To attract wealth it’s necessary to have a mindset of abundance and thanks to the Law of Attraction now we know that you attract what you think.

Citrine helps in developing a positive attitude about money and creating a mindset of Abundance, that you have more than enough of everything to meet all your needs. 

When you have any negative thoughts related to money such as you are not worthy of wealth or you don’t have the means to be wealthy, it creates a limiting belief in your mind that blocks abundance from coming to you.

Citrine works magnificently in clearing our limiting beliefs related to money and facilitating a mindset of abundance and worthiness. 

Having gratitude for what you already have helps you attract more money. 

How to Use Citrine To Attract Money

You can place Citrine crystal in one of the corners of your house, meditate with it by placing it on your solar plexus, wear it as an ornament on your receiving hand, or keep it on your work desk at your office and let the energy of this versatile stone do its magic of attracting money for you.

Having this money stone close to you will help you stay in constant vibration of attracting money, wealth, and prosperity.

1. Where it on your body while you are at work

Wear a citrine throughout the day to keep yourself aligned with wealth and prosperity.

The best way to wear citrine is as a bracelet in your receptive hand. 

It can also be worn as a pendant this way it stays close to your solar plexus and balances its energy. 

Citrine chip earrings and necklace are also available.

Those who already have a fiery, quick temperament should avoid wearing citrine since strong energy of this stone may aggravate those aggressive tendencies.

2. Place it in your house as a decor

When placed in the home, citrine is said to help inspire creativity in all who reside there. 

Citrine helps in envisioning your goals and pursuing them.

Crystal Trees with citrine chips are very popular in Fengshui for wealth luck and good fortune.

Place pieces of citrine in the various corners of your office or home and these stones will create a powerful grid of energy throughout the space.

Prepare an abundance kit/money bag with Citrine, Jade, Amethyst and place it in the wealth corner of your home to manifest abundance.

3. Put it on your work desk.

To help you tap into your inner creativity, place a piece of citrine in your workspace or in your home office. 

You’ll notice that you’ll feel more motivated and more creative, and more likely to complete tasks. 

For the best results, place a large piece of citrine in your workspace for a few weeks.

Place a Citrine Orgonite pyramid on your desk to spark your creativity and download inspiration.

4. Manifesting with citrine crystal

Citrine is one of the best crystals for manifestation

You can use a citrine crystal as a Magic Rock to practise the attitude of gratitude.

Every day before going to sleep hold your magic rock in both hands and express your thanks to all the good things that happened to you throughout the day. 

Doing this regularly will fill the citrine stone with the positive energy of gratitude and then whenever you feel demotivated or defeated just touching the stone and holding it for few minutes will help you overcome those negative thoughts and bring positivity and possibilities to your mind.

5. Prepare citrine infused water

You can drink citrine infused water to keep yourself energized throughout the day and flush out any unwanted energies and toxins. 

Drinking citrine water will keep you feeling fresh and always inspired and enthusiastic about life.

6. Meditating with Citrine

Most associated with the solar plexus chakra this bright crystal is also used in chakra cleansing. 

Citrine pushes you towards your goal motivating you and pushing aside any feelings of fatigue of lethargy and bringing in zeal and enthusiasm.

You can hold the citrine crystal in your hand while meditating or place it over your solar plexus and simply lay back and relax and let the crystal energy merge with your field to receive crystal healing.

Along with solar plexus Citrine also benefits crown chakra and heart chakra clearing any abundance blocks.

7. Take a cleansing citrine bath

Place raw citrine in the bathtub, and set an intention for it to cleanse and charge the water with positive healing energy. 

You can add Himalayan salt or natural sea salt, which also helps to absorb negative energy. 

You can also add essential oils that have a purifying effect, such as frankincense, juniper, lavender, rosemary, and sage. 

Adding a few drops can enhance the experience. 

Soak and relax in the tub for about 20 minutes, and when you emerge you will feel refreshed and re-energized to take on the days responsibilities.

Citrine pushes you towards your goal motivating you and pushing aside any feelings of fatigue

Citrine crystal - The Merchant's Stone


Citrine is a variety of quartz crystal that has a clear soft honey, yellow or warm brown appearance and is very popular as a money stone or stone of Abundance & Prosperity.

Original citrine comes from USA, Brazil, and Russia.

It’s bright yellow color brings you sunshine and warmth, and promotes a connection with the universe. 

It helps you gain knowledge to see yourself from a higher perspective, and to trust that you’re on your path. 

A citrine stone also helps you to recognize your own value, so you can open to love and feel good about yourself. 

Citrine helps you to know your spiritual purpose and to connect to your intuition.

Citrine has very high vibrations which help in revitalizing our mind and spark creative energy and assist us in achieving financial freedom.

What is citrine crystal good for

Being the most versatile crystal citrine can be used in various ways to improve your life.

The stone of creativity

citrine gemstone exudes positive energy and is the most common crystal used for creativity, will power, success in business and career and also for focus. 

Citrine can help with many things including weight loss, mental focus, and boosting your stamina and overall energy level.

The stone of abundance

Citrine is one of the most valued abundance crystal due to its easy availability and affordability. 

It provides you with enhanced mental clarity and self-confidence. 

It is the best money stone to bring about success, wealth and prosperity.

The stone of healing

Most associated with the solar plexus chakra this bright gemstone is also used in chakra cleansing and is a popular healing crystal.

What benefits does citrine have

Citrine crystal helps in providing you with the motivation and inspiration for self-improvement and to keep moving, making it a very valued wealth crystal for prosperity.

