to benefit from its numerous healing properties and notice wonderful changes happening in your life.  

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