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The 9 Best Crystals For Happiness And Their Magical Qualities

Crystals are meant to bring joy and positivity into your life by their vibrational properties. Don’t think of these healing crystals as mere rocks, but rather as dynamic energy sources for bringing love and happiness to your life.

Every crystal is different from one another in the terms of healing, physical and metaphysical properties, and activating chakras. However, all of them work in unison for their master’s betterment.

From furnishing you with abundance to removing negatives to settling in deep, soothing sleep, here is a list of the best crystals that will boost your energy and evoke happiness.

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Top 9 Best Healing Crystals For Happiness


Color – Purple
Birthstone zodiac sign – Aquarius
Associated month – February
Chemical formula – SiO₂
Crystal system – Hexagonal crystal system
Hardness- 7 (Mohs Scale)

Amethyst crystal for happiness

Amethyst is one of the most popular energy crystals with a brilliant purple hue. This amazing crystal is said to emanate divine, positive energy, lowering stress and tension. The healing stone is believed to calm an overactive mind when placed over the crown chakra.

With the ability to bring spiritual insight, mental clarity, and inner peace, Amethyst can help to open up to new vistas of understanding. 

Moreover, it is also known to help you move through hardships and bring you to a calm, centered state of mind. It has the power to keep you grounded and lift you when you are feeling down.

The crystal is both calming and clarifying which creates an atmosphere of hope, optimism, and self love, curing emotional wounds. This makes it a highly effective grounding crystal that can help relieve tiredness and exhaustion.

Never again will you lose out on happiness, as long as you have this crystal close by.


Color – Pastel blue-green
Birthstone zodiac sign – Aries, Leo, and Scorpio
Associated month – March, April
Chemical formula – KAlSi3O8
Crystal system – Triclinic crystal system
Hardness – 6 (Mohs Scale)

Amazonite crystal for happiness

Found in a variety of shades from green to green-blue, Amazonite is a mineral that exemplifies happiness and is a refreshing crystal in nature. With the ability to open the heart chakra and cleanse energy, Amazonite encourages you to look towards your inner truth as a source of balance and harmony.

This gem assists in personal growth, enhancing psychic abilities, getting rid of negative emotions, and emotional balance. Amazonite provides you with positive potential energyand lets you take a step ahead in making life-changing actions.

Originally formed deep in the earth’s crust, Amazonite has been a healing crystal that has helped crystal lovers in finding their true happiness. Carrying this cheerful energy of Amazonite with you every day will help create the life you want, filled with joy, confidence, and optimism.

With Amazonite’s healing property, you can even fulfill your manifesting goals. Be it manifesting money or love, this gemstone will read your intentions and transform them into reality.


Color – Yellow to Red- Orange
Birthstone zodiac sign – Scorpio
Associated month – November
Chemical formula – SiO2
Crystal system – Hexagonal crystal system
Hardness- 7 (Mohs Scale)

citrine crystal for happiness

Citrine is a great place to start if you’re curious about incorporating crystal energy into your life. It is the perfect stone for brightening up your auric field and attracting goodness to you.

Citrine gemstone energizes your planes with positive energy, helping you take action towards your desires, and encouraging you to live in the moment. 

It is also believed to be an excellent meditation partner. You can make use of Citrine for psychic meditation exercises as well as sleep meditation practices.

Citrine helps promote happiness by removing low-frequency energies, increasing self-confidence, and increasing motivation for accomplishment. Moreover, the energy of Citrine is warm, positive, and hopeful. Hence, it stimulates feelings of wellbeing, contentment, and optimism.

Furthermore, this crystal activates the sacral chakra which accounts for enhancing your self-esteem. Because it highlights positive traits, the stone is often associated with financial abundance. 

Therefore, with the gold beads of this sunny stone by your side, you can attract immense happiness as well as wealth.


Color – Yellow, Purple
Birthstone zodiac sign – Aquarius, Scorpio 
Associated month – February and November
Chemical formula – SiO2
Crystal system – Hexagonal crystal system
Hardness – 7 (Mohs Scale)

Ametrine crystal for happiness

Ametrine is a gorgeous gemstone with uplifting crystal healing traits. This stone helps shift your perception to a more centered and balanced state, thereby bringing you true joy.

Ametrine is a stunning blend of Amethyst and Citrine. Where the energy of Amethyst provides a calming, peaceful foundation, the energy of Citrine generates the life force that brings vitality and inspiration. 

This beautiful crystal also promotes lightness and a sense of humor while keeping you grounded. It inspires optimism and creativity, thereby promoting spiritual awareness. Ametrine induces feelings of love, joy, courage, happiness, generosity, patience, and harmony combating all the odds.

All this makes Ametrine a great crystal for rising your spirits on gloomy days and motivating you to make positive changes in your life.

Rose Quartz

Color – Pink
Birthstone zodiac sign – Taurus
Associated month – April, May
Chemical formula – SiO2
Crystal system – Hexagonal crystal system
Hardness- 7 (Mohs Scale)

Rose quartz crystal for happiness

Rose Quartz is called a stone of the heart, or a crystal of unconditional love. It balances emotions, brings peace and harmony, and enhances positive, loving energies.

