Moldavite Water Safe.

Relation Between Moldavite and Water – Is It Water Safe?

Moldavite is available in a ravishing green color. It is treated as a compelling stone for prayer and meditation, thereby bringing a spiritual awakening.

Being on the harder side of being a stone, it is safe to put Moldavite in water. However, if the stone is left in water for prolonged hours, it opens the pores of the stone, making it weak and breakable.

This is why it is advisable not to leave the stone immersed in water for a long time. But, it can be washed with water gently to remove any dirt from the Moldavitecrystal and make it shine brighter.

Is Moldavite water safe?

Moldavitestone ranges between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale which makes it a hard crystal. Even after being on the higher side on the Mohs scale, Moldavite’s porous texture makes it slightly soluble in water.

However, it still does not completely vanish in water if exposed for long hours.

In case Moldavite is kept occasionally in water, it is safe for the longevity of the crystal as well. Moreover, it also provides for proper cleansing and health of the crystal.

Being a mixture of various compounds such as Calcite, Pyrite, and Lazurite in major quantities, natural Moldavitecrystal becomes quite toxic stone for direct consumption.

Thus, Moldavite-infused water is not a good choice for drinking as it may result in mental and physical discomforts. Besides that, it can also lead to adverse effects on nerves, organs, and bones.

Can Moldavite go in water

Can Moldavite be cleansed in water?

Water does not have any negative impact on Moldavite stone. This makes it completely compatible to be cleansed under water and you can do this by holding Moldavite under the tap to cleanse the crystal properly.

Real Moldavite ranges between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale, making it a perfect gemstone to go in the water.

Even though the stone is hard and is not easily soluble in water, if it is exposed to water in continuation, it can start dissolving.

In addition to this, the temperature of the water also plays a major role.

Being a volcanic rock that has emerged as a result of molten lava being cooled, the Moldavite gem can get damaged if you use extremely warm or chilly water for cleansing it.

Can Moldavite go in Salt Water?

Moldavite is a hard crystal that does not dissolve in water quickly. Moreover, owing to the hardness of Moldavite, it is completely safe to go in saltwater.

Putting it in saltwater for a few minutes would not lead to any harm or the breakage of stone.

It is necessary to charge and cleanse the stone, and so, cleansing with salt water becomes crucial to maintain its metaphysical properties. Saltwater acts as a cleansing agent for the stone and helps in pulling out any negative energy from it, restoring and polishing the Moldavite energy.

For the proper cleaning, the stone must be completely immersed in salt water and kept aside for a little time to achieve gloss and vibrancy.

Can Moldavite go in Moon Water?

Moldavite, if kept in moon water, will regain the lost metaphysical properties and its benefits will get amplified. It will also help in bringing out the hidden energies from the stone.

Moreover, moon water also helps in renewing the metaphysical properties of the stone. If raw Moldavite is kept in moon water once a month then it becomes highly beneficial for the user.

Therefore, it is a great idea to use moon water to charge the stone and get the refreshing spiritual healing energy from it.



Can Moldavite go in Bath Water?

If you wish to add an extra newness or freshness to the stone then it is perfect to put Moldavite in bathwater.

As per feng shui, the color of the stone goes well with water and so, the stone forms a good combination with the bathwater.

Moldavite is dark in color which makes it a storage house for dark and negative energies too. Bathwater helps the stone to get rid of these bad energies, thereby filling it with radiance and optimism.

However, hot bath water is not a good option for Moldavite, as it may lead to the breakage of the stone. Thus, it is good to keep Moldavite beside the bathtub when you are using hot water.

Otherwise, it is also great to keep a Moldavitepiece anywhere in the bathing area to enjoy the numerous healing properties through crystal healing.

You can use Quartz crystal like Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz inside your bathtub as they are very hard and durable which makes them insoluble in water.

Can you drink Moldavite-infused water?

Moldavite-infused water is Toxic and should not be consumed directly.

Moldavite transfers its esoteric spiritual healing energy into the water and makes it a great drink.

How to prepare Moldavite Elixir?

If you are looking for imbibing crystalhealing energy within yourself, then a crystal elixir can be the ultimate source of rescue.

Moreover, with regular use, equilibrium is formed for your body’s frequency in response to the energy of the crystal. This results in the creation of a protective aura around you, shielding you from any negative energy.

It also helps in preventing the ruining of your energy field by evil sources or negative elements.

However, direct contact with Moldavite may be toxic, so it is better to use the indirect method for preparing crystal elixir.

Step by step method for making Moldavitecrystal elixir-

  • Firstly, a Moldavite piece needs to be placed in a glass jar.
  • Now, this glass jar must be kept inside a clean bigger vessel.
  • Then fresh water is to be added to the bigger vessel.
  • The vessel is now to be kept overnight under a full moon. This will transform the water into an elixir that will be powerful and magical.
  • Now, the crystal must be taken out and the Moldavite elixir prepared must be strained before use.


Moldavite, being a persuasive healing crystal, can bring a drastically positive change in your life. The healingMoldavite properties are beneficial for your body and the soul.

For getting the unmatchable results of this crystal, you can go for wearing Moldavite jewelry like a bracelet, pendant, Moldavite necklace, or a Moldavite ring.

To experience a variant healing energy, you can also pair this stone up with a piece of Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Rose Quartz.

It requires a good balance of its enormous energies and right intentions to make effective use of the stone.

Moldavite gemstone is rare and precious, so it is wise to get it from an authentic source to avail full benefits of the stone.

Note: Beware of people who sell fake Moldavite in the name of genuine Moldavite.

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