Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone both belong to the Feldspar group of minerals. Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of moonstone belonging to the rainbow labradorite species hence is also called as white labradorite. Both Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone have strong feminine divine energy of the moon and have amazing metaphysical properties. Rainbow moonstone vibrates at a higher frequency and brings faster transformation.

Moonstone comes in different varieties such as White Moonstone, Peach Moonstone, Blue Moonstone, Black Moonstone, Pink Moonstone, Cat’s eye Moonstone, and Rainbow Moonstone.

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Origins

Moonstone is an Orthoclase Feldspar mineral. Moonstone crystal can be found in a variety of colors including white, cream, gray/silver, peach, black. Rainbow Moonstone is a Plagioclase Feldspar. Its chemical composition consists of potassium aluminium silicate.

Natural Moonstone is mined in Sri Lanka and Southern India. The Rainbow Moonstone deposits can be found in India and Madagascar.

In ancient cultures, Moonstone was popularly used for occult rituals and divination.

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Color

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Color

Moonstone gem ranges in color from white to creamy yellow, peach, and grey. Moonstone has a silvery sheen or blue sheen which is similar to “moonshine” which, when you turn the stone, seems to roll across the gemstone as a blue flash which is why it is called “Moonstone.”

Rainbow Moonstone has the labradorescence (color flashes) that we find in Labradorite. Rainbow Moonstone often contains Black Tourmaline inclusions. The reflection from the layers and inclusions generates a rainbow effect when the stone attracts light. This light effect is known as adularescence. Rainbow Moonstone generally displays a blue or multi-colored sheen, which distinguishes it from other varieties of Moonstone.

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Properties

Both Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone rate at 6- 6.5 hardness on Mohs Scale. Hence it’s not recommended to keep them with other stones to avoid scratches.

Moonstones are usually cut in a smooth, oval cabochon shape to maximize the effect. Raw Rainbow Moonstones usually have black tourmaline inclusions in them.

Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect stone for developing your hidden psychic gifts and for accessing your higher consciousness for Universal wisdom and messages.

Both Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone work on the crown chakra and aid in building a connection with higher consciousness. Rainbow Moonstone is gentle while Rainbow Moonstone has a stronger vibration.

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Benefits

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Benefits

All Moonstone varieties have powerful properties and are essentially used for the below benefits.

For Peace and Harmony in Relationships

Moonstone is often associated with love, passion, and fertility. Moonstone is a symbol of divine feminine energy, which makes it a useful stone for all things related to romance and relationships. Moonstone crystal helps you move past your inhibitions and open up to receive more love and affection.

The positive and uplifting energies of Rainbow Moonstone make it an excellent lovestone. Rainbow moonstone with rose quartz can help you attract your true love into your life.

For Protection Against Negative Energy

Rainbow moonstone is used for healing past traumas and difficulties experienced. It is a powerful protective stone that repels any psychic attacks and deflects negative energies away from the aura especially during therapy and healing sessions.

For assisting in Quality Sleep

Moonstone is an excellent sleep crystal to help the mind and body get a good night’s sleep. It brings the calming soothing energies of the moon to play. It works on emotional tensions, so the person won’t overthink and end up awake all night.

Rainbow moonstone is especially useful in inducing lucid dreaming and communicating with your spirit guides.

For aiding Spiritual Growth

Both Moonstone and Rainbow help in guiding you on the spiritual path.

Rainbow Moonstone is highly popular as a stone of spiritual transformation that prepares the soul and the body for the ascension process.

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone jewelry

Moonstones are a popular gemstone in many types of jewelry for both men and women.

Polished Moonstone is very much in demand especially in Moonstone pendants and Moonstone ring. A Moonstone engagement ring is recommended for loving and a balanced relationship but needs extra care due to less hardness(6-6.5).

Rainbow Moonstone is popular in silver jewelry. Rainbow Moonstone and Lapis Lazuli jewelry is a powerful combination for psychics and intuitive healers.

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Cleansing

Keeping in the moonlight is the best way to cleanse Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone. You may add selenite and Himalayan salt too and leave it overnight, preferably in the full moon.

Both Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone are not suitable to be immersed in water. If you must just hold it under running water and then pat dry

Both Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone can be cleansed using Smudging. Sage and palo santo are the most popular choice of herb for cleansing crystals.

Moonstone Vs Rainbow Moonstone Pricing

Moonstone is a semi-precious stone ranging in price from $10 to $1,000. Usually, the more transparent and colorless body, the more blue adularescence (like in Rainbow Moonstone), the higher the value of the Moonstone.


Both Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone have powerful energy of the moon and divine feminine. Both work on calming the mind and balancing emotions and aid in Spiritual ascension. Both are wonderful sleep crystals and can be kept under the pillow. Both stones are especially recommended for women because of their connection to the moon and strong feminine energy.

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