Where to place Citrine crystal in the home?

Did you watch one of those videos on Facebook or Instagram and got fascinated by the powerful stone, Citrine? If you were eager to know more about this beautiful stone, you can’t be blamed. The qualities of Citrine are such that its impact feels like someone just bumped you up from the economy to the business class in an airplane. 

However, the crystal’s power could feel dormant at times. You could get the best real Citrine crystal in the market and yet not witness the benefits to their full potential just because you don’t know how to work with the crystal’s energy and where to put it.

The position of a crystal truly impacts the power of crystals. Just like you wouldn’t sleep in the kitchen, you can’t put a crystal just anywhere. You might put your good luck to sleep if you’re irresponsible with the placement of your crystal. So, to save you from that situation, we’re here to guide you and tell you where Citrine belongs in your home. But before that, we’ll do a quick rundown of its exceptional qualities to convince you to buy it if you haven’t already. 

Why bring Citrine home?

This protective stone is a beautiful creation of nature that traps the beauty and shades of the sun. Historically, it has been known to attract wealth, prosperity, and positivity. It radiates energy that helps positivity and uplifting vibes to flow in the surroundings and be absorbed by anyone present in the area. The soothing energy of this stone would broaden your mindset and help you deeply manifest your true intentions. 

It would majorly help you better your financial situation. This stone is a total money-magnet. Think of it as a gateway to a better bank balance and financial abundance. Trust this merchant stone to add more digits at the end of your existing bank balance.

Another reason to love this sunny stone is how it turns negative energy into positive energy. It doesn’t absorb negative frequencies but rather, changes its form. It helps to remove the roadblocks of negative energy that hinder our growth and creativity. This helps create a positive mindset that allows growth in all aspects of life.

Whether you wear it as a piece of jewelry or use it in Feng Shui, adding a little citrine to your life can be a good way to lift the spirits on days when everything seems to be falling apart. 

Where to put Citrine?

After knowing all the reasons why this yellow crystal deserves your home, let’s talk about where you would keep it. The placement of pieces of Citrine would determine what kind of benefits find their way into your life so you need to be conscious of what you’re doing with it. If you’re clueless about what to do with this stone, follow us, we’ll lead you to the right answers. We’ve categorised it all for you.

Where to put Citrine in your home?

Citrine is an extremely powerful stone. The bigger the stone, the higher the magnitude of its frequencies. It can amplify its radiations to charge up the entire space. We’ll talk about the few spaces where you can keep it for maximum benefit.

One of the best ways to invite prosperity in your life is to use the art of Feng Shui to balance the energies of your space, promote harmony and good fortune. In Feng Shui, it is recommended to  place citrine stones in your “wealth corner” that is southeast corner of your home.

Living room

You could place the Citrine along with Rose Quartz in the living room to attract all kinds of positive frequencies. Make this the center of meetings and interactions of the house, filled with positive vibes.

Place citrine money tree as a showpiece in the showcase or make it the centrepiece on your coffee table. You’ll be able to feel the vibrational frequency in your living space and sense the positively charged vibes upon entering the room.


If you’re confused about where to put citrine in your bedroom, the right answer to that is not a straightforward one. There is no right spot, however, it is recommended to keep it in the left corner of the room.

If you wear it as jewelry, keep it on when you go to sleep or keep a piece of citrine on your bedside table. This would help you stay protected from harmful energies and bad vibes while you sleep peacefully. It would also significantly improve your sleep quality. You can also put it out on the windowsill since it gets really happy in the sun and loves to bathe in the sunlight.

Meditation Space

Meditating with a piece of Citrine is a great way to unlock and unleash its powers. Just being in the mere presence of this healing crystal while you meditate would bring big changes in your life. The electromagnetic frequencies that it sends through, charges up the environment with the programmed intentions of the stone. It is also known to balance your energy centers or chakras, especially the Solar Plexus Chakra and sacral chakra.

While meditating, you develop a greater capacity to absorb your surroundings, hence placing Citrine in your sacred space or in the vicinity is highly advised for positive results in your life. Its healing properties will heal your core and bring you peace. You would also feel a rise in your personal energy.


Citrine for Business

Citrine is historically known to attract wealth. Hence, it only makes sense that it should find a place in your business space. Place a piece of natural citrine in the safe or cash drawer to maximize profits in your business ventures exponentially. It brings stability to your business and helps you step closer to achieving your financial goals. The abundant energy of this stone will help attract customers and profits and scale your business ventures to new heights. 


Citrine in the Office

Even if you don’t have your own business, placing this powerful crystal on your work desk or workstation could do wonders for your career and finances by bringing the energy of money. It would keep your mindset productive and clean while you work and help create an environment where you feel safe enough to express, create, and grow in. It also would keep the negativity, stress, and tension of the workspace limited and controlled which would help you work better.


To conclude…

With this, you come to the end of the guide of Citrine placement in home and office. Filling the spaces you spend most of your day in with good and positive vibes is a worthy investment in life. This energetic stone would keep your spirits high and uplifted throughout the day and when you come back to your cave for a good night’s sleep, even then it will keep you protected. If you take our word for it, we’d recommend you keep your Citrine crystal safe, treat it with love, and see how it wouldn’t disappoint you. 

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