Black Tourmaline in the house

Where to place Black Tourmaline in the house?

The interest in crystals is rising every day, and rightly so, Crystals have become a significant part of our daily habits for their advantages such as positive energy, immunity boost, meditation, and digital detox.

Black tourmaline is one such popular stone that is steadily gaining entry into everyone’s home and heart. A Black Tourmaline gem in your home is believed to help you have a stronger spiritual alignment, a greater connection with all life forms, and a cleaner spiritual environment.

What is Black Tourmaline all about?

Out of all the crystals out there, Black Tourmaline works fantastically at shielding you and your home from negative energies and other unseen destructive forces.

Black Tourmaline is a piezoelectric crystal and gets its black color from its constituents such as iron, titanium, and manganese.

The varieties of Tourmaline used in crystal healing may include watermelon tourmaline, pink tourmaline, and blue tourmaline.

You may have various questions about the placement, properties, cleansing, and side effects of this healing stone. Let us discuss them one by one. 

Where to place Black Tourmaline in the house?

Black Tourmaline in the house

Before talking about its placement in the house, let us discuss the placement outside the house:

  1. You can place Black Tourmaline tumbled stone or raw pieces at the corners of your home, starting from the Northern corner and, ultimately, to other corners moving in a clockwise direction.
  2. While placing the crystals around, always set your intention in your mind for the crystal to provide protection.
  3. Visualizing a strong protective energetic boundary around the outside of your home will further amplify the energies of the stones. 

Now let us talk about the placement of Black Tourmaline inside the house: 

  1. While placing Black Tourmaline within your home, you should start at the front door as it is the main entrance.
  2. Place one Black Tourmaline crystal at the main door to repel any negative energies from entering your home. You can also hang Black Tourmaline grapes at the door entrance.
  3. Along with the main door, you can also place a Black Tourmaline stone at the other entrances and window sills too. 
  4. Additionally, you can also consider placing a Black Tourmaline crystal in the corner of rooms.
  5. Infrared rays and electromagnetic smog from electronic devices like TVs, laptops, microwaves, and mobile phones can be absorbed by black tourmaline because of its iron content. Place this crystal piece near your computer or your mobile phone for maximum protection from any harm.
  6. You may also consider investing in a Black Tourmaline sphere if you want the positive energy radiating into the entire space.

A good way to use Black Tourmaline for protection is to set up a Crystal Protection Grid for your home:

Black Tourmaline Protection Grid
  1. Make sure your crystals are well cleansed before placing them in the Grid. Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian, Pyrite, Amethyst, and Selenite are popular crystals for protection.
  2. Place the crystals on an appropriate base. Crystal bowls or perhaps a Selenite plate or Solar Quartz plate would be appropriate.
  3. The center of the base should consist of a stone or pyramid made of raw Tourmaline. Using a symmetric pattern, align the remaining crystals. In nature, everything is symmetrical, which is vital for manifestation.
  4. Enhance the Grid’s energy using Clear Quartz pointers
  5. In the sacred space of your home, place this grid.
  6. Set an intention for protection and promoting peace and harmony when you charge your crystal grid with Sage or Palo Santo smoke.

Where to place black tourmaline in the bedroom?

Black tourmaline is a protection stone and grounding crystal acting as a psychic shield against any attacks. But its advantages are not limited to just protection. Black Tourmaline is a healing crystal and can calm down anxiety and obsessive thoughts, thus keeping the nightmares at bay.

Also, if you want to inhibit the process of horrific dreams and unwanted energy, black tourmaline will do the job. If you want, you may put four Black Tourmaline crystals in four corners of the bedroom to form a protective shield

You may keep other protection crystals such as Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Pyrite, Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli too along with Black Tourmaline.

Sleeping with Black Tourmaline under your pillow?

Black Tourmaline under your pillow

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for protecting against negative energies. Sleeping with Black Tourmaline under the pillow or wearing it to sleep can help you keep negative energy and nightmares at bay and shield you from any psychic attack.

However, if the crystal energy of this black stone is too intense for you and causing side effects try placing it away at a distance from your bed near the corners of your bedroom.

Where to place Black Tourmaline on the body?

Wearing Black Tourmaline jewelry is one of the easiest and best ways to always benefit from its protective energies. Having Black Tourmaline on your body at all times will work excellently to cleanse your aura transmuting any negative energy and making you radiate with positivity.

The most common jewelry form for wearing Black Tourmaline is a Black Tourmaline bracelet. These bracelets help to remove the blockages, disperse bad energy and balance the chakras.

Below are some points you should keep in mind while wearing Black Tourmaline jewelry

  1. Ensure that the crystal touches your skin.
  2. Expose the crystal to the sunlight to absorb the energies. 
  3. Make sure you cleanse the crystal regularly and keep it dry from sweat and moisture.

Black Tourmaline Side Effects

Generally, Black Tourmaline isn’t known to have any side effects. However, everyone reacts differently to some crystals hence some may face side effects.

  1. Sometimes, the intense energy of Black Tourmaline can make people feel drained as they get grounded while using it initially.
  2. For some people, prolonged exposure to Black Tourmaline may sometimes result in fatigue, nausea, and headaches.

How do you clean raw Black Tourmaline?

Like most crystals, this protective stone too needs cleansing as it works like a vacuum for bad energy and requires to be cleansed after over-accumulation of harmful energy.

Some popular ways to cleanse Black Tourmaline are:

Smudging with Sage

  1. Ignite the tip of a sage plant and then transfer it to a non-dominant hand.
  2. Move the stone through the emerging smoke.
  3. You can continue the process for around 30 seconds.
  4. Sage plant is known to have healing properties, and its smoke will clear the inharmonious vibrations from your crystal.

Burying in Rice

  1. Bury your stone in a bowl filled with dry brown rice for 24 hours.
  2. As soon as you are done with cleansing, immediately dispose of the rice as it absorbed the bad energy. 

Cleansing with Sunlight

  1. First, cleanse the crystal to be kept in sunlight
  2. Place the crystal in a holder made of glass or crystal.
  3. Say aloud your intention or a small prayer for the sun to give its bright healing energy to the crystal.
  4. Leave the crystal holder with the crystal in direct sunlight for up to 12 hours.

How to activate Black Tourmaline?

Activate and charge your Tourmaline stone after you have cleansed it by stating your intention for it.

  1. If you want to focus, choose a place that won’t distract you. Close your eyes and tune into the crystal’s vibrations while holding the crystal in your hand. Feel its grounding and protective energy. Alternatively, you can lie on your back and place the stone near your navel or on your root chakra.
  2. Let the crystal know in what ways you want it to support you. For your stone to be activated, you can pray or say an affirmation for protection.
  3. Once you have activated the stone, hold it in your hands for a while to connect with it.

What Chakra is Black Tourmaline good for?

Black tourmaline is generally linked with the root chakra. If you struggle to feel safe in your root chakra, feel lost and vulnerable in this world, and frequently feel as if your emotions are spinning out of control, Black Tourmaline may be the friend you need to help you reclaim your grounding.

It is also associated with the Earth Star Chakra, which is The Chakra of connection to the Earth and grounding point of the Chakra system. Black tourmaline is a grounding crystal and works to connect your spirit to the Earth and instills the ability to see things objectively and with a clear mind.


Master protector and healer Black Tourmaline is a must-have stone in your home. Not just to shield from harmful EMF radiation but to also ground your energy and promote a stronger spiritual connection.

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