Distance Healing

How to send Distant Healing Energy to anyone

The entire universe is based on energy. We are all energy beings and connected to everything through the universal energy field of the Earth or the Ether. Distant healing takes place through this Etheric field.

The energy fields of two individuals get connected through Ether and energy is transferred.

For sending healing energy to anyone, intention is the most important. The intention is a thought and a thought is an energy form. It can be directed to anyone provided the recipient is open and willing to receive the healing.

Being able to send energy is not something only possible for a trained healer. In fact, we can all do it. All you need is a strong, sincere intention to heal others and the patience to achieve the meditation state required for this healing process.

What is Distance Healing?

What is distance healing

Long distance healing or remote healing is the technique of sending distant healing energy remotely using intention to whoever is in need of it.

Distance healing is included in many energy healing modalities such as Pranic healing, Distance Reiki healing. In Reiki distance healing the reiki practitioner sends Reiki energy to the recipient through multiple sessions over a period of days or months as required.

Here’s how you can send healing energy to another person remotely.

1. Plan a mutual time

  • It is always better you take the consent of the person to whom you will be sending the energies and plan a mutual time so the person can be ready and in a receiving space.
  • Make sure to inform the person to be in a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed while the energy transmission happens.

2. Prepare for the healing

  • Prepare for the healing by focusing your mind
  • Set your intention to send healing energy.
  • You can do space clearing using smudging to set the ambiance and bring positive energy.
  • Picture the face of the person to whom you are sending the healing energy. You can even say the name of the person out loud.
  • State clearly the kind of Physical, emotional healing, or spiritual healing you want to send and the intention behind it.

3. Raise your energy

  • To send healing energy, start by rubbing your hands in a circular motion till you feel the warmth generated.
  • Cup the palms and slightly move them apart to form a ball of energy. You should feel slight resistance between the palms because of the energy pull.

4. Make a ball of energy

  • Once you feel sufficient energy generated between your palms, imagine you are shaping it into a sphere.
  • You can also visualize this sphere of energy giving it a color associated with a specific chakra intended for healing.
  • In Reiki distant healing, a distant healing symbol is visualized within this energy ball and sent across.

5. Send the energy

  • When you feel that your energy ball is strong enough, set the intention to transmit this energy ball across to the intended person.
  • Imagine/Visualise this transmission happening and the intended person receiving the healing energy.
  • Stay in this space for a few more minutes to let the connection complete.

6. Cleanse your energy

  • After you send healing energy, it is important you balance and replenish your personal energy by using a grounding technique.
  • Drink plenty of water post the healing session.

Distance Healing Benefits

distance healing benefits

Long-distance healing is very useful when you do not have access to the physical body of the recipient to do the healing. You can send distant healing to all living beings including animals and plants.

You can even send healing to the loved ones you have lost helping them in their journey to the other dimension.

Final Thoughts

To ensure healing energy is sent effectively avoid sending it when you are physically ill or feel emotionally drained. Although it is not necessary to inform the person you are sending healing energy, if you tell him or her about it, they might be more open to receiving the energy. Healing energy must be sent with pure intentions and in a positive state of mind only. If you feel any negative energy or emotions for whatever reason please stop the transmission and try it some other time. 

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