How to read Auras

How to read Auras – Beginners Guide

What is an Aura?

An aura is your life force energy field surrounding you for about 8 to 10 inches. Aura usually consists of multiple colors in various shades of dark and light intermixed.

Human Aura is said to consist of seven auric layers (also known as auric planes), and each one represents something different. The first layer or inner aura is closest to the body and the 7th layer or outer aura is the farthest and can extend to several feet depending on the aura energy.

Aura consists of a vibrational frequency. The more you raise your vibrations the higher is the Aura frequency.

Not all are able to see Aura but everyone can sense them this is how some people make you nervous while others relax you. Depending on what vibrations their aura sends out to you.

The easiest way to sense your own energy field is by simply rubbing your hands together for about 10 seconds and then slowly pull them apart. You will feel some resistance and a force trying to pull them back together.

What is Aura Reading?

What is Aura Reading

Aura Reading is the practice of detecting a person’s personality and current physical and mental state based on the vibration frequency and colors in their Aura.

Some gifted people with psychic ability are able to see vivid auras with their naked eyes while most professionals use Aura reading gadgets such as Radiant Photography and Kirlian Photography.

Each reader sees auras differently, they also might see different colors and interpret them differently as well.

Aura reading is a part of Energy healing style=”font-weight: 400;”> where the energy healer with aura reading skills reads your aura color meaning and interprets your current state of mind and detects any physical or emotional issues you are going through.

Can you see Aura?

An Aura reader is able to see auras with their naked eyes. For others, reading auras usually takes training and a lot of practice for seeing auras around living beings and objects. It is simpler to first start to practice seeing your own aura and then try to see other people’s aura.

Does everyone have an Aura?

All living beings have an energy body surrounding their physical body which is the Auric field or Aura. Humans, Animals, and Plants too have an Aura. The more evolved the being, the more complex the aura is.

Easy Exercises to See Auras

Mirror Exercise

Sit in front of the mirror with a light background behind and stare at yourself without blinking at the area between your eyebrows which is your third eye chakra or brow chakra or anywhere on your body near the body edges.

Continue gazing at the same point without blinking and then you will see a sort of light transparent shadow 2-4 fingers wide extending from your body in your natural body shape. It’s your auric body. Without shifting your gaze, view this outline with your peripheral vision.

With time and practice, you’ll be able to hold the vision on the energy field for a longer period of time.

The more you practice, the more area of energy field you will be able to see with the aura colors, shapes, and textures.

Palm Exercise

Stand in front of a white wall in a room with soft lighting. Bring your hand forward with your palm facing you.

Focus on the center of the palm. Try to maintain your focus without blinking or shifting your gaze for as long as you can.

You may see a thin outline start to appear at the edges of your fingers. Continue observing this outline with your peripheral vision.

Try to detect subtle colors in the aura.

Aura Colors and Meanings

Aura Colors and Meanings

Different aura colors have different meanings associated with them. A predominant color near a specific chakra indicates the state of that chakra.

Purple – Purple aura color is associated with spiritual awareness and heightened psychic ability. If you notice purple or indigo near the crown chakra it indicates a highly evolved spiritual person with psychic abilities.

Orange – Orange aura means high energy, willfulness, and valor. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra and indicates a healthy balanced chakra. A dull murky orange indicates an underactive or blocked sacral chakra.

Green – Green aura is associated with the heart chakra and symbolizes compassion and peacefulness

Red – Red aura means a passionate personality and exuberance. The red color is associated with the root chakra.

Yellow – Yellow aura or gold aura symbolizes positive energy and happiness. Bright yellow color near the solar plexus chakra indicates a healthy well-balanced chakra and happy state of mind.

Pink – Pink aura is associated with love and symbolizes gentleness, love, and kindness.

White – This color denotes calm, pure, and a well-balanced personality.

Blue – Blue aura indicates a deeply spiritual person. A predominant blue near the throat chakra indicates an expressive and empathetic personality.

Gray – Gray aura shows a pessimistic personality and a negative outlook towards life.

Brown – A brown aura signifies a selfish persona and may indicate major blockages in chakras. If there is a lot of dull brown splotches of color near your root chakra it indicates stagnant energy in that chakra.

Black – A black aura can show dark energy and also indicate major health issues

Do Aura colors Change?

While there are different layers and different colours to each person’s aura that may mean different things, every person likely has one predominant aura color. Your aura colors can change, though, depending on your state of mind.

Aura Colors and Chakras

Aura Colors and Chakras have a deep association. Chakras are strong powerhouses of energy in our bodies. Each of the 7 main Chakras has an associated color with it.

If there are imbalances in any of your chakras it is bound to show up in your Aura. Aura scanning is a technique used in Chakra Healing to detect imbalances and blockages in the chakras.

How to detect issues in Aura

Issues such as energy blockages or stagnant energy can be visible as dark splotches of color such as dull grey and brown.

How far the aura extends from the physical body also indicates the person’s state of being. The farther the aura the healthier the person is. A weak and sick person will have a small dull aura.

What is Aura Photography?

What is Aura Photography

Aura photography captures the aura of a person in a beautiful array of colors.

With special equipment and an aura camera, you can record and display the electromagnetic energy that comes off a person’s body and transform those readings into a colorful Aura photograph.

Aura Photo is usually a simple headshot of a person with a bright halo of colour surrounding them in front of a dark background.

Your aura is based on how you feel in the present moment, so if you get another aura image taken a few days later or even a few minutes later, it will look different depending on your mood change.

How to cleanse your Aura

Your Aura acts as a magnetic field of energy picking up vibrational energies that are all around you. Your auric layer can experience wear and tear as you exchange energies with those around you and pick up negative energies too, which is exactly why you need to do aura cleansing from time to time.

There are various ways you can cleanse your Aura by using Crystals, Smudging, or meditation.

Final Thoughts

Aura reading is a skill that anyone can develop with practice and intention. Keep practicing and soon you will be able to detect certain energies around people and be able to decide on whether they are good for you or not.

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