Rose Quartz to find love – Attract your true love

To attract love it’s necessary to have self-love and confidence in yourself first. When you don’t love and trust yourself it’s almost impossible to attract another love.

Rose Quartz helps in developing self-love and building a mindset of being good enough to attract any partner you want. Rose Quartz is the crystal of peace and unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra, teaching the true meaning of love, and brings deep heart healing and a new love for self.

Rose Quartz Crystal Properties

The Rose Quartz, also known as Pink Quartz, is a pale pink stone that’s part of the quartz crystal family.

Rose Quartz can be found across the United States, Germany, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, India, and Australia.

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra and works on all relationships but is most popular as the stone of romantic love.

How does Rose Quartz crystal stone work to find love

Rose Quartz is perhaps best known for being the stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz is said to emit strong vibrations of love energy and acceptance which makes you more compassionate and loving in all your relationships leading to emotional healing.

Rose Quartz is the best thing you can gift to yourself to inculcate self-love and boost your confidence in yourself.
Rose Quartz is a powerful healing crystal.

It’s very effective in healing the heart chakra gently, helping you release emotions such as pain and sorrow and healing emotional wounds.

How to Use Rose Quartz To Attract Love

Rose quartz gemstone is very versatile and can be used in various ways to reap its benefits. Below are a few popular ways to use Rose Quartz crystal.

Wear Rose Quartz Crystal Jewelry

Wear rose quartz Jewelry such as necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, or rose quartz pendant to keep its loving energy close to you always and also attract new love.

Place Rose Quartz around the home as decor

Add a piece of rose quartz to the love corner of your house – this is the right-hand corner of a room as you stand at its entrance. Visualize the crystal spreading the love around your house – and beyond.

Put Rose quartz under your pillow

Place a piece of cleansed rose quartz under your pillow as you go to sleep. This crystal’s strong vibrations will help to bring the partner of your dreams into your life.

Prepare Rose Quartz infused water

To make a Rose Quartz-infused love elixir, dip the Rose Quartz stone in a glass bowl with drinking water. Steep the crystal in water overnight, in the moonlight if at all possible, to charge the energies for maximum benefit. Make sure you have physically cleaned the gemstone first.

Healing meditation with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a very popular gemstone for meditation and heart chakra healing.

To work with Rose quartz lie down and gently place your piece of the stone on your heart chakra. Imagine a soft pink glow emanating from the stone and spreading through your heart, healing any past wounds and heartache and making you ready to receive and give love once again.

Chanting and Affirmations with Rose Quartz

Hold your Rose Quartz in your receiving hand and repeat the following affirmation: “I deserve to find someone who will make me happy. This love crystal will help me find the right partner. He/she will be loving and supportive.”

You can hold Rose Quartz crystal while chanting love affirmations and doing meditation.

Setting up Love crystal grid with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystal grids are a very effective and powerful medium for attracting love.

Steps to set up a Rose Quartz grid to manifest love.

Step 1 : Choose your crystals to go into the Grid and cleanse them well. Some popular crystals that work for love are Green Aventurine, Carnelian, Amethyst.

Step 2 : Choose an appropriate base for placing the crystals. You can use a crystal bowl or even a Selenite or Solar Quartz plate.

Step 3 : Place Rose Quartz raw crystal or pyramid at the center of the base. Align the other crystals in a symmetric pattern. In nature everything has symmetry this is very important for manifestation.

Step 4 : Use Clear quartz pointers to amplify the energies of the Grid.

Step 5 : Use Protection crystals such as Black Tourmaline or obsidian to seal the boundaries of the grid.

Step 6 : You can additionally enhance the beauty of the grid with flower or Quartz crystal chips.

Step 7 : Charge your grid with lavender or rosewood smoke and set an intention for manifesting the love of your dreams. You can also write the qualities you wish for in your ideal partner on a piece of pink paper, fold it and place it under your center stone.

Cleansing Rose Quartz crystal

The simplest way to cleanse your crystal is to just hold it under running tap water for a minute.

The most effective way to cleanse a rose quartz crystal is to place the stone in a bowl full of water, add some sea salt, and leave the stone overnight in moonlight, if possible on a full moon.

You can smudge the crystal with calming herbs such as rosewood, Lavender to cleanse and energize it with the properties of the herb.

Charging and Activating your Rose Quartz To Attract Love

Once you have cleansed your Rose Quartz well you can charge and activate it by setting your desired intention for the stone.

