Affirmation Letter Examples You Should Write For Your Loved Ones

Affirmations are statements written in a certain way that help you reinstate a fact you want to establish about yourself or your life by stating it in a repetitive manner by either speaking or writing it down.

Positive affirmations are a highly effective tool and are even more powerful when you write your own. Affirmations come to the rescue when you feel stuck in a certain negative thought pattern or are facing a mental block you want to get out of since they directly work on your subconscious mind and bring about a change in your thinking.

Affirmations are at the heart of Law of Attraction practice to manifest any positive change you want to bring in yourself and your life. When we write positive, uplifting, and encouraging statements, we are bound to feel happier, more optimistic, and secure in our relationships with ourselves and others.

What Is An Affirmation Letter

An affirmation letter is an encouraging letter you write by yourself for yourself or others. It’s a way of appreciating and encouraging the qualities you want to see within yourself and others. An affirmation letter is also a way of expressing gratitude for all the good you have in your life.

Writing an affirmation letter helps encourage self-love and improves your sense of self-worth bringing in a good positive change in your thinking and perspective.

Affirmation Letter Dos And Dont’s


Be specific

Although you can write generic affirmation statements it’s always better to be more specific. Being specific in your affirmation letter gives it a stronger direction when trying to reinforce the affirmation in your mind. Avoid unclear hazy words such as I can, maybe.

Use positive words

Affirmations have to be written in a positive tone and any words with a negative undertone or connotation such as can’t, don’t should be avoided. When you write in a positive tone it automatically uplifts your mood and sets the right direction to bring amazing results.

Write in the present tense 

The Law of Attraction tells you to imagine your need as already fulfilled in your mind in order to manifest it into your reality. The same principle applies while writing affirmations. By writing the affirmation letter in the present tense you create a picture in your head of your wishes as already being fulfilled thus paving way for the universe to manifest them.

Include the emotions you want to feel

Include emotions in your affirmation letter by actually feeling the emotions while writing the affirmation letter and also make sure to express your emotions with words such as ‘I feel so excited’, ‘I am so overjoyed’.

Include names

Adding your own name and the names of the people in your affirmation letter will make it more concrete and work as a stamp on the letter adding more value to it.

Write by hand 

Writing by hand adds more value to the affirmations by adding a personal touch and creating a bond. Keep a special journal/Diary for writing your affirmations.

Express Gratitude

It’s recommended to express your gratitude by adding a thank you at the beginning or end of your affirmation letter. Practicing an attitude of gratitude brings in positivity and aids in the manifestation process.


Write in the future tense

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work in linear time hence past and future do not exist, what exists is only present that is now. If you write in future tense that becomes more like wishful thinking and not an affirmation.Requesting/Asking for something

Affirmations are meant to make you feel positive and happy. When you request or ask for something it creates a mental thought of not having it or lacking it in your life hence it’s better to avoid asking for something but rather affirm as if you have already received it by expressing your thanks and gratitude for it.Using Negative words

Words with negative undertones such as can’t and don’t should be avoided in an affirmation letter as they create a negative picture in the subconscious mind. What you feel while writing is as much important as the words you are writing. So choose your words wisely.

How To Use Affirmation Letters

To encourage self-love

Affirmation letters are part of self-love exercises to improve your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Affirmations keep you in a positive frame of mind and motivate you to always do better.To manifest your goals

Affirmation letters are written in the present tense and help you visualize your wishes and goals creating a successful picture of it in your head. Visualization is an important part of the manifestation process.To change negative thought patterns

Affirmation letters help change a negative thought pattern or self judgemental attitude by reinstating positive thoughts repetitively such that they get ingrained in your subconscious rooting out the negative thoughts,

An Affirmation Letter Example You Should Write For Yourself

Dear <your name>, 

I want to tell you that you are such as amazing human being. You are devoted to your family and friends and dedicated to your job. You genuinely care about the needs of others. You are beautiful from outside and within. You know exactly what you want to do in your life and have all the help needed to reach your goals. You are lucky to have a loving family and they support you in all your endeavors.

You have always focused on the good and you bring such positivity and happiness to all those around you. Your presence is highly valued both at home and at your work. 

I thank you and love you unconditionally for who you are.

An Affirmation Letter Example You Should Write For Your Spouse

Dear <spouse’s name>

I am so grateful to have you in my life. You bring so much love and security to our relationship which I highly value. Your love for me is unconditional and keeps growing with every passing year. I am indebted to the universe for bringing you into my life. 

You have always been strong support for me and have always stood by me in thick and thin. The way you always understand me and shower your love on me makes me feel so special and blessed. All these years spent with you have been a joyride and I’m looking forward to growing older with you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you are and the happiness you bring to me.



An Affirmation Letter Example You Should Write For Your Loved Ones

Dear <person’s name>

I am so grateful to have you in my life. The love and support you have given, make me feel so special and blessed. You have always been kind and helped me out whenever I needed you. Your presence makes me feel stronger.  Our relationship is getting stronger every year. It makes me so happy to see you progressing and flourishing every year with good health and financial success.

I thank you for being a part of my life and wish you success and abundance. 

Final Thoughts

Write your affirmation letter with all your heart and mind into it, visualizing it, and it’s bound to manifest into your reality very soon. The more you practice writing affirmations and affirmation letters, the more you will notice positive changes happening in your life and relationships just like magic! 

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