Who Should Not Wear Citrine

Who Should Not Wear Citrine? – Things You Should Know

Citrine stone is a gem from the yellow Quartz crystal family and is also termed as “heat treated Amethyst” because the major variety of Citrine is obtained by heating Amethyst crystal since real Citrine is rare.

The crystal brings abundance, good luck, and accomplishment. Thus Citrine is popularly known as the “stone of happiness” or “stone of prosperity.”

Although every stone adds its flavor when it comes to giving benefits for life, certain stones cannot go together. The crystals that cannot be worn with the Citrine gem are Diamond, Blue Sapphire, and Emerald because of their lord having clashes with the planet Jupiter. 

Natural Citrine is a high-energy stone so if you experience headache, dizziness, emotional swings, aggression, or anger very frequently, you must not wear this stone.

In addition to this, people with quick or fiery temper must avoid this stone as it alleviates the aggressive tendencies in them.

Properties of Citrine

Citrine gemstone mainly aims to fetch you immense wealth and abundance. However, it has a lot of other healing properties as well which makes it the perfect beginner-friendly crystal.

  • It encourages a positive attitude.
  • Helps in increasing the level of creativity.
  • Creates energetic support and balance of thyroid dysfunctions.
  • Aids in the activation of your intuition.
  • Builds a protective layer against negative energies.
  • Manifests wealth, prosperity, and abundance.
  • Increases the feeling of joy, contentment, and happiness.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence, thereby adding positivity to personality.
  • Enhancement of communication skills.
  • Aids in overcoming fears.
  • Activates the sacral chakra.
  • Helps in creating a balance of emotions. 
  • Supports the betterment of eye problems.
  • Diminishes effects of chronic fatigue syndrome. 
  • Helps in building inner power, peace, and strength.
  • Improves overall blood circulation.
  • Helps in rebalancing the whole energy of the body and relieving problems related to the digestive system and menstruation.  

What Happens When You Wear Citrine?

Citrine crystal is considered to be a powerhouse of energy, containing all the positive energies. As soon as you wear it, it cancels all the negativity and its influence from the surroundings.                     

In addition to this, it also provides stability and clears the thoughts in your mind, thereby providing overall protection. It promotes a self-healing process, and so you will experience self-improvement and healing within yourself when in contact with this crystal.

Citrine is derived from the French word ‘Citron’ meaning ‘Lemon’. It is a happy crystal that is favorable for bringing good luck and prosperity. 

It has a ravishing purifying quality and the power of conveying the intensity of the Sun. It helps in clearing your chakras and grounding all the negative emotions, thereby filtering mental as well as the astral body. 

The crystal also helps in the transformation of thoughts, creating an expression of emotions. Moreover, when you wear Citrine jewelry, it decreases the outrage and reduces the dread of obligation too.

Citrine aids in diminishing sadness and bringing clarity and self-assurance which makes it an ‘achievement stone’. When you wear Citrine jewelry, it relieves the diseases related to liver, endocrine, heart, thyroid, fibromyalgia, kidney, urinary framework, insusceptibility, etc.

Citrine stone helps in detoxification and improves the absorption of good thoughts and energy.

Is Citrine Dangerous? 

Citrine, because of its qualities and non-toxic nature, is not at all dangerous to be used as a gemstone in jewelry or otherwise.

However, certain side effects may be felt after wearing this gem by those who are either extremely sensitive to energy or overuse the crystal, without cleansing it.

Some common side effects that can be experienced are –

  • Dizziness
  • Emotional swings
  • Headache
  • Increased Aggression
  • Energy Tingles

Headache and dizziness are the common side effects that are caused by stimulation of the third eye chakra. These control pineal and pituitary glands so a sudden stimulation from stone can increase heaviness in your head.

If paired with some other compatible gemstone, dizziness may fade away as the energy of the stone neutralizes and it’s vibrational energy becomes less impactful.

After wearing this crystal ( raw or real Citrine ), some might feel as if needles and pins are being pierced on the body. It happens because Citrine crystal creates energy tingles in the body.            This may be considered dangerous by the user however, it is just a side effect and not harmful at all. It all depends on the body’s energy and the stone’s reaction to the body. 

Is Citrine Toxic?

Red crystals like Cinnabar, red jasper, and Carnelian are made from mercury Sulfide and are very soft and flaky, which is the reason for their toxicity. Similarly, Malachite contains copper which is another toxic element if ingested in a high quantity.

However, Citrine is among a list of crystals that are 100% safe to use because it is not made of toxic compounds. This makes it safe to handle, touch and use in everyday life. Citrine is a non-toxic crystal that can be used freely to attain maximum benefits.

Which Sun Signs Should Not Wear Citrine?

For those who are born in November, Citrine is the second birthstone, Topaz being the priority.        In 1952, Citrine was added to the list of birthstones and since then it has gained attention and recognition as the ‘ Citrine birthstone ‘.

Aries, Cancer, and Leo are the three sun signs that are offered the maximum help from the birthstone Citrine. Moreover, in the case of other grah dosh available in the kundali, astrologers may not recommend this gemstone.

Therefore, sun signs other than these three like Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces will not experience immense crystal healing benefits from this stone but it can surely be used by every zodiac.