Sit in a quiet place, where you won’t have any distractions. With the crystal in your hand, close your eyes and tune into the crystal’s vibrations. Sense its energy of peace, love, and tranquility. You can also lie down and place the Rose Quartz stone on your chest near your heart chakra.

Say out loud how you would want the crystal to help you. You can even use a programmed love spell to activate your stone.

Hold Rose Quartz in your hands or keep it close to your heart as a way to connect with it once you have activated it.

Different forms of Rose Quartz you can use to attract love

Raw Stone

Natural Rose Quartz in raw variety is a very popular and powerful crystal and much loved since it is naturally bright it doesn’t need much polishing.

Tumbled Stones

Rose Quartz tumbled variety is beautiful and can be used as decoration for home. Tumbled stone is small and easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or wallet.

Towers and Pyramids

Rose Quartz Towers/points and pyramids work well in bringing focus when you want to direct your energy towards a particular goal. Keeping them in the love grid helps amplify the focus of the grid.

Hearts and Spheres

Rose Quartz cut out in the shape of a heart and spheres are very popular and can be kept on your personal desk or in front of photo frames to give loving energy to that space.

Chips and Granules

Granules and Chips of Rose Quartz are very popular in Crystal love grids and Altar as they enhance the beauty of the Altar.

Angels and Power Animals

Rose Quartz angels and power animal crystal figurines emanate strong loving and protective energy for you and your family.

Crystal Trees

Rose Quartz crystal trees are popular feng shui items to be placed in your home or gifting to your loved ones.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks made of Rose Quartz are popular feng shui items kept in a home to enhance and attract love. They are also known as love ducks.


Rose Quartz pendulum is popular in dowsing when you want to ask questions on matters of the heart.

Zibu Coin

Rose quartz zibu coin with love codes engraved on it is slowly gaining popularity as a stone to attract and keep the love of your life.

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose Quartz Jewelry is very popular and looks very pretty due to this stone’s natural pleasant shade of pink.

The best way to wear rose quartz is as a bracelet in your receptive hand. It can also be worn as a pendant this way it stays close to your heart chakra and emanates inner peace.

Rose Quartz crystal necklace and chip earrings are also available.

Which other crystals work best with Rose Quartz?

Pair Rose Quartz with Amethyst crystal to reduce stress and anxiety and bring peace and love.

Pair Rose Quartz with Unakite to maintain the love and harmony in marriage.

Pair Rose Quartz with Carnelian to ignite your passion and attract some fiery romance in your life.

Pair Rose Quartz with Citrine to bring confidence and bring out your adventurous fun side to attract a partner

Pair Rose Quartz with Rhodonite to heal past wounds from a broken heart and prepare you for new love life

Pair Rose Quartz with Black Tourmaline to ground and balance your heart chakra and root chakra

Other benefits of Rose Quartz

Stone for Manifestation

From a law of attraction perspective, rose quartz is a perfect stone to manifest love and your other desires related to love. Rose Quartz enables you to love deeply. It fills you with gratitude for everything you have. An attitude of Gratitude is the key to manifesting anything.

Stone for Improved Sleep

Putting Rose Quartz tumbled stones under your pillow is a great way to be able to benefit from their healing properties. Keeping your Rose Quartz crystals close to you during your sleep helps in bringing pleasant dreams and you can be sure to wake up feeling more protected, energized, and inspired.

Stone to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Rose quartz is very popular in crystal healing due to its properties of bringing love and harmony and reducing stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

Stone for Glowing Skin and improved circulation

It’s believed by some that Rose Quartz massage tools may be beneficial for the skin. Rose Quartz rollers and Rose Quartz Guasha stones are highly recommended to improve skin clarity and remove wrinkles bringing a youthful glow to your face.

What are the other Crystals for love?


Rhodochrosite is a powerful stone stimulating love and passion.

Rhodochrosite opens the heart chakra, clearing any sadness and depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook.

It improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline assists with the release of emotional pain and old destructive feelings, supporting the healing of the heart and generating feelings of confidence and trust.

Green Aventurine

Known as the stone of love and luck, Green Aventurine enhances confidence and helps embrace change. Green Aventurine brings positivity and luck, motivating you to attract new love.

Common Questions about Rose Quartz

Final Thoughts

All love begins with self love. Learn to nurture and love yourself with the help of Rose Quartz love stone this will certainly boost your confidence and charm your Mr/Miss right into your life.

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