Always wear a citrine bracelet to keep yourself aligned with wealth and manifest abundance. 

You can also drink citrine infused water to flow the wealth through you and exude positive energy.

This stone will also encourage you to develop an attitude of sharing. 

By being generous and giving, you can create a circle of wealth and abundance, which benefits both you and others.

Citrine is also considered helpful in improving digestion and strengthening and boosting one’s physical stamina.

Citrine is an excellent stone for interpersonal relationships. It smooths family or group problems and promotes cohesiveness. 

It also helps in understanding and dealing with energies from those around us.

Who should wear a Citrine?


Those who are feeling a lack of motivation and inspiration must wear citrine ornament to find the creative spark and unlock the imagination.

Those who lack stamina and vitality must constantly wear this crystal for the continued supply of positive and uplifting energy.

For those looking for a new job or career opportunities, this crystal will help steer them in the right direction and give them the push to work hard towards it.

Citrine is available in many forms

All forms of citrine are equally powerful and beneficial

Raw Stone

raw citrine
Natural Citrine in raw variety is a very popular and powerful crystal and much loved since it is naturally bright it doesn’t need much polishing.

Tumbled stones

Citrine tumbled variety is beautiful and can be used as decoration for home. Tumbled stone is small and easy to carry in a pocket, Purse or wallet.

Granules and Chips

Granules and Chips of citrine are very popular in Crystal grids and Altar they make it enhance the beauty of the Altar and also aid in cleansing and energizing the other crystals in the Altar/Grid.

Towers and Points

citrine tower
Citrine Towers/Points work well in bringing focus when you want to direct your energy towards a particular goal.


Citrine Pyramids make a great addition to work desks helping you to be energized, motivated and inspired throughout the day.

Crystal Tree

citrine tree

Citrine money trees are popular feng shui items to be placed in your home or gifted to your loved ones.

Keeping Citrine money tree in one corner of your house brings financial abundance and money to you.

Angels and Power Animals

You can find many carvings in the citrine in the form of Angels and power animals which you can place at home.

Citrine Jewelry

citrine bracelet

Citrine jewellery is very popular and looks gorgeous due this stone’s natural vibrant color and clarity.

The best way to wear citrine is as a bracelet in your receptive hand. It can also be worn as a pendant this way it stays close to your solar plexus and balances its energy. 

Citrine chip earrings and necklace are also available.

Taking care of Citrine

Citrine is one of. the few crystals on earth that never needs to be cleansed. Its self-cleansing and also aids in cleansing the energy of the crystals around it. 

The easiest way to cleanse your citrine is to just hold it under running tap water for a minute.

You can keep citrine in the moonlight overnight to charge it. 

Be careful with keeping your citrine in the outdoors. Citrine fades in sunlight and can lose its color and shine.

The smoke of sacred herbs such as sage, cedar, frankincense, sandalwood or Palo Santo can be used to gently rid the crystal of accumulated unwanted energies

How can you tell if Citrine is real?

Man-made citrine is just the altered version of the real stone. Natural citrine is heat-treated to obtain a bright golden yellow, orange or brown color. 

The intensity of the color brings an additional intensity to the stone itself.

Something to be aware of when sourcing a citrine crystal is that both natural citrine and synthesized citrine exist. 

The latter being heat-treated amethyst which takes on a bright yellow color. Natural citrine will usually be light yellow or warm brown.

Where to buy Citrine?

Crystals are commonly sold in hippie stores, new age stores, jewellery stores, as well as at concerts and online websites. 

There are even fairs and exhibitions dedicated entirely to crystals. Make sure you find a reputable seller. 

Make sure to study and verify the details regarding your crystals are accurate.

What if my Citrine breaks?

Crystal breaking is common and nothing to worry about. In most cases its an indication that the crystal has done its work and can no longer serve you in your purpose. 

Not taking regular care and cleansing your crystal may also cause it to break due to too much accumulation of energy. 

If it’s a raw stone you can still cleanse and charge the pieces and use them. You can bury a broken crystal in the earth.

Which other stones work best with Citrine?

Citrine can be paired with Amethyst for wish manifestation

Pair it with Tiger eye for motivation and energy at work.

Pair Citrine with Rose Quartz for positivity and warmth in relationships.

Pair It with Clear Quartz to cleanse and charge other crystals.

Pair it with Aventurine, Jade and Pyrite to make a powerful Abundance Kit.

Pair it with smoky quartz to clear and transmute any unwanted energies that drag you down and make you feel low.

What are the other Money Crystals for financial prosperity?

Citrine can be combined with various other money stones to amplify its power
Green Jade- works like a lucky charm and attracts wealth and prosperity
Amazonite – keeps your mind calm and balanced when making important financial decisions
Peridot – is a crystal of positive power and helps one connect with the source of abundance
Pyrite – Is a money magnet and works amazingly in manifesting money.
Tiger Eye – helps in giving courage and protection
Clear quartz
Clear Quartz – Helps you focus on your goals
Green Aventurine – helps you in being more adventurous when it comes to finances

Final Thoughts

Citrine is a very popular crystal and favorite amongst beginners for its loving warm energy and positive vibes. 

It is also a very versatile crystal that can be used in multiple ways and has numerous benefits.


  1. “you attract what you think”, rightly said. Positive thoughts, the right set of enabler crystals with professional consultation are the absolute need in this pandemic times. Thanks for this detailed blog on Citrine crystal.

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