How to wear Citrine stone?

A few crystal rituals are necessary before wearing a Citrine stone because it is associated with a powerful planet, Jupiter. These rituals help in gaining maximum benefits from the gemstone.

Be it a ring or a pendant, this gemstone is preferably set with gold. It is better if worn on an auspicious Thursday or in the hour of Jupiter, as it emits powerful healing vibrations at that time.

However, before wearing this stone in the form of Citrine jewelry, you must dip the stone in raw milk or prepare a moon water elixir and let it rest in it for a few hours, as this purifies the crystal of the toxic energies.

After you are done with the cleansing and charging, wear the Citrine ring on your index finger and you are good to go!

Where Do You Wear Citrine?

Citrine is an ideal crystal for making jewelry. For gaining the most out of it, the crystal must be placed directly in contact with your body. Its gorgeous yellow hue gives the vibrations of the sun and fills kindness into your soul.

Keeping this piece of crystal jewelry against the heart chakra is the best. Wearing it in the form of a pendant, ring, brooch, necklace, and earrings is apt.

A citrine ring, when worn in your dominant hand, cleanses the aura and keeps the people with bad intentions miles away. 

Can You Sleep With A Citrine Bracelet?

Citrine relieves you from stress as it drives away unpleasant or negative thoughts and creates a balance in your planes. Citrine also helps in aiding a peaceful and good sleep thus, wearing its bracelet before going to bed can be a great idea.

If combined with a few aromatic scents or essential oils, Citrine helps in creating an aura of sleep. Keeping Citrine close to your body can help in better dreams and in awakening consciousness while sleeping. 

Are There Any Substitutes For Citrine Gemstone?

Yellow Topaz and Yellow Sapphire are the two main substitutes for Citrine gemstone. Citrine is a smaller, more affordable variant of Yellow Sapphire. Yellow imperial Topaz, just like Citrine, aids in maintaining your physical and mental health. It is also considered great for insomnia, jaundice, chronic memory loss, and liver problems.

Yellow Sapphire, being a costly gemstone is not used by many people and they look for Citrine as it is less costly with almost similar qualities. 

Which Stones You Should Not Wear With Citrine?

Some crystal combinations do not favor your energy but instead deplete it.

Citrine being firestone itself does not go well with firestones as they tend to light physical and mental vigor. In combination with Citrine, some stones can promote the production of a lot of energy and extremely powerful vibrations that can cause headaches.

Tiger EyeBoth Tiger eye and Citrine are majorly used for solving the same problems, so instead of complementing each other, they can often prove to be competing. This creates an imbalance for the person wearing them. Hence, you must avoid pairing Tiger’s Eye with the birthstone Citrine.

CarnelianCarnelian is not a great crystal to pair with Citrine as it can cause dizziness because of its stimulating effect on the brain.

Malachite – In combination with Citrine, Malachite stone becomes overstimulating and it can create irreversible effects that can become too difficult to handle by the wearer.

Which Stones Can Be Worn With Citrine?

Citrine can be worn with the following crystals in combination to increase the effectiveness of its healing energy. 

Green AventurineIts combination with Citrine helps in clearing any kind of psychic blockages and aids in bringing abundance in life. 

Quartz crystal – Belonging from the same family, Citrine works well in combination with Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst crystal. 

Calcite – Citrine forms a wonderful combination with Calcite as they both complement each other’s energies and work for activating the solar plexus chakra.

Lapis LazuliWhen Citrine is paired with Lapis Lazuli tumbled stones, the combination radiates cooling vibrations that soothe your mind.

Who Should Wear Citrine?

Gemstones bring a balance in the energy of your emotional and spiritual body, thereby diminishing the negative energies and elevating the positive ones.

Although Citrine offers help to every user, it has a special affinity for 3 zodiac signs namely; Aries, Leo, and Cancer.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

Being filled with an element of fire, Arians are considered to be determined and strong towards their goals. They are open-minded people and great leaders as well.

However, there are times when they become impatient as things do not result according to their expectations. Herein, Citrine with its energy provides patience to them. 

Leo (July 23rd July – August 22nd) 

Leo is also an element of fire and has a zodiac sign of a lion. Lion is considered fierce, powerful, confident, and full of ego.

But, this escalation of ego can ruin relationships, thereby hampering the peace of life. Citrine is an ideal crystal that plays a role in lowering down this trait and provides Leos with constant control over their actions.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

It is a water element with a zodiac sign of a crab. Known for its kind, caring and imaginative traits, cancers can also be impulsive at times.

This can bring a lot of changes in their mood and this is where Citrine’s property of pacifying the emotions can help.

Note – If you don’t fall under these zodiacs, you can opt for using Selenite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Topaz, and Black Tourmaline for clearing unwanted energies.

Does Citrine Bring Good Luck?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon what you consider good for your luck! Citrine helps in the development of a pragmatic atmosphere around you, enhancing and building a positive aura.

It helps in the formation of a wider and clearer mindset of abundance. Thus, when you think good, see good, and feel good, everything around you begins to fit right in place.

This is the reason people think that Citrine brings good luck for them, while it’s just their positive attitude towards their goals.

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