Daily Affirmation for today

Affirmations are positive statements that help you integrate more positivity into your daily life by stating it in a repetitive manner by either speaking or writing it down.

Positive Affirmations are not just for saying occasional when you want something but should be made into a habit as a part of your everyday life to get maximum positive results of the powerful affirmation into your life and purging all negative beliefs and negative feelings from your subconscious mind that are no longer serving you.

The Open Mind Training Institute recommends repeating affirmations multiple times every day to reinforce positive thinking. They suggest that writing your affirmations down in a journal and practicing them in front of the mirror is a good method for making them more powerful and effective.

Benefits of Daily Affirmations

  • Daily Affirmations help you stay in a positive state of mind on a daily basis.
  • Positive Morning Affirmations help you be conscious of your thoughts and help you get into right frame of mind for positivity and success to start the day.
  • Daily Affirmations help to get out of negative moods and bring in optimism.
  • A recent study shows that optimistic people have healthier hearts and a stress free life.
  • Daily affirmations keep you in an attitude of gratitude.
  • Daily Healing Affirmations help you stay in a healthy state of mind and body.
  • Daily Affirmations work effectively on the subconscious mind leaving a lasting positive impact.
  • Daily Affirmations help you raise your vibrations aiding in a holistic, healthy mind and body.
  • Effective affirmations can get you through stressful situations by keeping you away from Negative Self-talk and imbibing positive attitude.
  • Positive mental health affirmations can be helpful, but when you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you might need more support.

How to use Daily Affirmations

Speak out Loud

Affirmations can be repeated out loud or you can read them silently in your head daily. The power of Affirmations increases multifold when you speak it out loud.


Write in a Journal

Most effective way to use positive affirmations is to write them in a daily journal. You can write the affirmation for the day 21 times in one seating. Another good way is to write an Affirmation letter for yourself or your loved ones.


Listen to audio recording

You can listen to audio recording of positive affirmations in a loop while doing your daily routine work, it will still enter your subconscious and leave you in a positive mindset.


Look at Affirmation Image or Video clipping

Combining the good ness of the affirmation words with an equally positive and motivating background image or video really helps multifold the effect of the affirmation and uplifts our mood instantly.


Affirmations for each day of the week 

Below Is a way we have categorised the Affirmations so that we can focus on a specific area of our life on each day of the week and form our affirmations as per that so that every week we keep growing positively in every aspect of our lives while keeping negative thinking at bay.

You can have your own way of grouping and categorising the affirmations. Write your own positive affirmations using below examples which best suits your life and your individual needs.


Monday Affirmations For work

Good Morning Affirmation For the Day

“I have the capability to overcome any challenge that arises today”


Good Night Affirmation For the Day

“My mind is at ease now that I have done my very best today.”


Positive Mantra for the Day

“Today, my faith will overcome doubt and my courage will overcome fear.”


Daily Affirmation For the Day:

“I grow every day and I’m growing at my own pace.”


Daily Affirmation For work

“I am productive and successful in all aspects of life”


Tuesday Affirmations for Health

Good Morning Affirmation For the Day

“My mind is free of resistance and open to all possibilities. This day belongs to me”


Good Night Affirmation For the Day

“As I sleep, my mind is filled with calm and positive thoughts. My body heals as i sleep”


Positive Mantra for the Day

“I am healthy in my mind. I am healthy in my body”


Daily Affirmation for Health

“I am perfectly healthy all the time”


Wednesday Affirmations for Money

Good Morning Affirmation For the Day

“Everyday in every way i am becoming more and more prosperous”


Good Night Affirmation For the Day

“Money comes to me from all directions. I attract money in my sleep”


Positive Mantra for the Day

“I am a powerful Money Magnet”


Daily Affirmation For the Day

“Today I invite unlimited abundance and wealth into my life”


Daily Affirmation for Wealth

“Money comes to me easily and harmoniously”


Thursday Affirmations for Self Love

Good Morning Affirmation For the Day

“I have within me everything I need to create a beautiful day.”


Good Night Affirmation For the Day

“I love myself. I am beautiful inside and out. I will attract loving dreams” 


Positive Mantra for the Day

“I love myself. Everything about me is beautiful.”


Daily Affirmation For the Day:

“I have everything I need to live a happy life inside me.”

Thursday Affirmation for Self love

“I adore and accept myself unconditionally just the way I am.”


Friday Affirmations for Family

Good Morning Affirmation For the Day

“Today I wake up to create special moments for myself, my family and friends”


Good Night Affirmation For the Day

“All the relationships in my life are blessed with healing love”


Positive Mantra for the Day

“I radiate pure love, light, and positivity”


Daily Affirmation For the Day

“I am blessed with a loving family and wonderful friends”


Friday Affirmation for family

“I am a part of loving, caring and happy family”


Saturday Affirmations for Success

Good Morning Affirmation For the Day

“I wake up today feeling strong, confident, and successful”


Good Night Affirmation For the Day

“I am grateful for my accomplishments today.”


Positive Mantra for the Day

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough. I deserve the best!”


Daily Affirmation For the Day

“I receive success in everything I do. Every day my dreams are coming true”


Saturday Affirmation for Success

“I am confident, courageous, and thriving”


Sunday Affirmations

Good Morning Affirmation For the Day

“Today, I wake up with a heart filled with strength, a mind full of clarity, and a soul filled with peace.” 


Good Night Affirmation For the Day

“My mind is in a peaceful state. My body deserves a good night”


Positive Mantra for the Day

“I choose to be happy right now”


Daily Affirmation For the Day

“I am choosing to be happy and grateful today”


Sunday Affirmation for Peace

“I am grateful to be alive and content in my life”


Final Thoughts

Just like Daily meditation, Daily Affirmations are powerful and magical tool when used in the correct way. If writing Inspiring Affirmations repetitively daily is too much, you can start with just speaking one affirmation every morning or night before you sleep. Best is to have a wallpaper with positive affirmation on your Phone or Laptop or as sticky note. That way you will be regularly glancing at it. Find more and more unique ways to incorporate positive affirmations into your daily life.

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