Who Should Not Wear Tiger's eye

Who Should Not Wear Tiger’s Eye? – Things You Should Know

Tiger Eye stone is a chatoyant gemstone that resembles the eye of a tiger. Especially named for its distinctive or “tiger-like” pattern, the natural material found in the gem is mainly composed of striated layers of Quartz with some portion of limonite and riebeckite. 

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that is loved by crystal enthusiasts for the potential benefits that it brings, but it’s not suitable for everyone.

In this article, you will get to learn about the Tiger’s Eye meaning and how the crystal works for those who have been drawn to it.

Tiger’s Eye is a very powerful stone with unique metaphysical properties. However, its energy is not meant for everybody and can even cause disturbance in their natural energies.

You must avoid using this crystal if –

You fall under these zodiacs- The ruling planet of Tigers Eye stone is Sun and Mars. Therefore, if you’re born under the influence of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius, then it is not favorable for you to wear Tiger’s Eye crystal.

You have insomnia- Though Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful crystal with immense healing properties, I do not recommend this stone to people struggling with sleep disorders as the strong vibration of this crystal can worsen your condition.

If you are having trouble getting a peaceful sleep and are prone to nightmares, it would be wise to choose an alternative stone to Tigers Eye stone

Note: For those who appreciate the Tiger’s Eye‘s vibrant energy and healing properties, and want something similar in terms of energy, the Cat’s Eyestone seems to be a good alternative to it.

You long for feminine energy – In general, Tiger’s Eye is an excellent stone for anybody who requires a gentle cleanse of aura. However, the stone is slightly better for enhancing masculine energy than feminine energy.

Therefore, if you are a person who needs more masculine energy to balance yourself, this stone should be of benefit to you. But, if you are looking for charging your chakras with subtle feminine vibrations, then I would suggest you avoid using the crystal.



What happens when you wear Tiger Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is the perfect crystal to increase your concentration, protect your energy field, balance the vibrations in your aura, build optimism, and act as a shield of protection against negative energy.

Moreover, if you wear Tiger’s Eye stone, you can also attain the following things:

  • Prosperity and wealth– The crystal is said to bless you with an abundance of financial opportunities, making it a perfect stone if you want to improve your financial growth. The crystal attracts wealth and abundance into your life, repelling bad energy.
  • Better Health– Tiger’s Eye is a skillful enhancer of the solar plexus chakra that provides increased healing energy by activating the chakras. It is said to be a protective stone that works for improving your overall health with its powerful metaphysical properties.
  • Emotional balance and mental clarity– Tiger eye is an emotional balancer that helps in bringing emotional, spiritual, and mental stability. It promotes calming energy, relieving stress and frustration. The crystal also gives you the courage to take responsible actions and helps you to release feelings related to self-doubt.
  • Confidence– Tiger’s Eye helps you stay optimistic in the face of misfortune and be courageous when faced with challenges and difficulties. It helps develop self-confidence and is said to bring good luck as well.

Is Tiger’s Eye dangerous? 

Tiger’s Eye is generally a safe stone, but it is likely to be dangerous if your piece contains asbestos.

However, there’s no reason to worry unless you plan to consume infused water made with Tiger’s Eye or you work in the dust that grinds off from the crystal.

Tiger’s Eye does not pose a huge health risk and can be worn by those who are not specifically sensitive to asbestos as long as the precautions I’ve recommended here are followed. 

It won’t harm you until:

  • You inhale it while polishing or grinding.
  • You Soak them in water and intend to drink infused water.
  • Use asbestos-containing crystals in direct contact with your skin.
  • Prepare crystal elixir.
  • Rub the crystal over sensitive parts of your skin.

 Is Tiger Eye toxic? 

Tiger’s Eye contains trace amounts of asbestos. However, this substance is completely replaced with Quartz and iron during the production, making it safe to use for crafting items such as necklaces and earrings. Hence, the tiger eye is not considered toxic.

That being said, you should take care to keep it away from children under the age of 8-years because the crystal is for external use and should not be consumed in any way.

Which Sun Signs should not wear Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is a gorgeous stone and it offers a wide range of benefits. But if you’re a Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, or Virgo, you might not be able to benefit as significantly from this stone as those born under the sun signs that are naturally compatible with Tiger’s Eye do.

If your zodiac sign falls into the five groups mentioned above, you might want to rethink about wearing Tiger’s Eye stone.

How to wear Tiger’s Eyestone?

Tiger’s Eye is believed to be a captivating gemstone for those who come into contact with its healing powers. There are a number of ways to utilize the energy of your crystal and you can always experiment with what suits you the best.