At the emotional level, Rose Quartz removes resentment, anger, jealousy, and envy from the heart. It also aids in activating the heart chakra. Moreover, the Rose Quartz gemstone is said to be a nurturing crystal, excellent for comforting and healing emotional trauma.

Rose Quartz’s properties are quite potent as it encourages empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance. Rose Quartz also cools down excessive anger or emotional negativity in a gentle way, allowing fresh thoughts and to flow in easily.

You can also use Rose Quartz as a central element in the crystal grid for manifesting love and joy.

Clear Quartz

Color – White
Birthstone zodiac sign – Aries
Associated month – April
Chemical formula – SiO2
Crystal system – Trigonal crystal system
Hardness – 7 (Mohs Scale)

clear quartz crystal for happiness

Clear Quartz is the ultimate stone for promoting happiness as it can balance all chakras and can be used for filling a specific intention.

Also known as “the master healer,” this crystal can remove toxicity, bring in positive energy, and help you achieve your goals. Its main power center is its ability to purify your body, mind, spirit, and all your chakras. The crystal aligns your body with your inner self, bringing about balance and happiness.

This happiness crystal is also known to dispel negative energy from your surroundings. So if you’re looking to clear away negativity and add some sparkle to your dull life, Clear Quartz crystal is your perfect choice.

Yellow Jasper

Color – Yellow to Mustard brown
Birthstone zodiac sign – Leo, Gemini, Capricorn
Associated month – June, July
Chemical formula – SiO2
Crystal system – Hexagonal crystal system
Hardness – 6.5-7 (Mohs Scale)

yellow jasper crystal for happiness

Yellow Jasper could be a great choice if you’re looking for a crystal with a sunny disposition. It carries a spiritually uplifting vibration.

Jasper can clarify your spiritual vision and dispel illusion, giving you a greater sense of understanding. It also allows you to improve your confidence and boost your inner strength, which makes it a perfect crystal for people lacking self-esteem.

Jasper has protection principles, drawing off negative energy from your energy field and converting them into positivity. The subtle vibrations of this healing crystal will lift your mood, providing inner peace and mental clarity.

Tiger’s Eyes

Color – Golden to red-brown
Birthstone zodiac sign – Gemini
Associated month – June
Chemical formula – SiO2
Crystal system – Hexagonal crystal system
Hardness – 7 (Mohs Scale)

Tigers Eyes crystal for happiness

Tiger’s Eye is a wonderfully inspiring stone, especially for people who are prone to anxiety. It helps balance the extremes in your life, bringing harmony and perspective. As Tiger’s Eye promotes courage, inner strength, and self-confidence, this stone is perfect for dealing adversity with poise and grace. 

The other productive effects of the Tiger eye crystal help orchestrate a positive attitude, self-assurance, and a sense of empowerment which is especially useful when feeling tired or worn down. 

And as it is a member of the Quartz family, this stone promotes harmony in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

So if you are easily frustrated, this is the crystal to use. It helps you break through old paradigms for new ways of thinking. 

Black Tourmaline 

Color – Black
Birthstone zodiac sign – Libra
Associated month – September 
Chemical formula – WX3B3A13 ( General formula )
Crystal system – Trigonal crystal system
Hardness – 7-7.5 (Mohs Scale)

Black Tourmaline crystal for happiness

Black Tourmaline is the most recommended crystal for the Root Chakra. It makes you feel safer and calmer, especially when you feel vulnerable, abandoned, or hopeless.

The amazing crystal is also renowned for its ability to absorb negative energy while emitting positive ones. Black Tourmaline assists you in inducing the experience of being grounded and aligned with your spiritual self.

It is a protective stone with magnificent healing power to draw away negative vibes from you. This lucky stone is also said to shield you from bad luck, enhancing personal power.

Affirmations For Happiness 

Along with the use of these powerful crystals for happiness, you can go one step further and speak some affirmations loudly and manifest them. When you constantly repeat your affirmations in the present tense, it is highly likely that you succeed in attracting what you wished for.

Some effective affirmative sentences that you can consider for bringing immense happiness are:-

  1. ” I hold the power to achieve my goals “
  2. ” I can shape my life in whatever way I want “
  3. ” Distractions won’t affect me in acquiring my target “
  4. ” My life is full of positive energy “
  5. ” I am worthy of feeling cheerful every day”


If you’re looking for a practical and straightforward way to manifest your best life, these Happiness Crystals are just the ideal tools!

They’re the perfect reminder that all positive changes begin with a thought or intention. By setting an intention of how and what you want to manifest through the crystal, you create a real energy exchange in your body. 

All the different crystals have different benefits for you based on their color, structure, properties, and vibration.

When activated, each stone puts out a warm, calming, and relaxing energy and can help you find happiness in otherwise challenging situations. Therefore, I recommend you to try the above-mentioned crystals out for filling your gloomy days with immense happiness.

Some additional crystals that you can add to your “Happy Crystal Collection” are Turquoise, Fluorite, Selenite, Green Aventurine, and Lapis Lazuli pyrite.

For extracting the healing properties of your crystals, you must keep tumbled stones in your bag and wear crystal jewelry to shield yourself from outer negativity.

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