Terahertz stone meaning, benefits and dangers

Terahertz(THZ) is an artificial man-made gemstone first discovered by Japanese scientists with meaning and properties to enhance inner body energy.

Terahertz stone is made up of silicon and produces a high oscillation frequency and has thermal conductivity. 

Terahertz stones are said to emit infrared and negative ion energy also known as Terahertz Radiation, which regulates body energy flow.  Thus it is helpful for meditation and breathing exercises.

A Terahertz gemstone is a powerful stone with the ability to protect the human body from electromagnetic smog and other harmful radiation. 

It is a rare stone and difficult to find in the market, making it more expensive than other widely available stones. 

It is renowned for its extraordinary power to positively regulate the energy flow in the human body by emitting powerful healing energy that reduces stress and fatigue due to hectic work schedules. 

Terahertz radiation is very powerful and healing in nature.

Shining Silver color
Terahertz is composed of silicon which has a diamond cubic crystal structure ( fcc )
Composed of Silicon
8th and 9th spiritual chakras
 1 trillion vibrations/ sec
Discovered in japan
Rare stone
  • Brings mental clarity
  • Keep negative energy at bay
  • Awaken the hidden capabilities
  • Bring positivity to you
  • Cleanse the aura
Raw stones, Angels, Towers, Tumbled stones
  • Terahertz and Black Tourmaline
  • Terahertz and Smoky Quartz
  • Terahertz and Rhodochrosite

What are Terahertz Stone Healing Properties

Healing properties

Physical Healing Properties

  • Terahertz is a healing crystal widely known for its ability to enhance inner body energy. This supplements the energy shortage or laziness and vitalizes the physical body. A healthy body shows high activity and enhanced aptitude, and thinking ability.
  • Terahertz is a strong healing stone that produces long wavelength radiations that have the power to improve your blood flow and pressure. It will also be helpful in eliminating the blood clots, which may hamper blood circulation. It also stimulates blood retention and drains unwanted waste and excess water out of the body.
  • Terahertz stone is vital for maintaining the equilibrium in the body by stimulating cells. It also improves homeostasis and improves mobility. It aids in strengthening the bones and teeth.
  • Terahertz slows down the process of aging and provides healthy, clear, and youthful skin. It shows great positive effects in terms of beauty by helping retain moisture and shine to hair and skin.
  • The frequencies emitted by a Terahertz stone are known to positively affect weakened cells, enzymes, and genetic material to improve immunity and natural healing power.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Terahertz is a powerful healing gemstone, which brings you mental clarity and helps eliminate all the negative energies and stress. This will ultimately boost your mental power and wellness.

What are the Terahertz stone Metaphysical properties?

  • Terahertz stones are known to bring fortune and good luck. They also enhance self-confidence and help you sail through a hectic schedule. Terahertz can awaken the hidden capabilities and take you closer to your goals which means success.
  • In terms of relationships and love, Terahertz is quite useful as it brings positivity to you, which will ultimately be reflected in your relationships with your loved ones. If your relationship is going through some difficult phase and your self-esteem is down, terahertz stone may prove to be just the right solution for you as it enhances your sensitivity towards your partner. In short, terahertz radiates energies which will make sure that everything is going to be alright.
  • High thermal conductivity is an important characteristic of Terahertz, which energizes your body. The negative ions released by thz radiation are known to cleanse the aura and purify your surrounding environment by removing harmful pollutants thus helping you gain inner peace.

How can you meditate using a Terahertz stone?

Terahertz is a great aid for a healthy body and mind. It not only keeps the stress at bay but also maintains an equilibrium state. Terahertz healing crystals can also aid in meditation and breathing exercises.

Below are steps to meditate with this magical stone for a healthy, calm, and balanced mind:

  1. Choose a quiet place for meditation where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Lay down or sit in a comfortable position.
  3. Place the Terahertz stone on your heart chakra or near the body part you wish to heal. Now, relax your body and set the intention for the stone to give the healing needed.
  4. Visualize the stone doing its work on you and radiating positive energy.
  5. You can chant a prayer or affirmation too

Terahertz stone versus Hematite


It is the mineral form of Silicon.It is the mineral form of Iron oxide.
It is generally bright silver in color.Hematite is Black/steel/silver grey/ brown to reddish-brown in color.
Tetrahertz is a health power stone that regulates the energy flow in the human body.Hematite is a bloodstone that protects us and keeps us grounded. It is also known as a ‘Stone for the Mind’ because it balances the body meridians and forms equilibrium between the nervous system and the ethereal nervous system.
It works by producing vibrations at a high speed of one trillion times per second.Hematite works by releasing ying-yang energies to provide a stable state of equilibrium.

Terahertz Jewelry

Terahertz is also known as the “ray of life,” it is a rare precious stone that carries amazing benefits for health. Since Terahertz is one of the rarest stones in the market, Terahertz jewelry is quite difficult to obtain and it is more expensive compared to other stones that are widely available in the market.

Terahertz jewelry is available as a Terahertz bracelet, necklace, gua sha massage scraper, double-barrel facial massage roller, and massage stick.

It is recommended to get a Terahertz stone bracelet if you suffer from intense migraine, headache, or muscle strain – terahertz’s contact with the human skin has relieving and relaxing effects.

If you face difficulties with sleeping, stress management, lack of energy, low confidence, a Terahertz jewelry piece can be of great help to you.

Wearing Terahertz jewelry for most of the day will help you to overcome the physical and mental health issues that you are facing.

Is Terahertz Stone Dangerous?

No side effects of Terahertz crystal have been observed. However, some people who are highly sensitive to energies may feel restlessness, dizziness, or nausea in the beginning.

It is advised to start the use of the stone gradually. Also, make sure that you are using an original terahertz stone and it is activated before usage. Using the stone without setting proper intent will make the stone release energies in all directions and may cause some unwanted effects.

Routine cleansing of the stone is also very important to dissipate all the negative energies that the stone may have collected over time.

To balance and neutralize the energies of the terahertz crystal you can pair it with Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Rhodochrosite

How to identify fake Terahertz stone?

The unique property of thermal conductivity due to terahertz’s high oscillating frequency is helpful to identify a fake terahertz stone.  A terahertz stone is said to get hot or cold extremely quickly. You can perform a simple ice test to determine the genuineness of the Terahertz stone.

Which spiritual chakra is Terahertz associated with?

Spiritual chakras are different from the seven main chakras present within the physical body. Spiritual chakras are connected with your soul and spirit, which allows you to connect with an expanded universe, greatly stimulate your spiritual awareness, empathy and get rid of the weight of past karmic baggage.

Terahertz stone is said to activate the 8th and 9th spiritual chakras which are located above the crown chakra over your head. These chakras connect you to the higher dimensional planes and guide you with truth, compassion, and joy on your spiritual journey.  


Though Terahertz is a man-made stone, it’s powerful vibrational frequency and strong healing nature are said to benefit all areas of your life.

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