When it comes to wearing Tiger’s Eye, you always have a variety of options. You can either wear a necklace or a Tiger Eye bracelet made from this beautiful stone.

While many women prefer to wear Tiger’s Eye stones in the form of jewelry, the best way to use this crystal is in the form of silver pendants or rings, as it will enhance the properties of this stone and increase its healing power.

Moreover, silver rings with Tiger’s Eye stone embedded in them are ideal for both men and women, but you should choose rings covered with patina to avoid direct contact with skin.

Where do you wear Tiger’s eye?

Deciding where to wear your Tiger’s Eye stone is just as important as selecting a suitable crystal. The placement of your stone can greatly increase or decrease the effectiveness of what you are hoping to obtain from the crystal.

Tiger’s Eye jewelry can be worn over the chest in the form of a necklace to bring protection and harmony. You can also wear it in a ring, pendant, or bracelet. There are no certain rules that you must follow for wearing Tiger’s Eye.

You can simply wear it on either side of your hand and it will help absorb the negative energies directed at you.

Can you wear a Tiger Eyebracelet while sleeping?

Despite the fact that the Tiger stone effectively improves your overall health and awaken your body and mind, you should avoid wearing a crystal bracelet made out of this stone while sleeping because it can negatively affect the quality of your sleep and may even cause nightmares due to its powerful energy.

People with a sensitive nature must completely avoid using Tiger’s Eye bracelet while sleeping since it tends to intensify dreaming. 

Are there any substitutes for Tiger’s eyeGemstone?

Certain Gemstones have a similar nature to this precious crystal and can be used as substitutes to it. The most common and popular substitute for Tiger’s eye is Cat’s eye crystal(also a kind of quartz). It is reddish yellow in color and possesses a similar kind of energy as that of Tiger’s Eye.

Other than that, you can also go for red stones like Ruby gemstone and Garnet as a replacement for Tiger’s Eye.

Which stone can be worn with Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger Eye gemstone is very compatible with other stones, and as it is a form of Quartz, it works well with other crystals from the Quartz family, Malachite, Charoite, and Jasper being the most popularly paired stones.

You can also consider pairing it with Selenite, Blue Sapphire, and Moonstone gem in the form of a crystal bracelet.

When you build a connection with these gemstones, it is a good idea to use the pair as a focal point in your work and enhance your concentration. You can create an amulet that will help you draw out the particular energy you want from them. Tiger Eye stone also combines well with other minerals such as gold, silver, and brass



Who should wear Tiger’s eye?

Tiger’s Eye crystal is thought to be a beneficial stone that can assist you in many ways. If you’re skeptical about owning the crystal, read on further to know the unmatchable benefits it has to offer.

  • Tiger’s Eye crystal helps with the alignment of thoughts and actions and so, if you are having trouble figuring out the solutions to your problems, use this crystal. Tiger’s Eye stone stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra, dissolving your fears, anxiousness, and frustration.
  • Tiger’s Eye is an excellent stone for putting a high gloss on communication, thoughts, and speech, which makes it a wonderful stone for people who struggle with speaking in public. It is also said to increase confidence, willpower, and courage. 
  • If your blood pressure remains on the high side, go for a Tiger’s Eye crystal as it proves to be helpful in balancing your blood pressure level. It is also believed to help reduce problems related to the stomach and intestine.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a pleasant crystal to have with you while traveling as it provides mental clarity and protection when in unfamiliar surroundings or a transition phase. So if you are leaving on a trip anytime soon, you should take Tiger’s Eye with you.
  • Tiger’s Eye gemstone is used to counter the malefic effects of Ketu and protect your house from toxic energies.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection and good luck. It is one of the most powerful healing gemstones, able to dissolve negativity and transform it into positive energy. Tiger’s Eye contains many healing properties which help combat anxiety and depression

Does tiger eye bring good luck?

Tiger’s Eye is an excellent crystal for grounding and bringing good fortune. You can use it during meditation and focus on attracting vibrant energy and luck.

When you spend time with this crystal and build a deep understanding, the gemstone works for providing you with abundant luck and abundance.


To sum it up, Tiger’s eye stone can be very effective for activating almost all chakras, the solar plexus, sacral chakra, and root chakra being primary.

The jewelry made with Tiger’s Eye gemstone is powerful enough to repel unwanted energies and the evil eye of invaders, and keep you protected.

Since the Tiger’s Eye stone is a part of the Quartz family, crystals like Blue Tiger, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Citrine can also be used instead of Tiger Eye.

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