CLEAR QUARTZ Crystal 101


Clear Quartz is a clear transparent gemstone first used by Georgius Agricola with meaning and properties of Channeling positive energy and deep soul cleansing.

Clearest Quartz is a white to transparent quartz crystal with no visible inclusions. It has been called the “crystal of perfection” because it is pure and perfect in every way. Clearest quartz crystals are very sensitive and have a high vibration. They are great healers of mind, body and soul.

A clear quartz is a gemstone with magical properties to help you with balancing and healing abilities, and provides emotional stability, calmness and clarity to your mind.

Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal is called so due to its icy appearance. The Greek philosophers named it krystallos, which is the Greek word for ice.

The clear, transparent and frosty look of Clear Quartz made the ancients believe that it was the eternal form of ice that never melted and was sent from some divine energy.

In earlier times, the Clear Quartz meaning and uses varied with regions.

Some carved the Quartz Stones into jewelry and wore them as a magical charm, others believed it to be the Almighty.

Till today, many Crystal Enthusiasts are of the opinion that Clear Quartz breathes once in every hundred years, hence is stated as a living crystal.

CLEAR QUARTZ Crystal 101

Clear Quartz Meaning, Properties and Benefits Summary

Transparent to white
7 on Mohs scale
Transparent or Translucent
Silicon dioxide (SiO2)        
All the Chakras
All signs, Leo and Aries being the primary

Arkansas (United States), Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, Japan, China, Tibet, Germany, South Africa


  • Balancing and healing abilities
  • Emotional stability, calmness and clarity
  • Complements manifestation
  • Alignment of chakra centers
  • Channeling positive energy
  • Deep soul cleansing
Clear Quartz Angels, Crystal points and tumbled stones
  • Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline
  • Clear Quartz and Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz
  • Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine

Clear Quartz History and Origin

Clear Quartz Meaning and properties

The origin of Quartz Crystal is debatable but it is said to be first used by Georgius Agricola, somewhere around the year 1530.

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth which has a prominent contribution to the economy. 

The chemical formula (SiO2) itself states the high accessibility of this mineral.

Quartz stones are the most versatile in the entire mineral kingdom and are found on almost every continent. 

The largest producers of Crystal Quartz are Arkansas (United States), Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, Japan, China, Tibet, Germany, and South Africa.

They are found within sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks(gneiss). The traces of Clear Quartz can also be spotted in Alluvial gravels.

Clear Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

Clear Quartz, also known as the “Master Healer” possesses immense healing energy. It is an appreciable energy amplifier as well. 

The Quartz Crystal aids in deep soul cleansing and alignment of chakras.

This stone of power boosts the energy of other smaller crystals along with expelling negative energy from them. It is a versatile healing stone that contains not one or two, but the entire color spectrum.

You would experience a sense of developed patience and wisdom with consistent use of this powerful healing crystal. 

If you feel a lack of inspiration or motivation and get stuck in proceeding with decisions, practicing meditation with Clear Quartz will help remove all the stagnant energy that is stopping you from being creative.

Apart from personal growth, Clear Quartz is also used in electronic devices. 

You might have heard of Quartz Watches, well did you know that they make use of real Quartz crystal in them? 

Quartz is a piezoelectric oscillator that receives electricity and vibrates with a particular frequency that keeps the clock ticking.

Other devices that have Quartz as a component in them are ultrasound machines, microphones, computers, radio transmitters, cell phones, televisions, and the list goes on.

The vibrational energy that Clear Quartz contains is steady and is comfortable for a beginner crystal user. 

This crystal is packed with healing powers that can improve your spiritual, emotional, and physical health all at once.

Clear Quartz Meaning and Properties

Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties of Clear Quartz

Just like our body, our spirit also needs to be relaxed and recharged, and to do so, nothing can be better than meditating with a Clear Quartz Crystal.

Clear Quartz promotes spiritual growth and aids in a healthy and positive environment.

The spiritual clear quartz properties are listed below:-

  • Clear Quartz promotes the alignment of chakra centers, building a connection with higher planes.

    It also gravitates the body into balance and provides stability to your spiritual health because of its ability to tap into higher aspects of your body and soul.
  • Clear Quartz shuns the refraction of negativity and encourages the channeling of positive energy through the spiritual meridians.

    It is the most relevant stone to use if you want to increase healthy energy flow as Clear Quartz draws out stagnant energy.

  • Psychic abilities, positive thinking, and intellectual awareness is augmented by periodic use of this powerful healing stone, because it has always been a source of pure light that awakens consciousness and spirituality.

  • Clear Quartz is a deep soul cleanser that clears out all the junk from our thoughts, providing a clean slate, whenever we spend time with it.

    Attuning Clear Quartz with our energetic vibrations helps in escalating the auric field as it holds the property of transmitting persuasive vibrations.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Clear Quartz

A lot of us fail to maintain concentration while doing a specific task.

We get distracted very easily, but this can be improved if we add Clear Quartz to our crystal collection.

Read on to know more about the emotional benefits of Rock Quartz:-

  • The distinctive balancing and healing abilities of this crystal help the mental state to stay centered and allow the brain to learn, understand and retain things better.

    Clear Quartz is also recognized as the crystal that promotes peaceful energy.

  • Using it when you are joyful, delighted, or hopeful, can multiply the emotions to a great extent as it is said to be an emotion amplifier.

    Along with intensifying the emotions, Clear Quartz furnishes emotional stability, calmness and clarity.

  • When you are emotionally healthy, focusing on goals becomes easier. And this focus is maintained when you invest in a crystal like Quartz which complements manifestation.

    This powerful stone provides a sense of motivation to proceed further, making effective decisions.

  • There is a great impact of crystal usage on our emotional body, hence, following the right steps can elevate the qualities that dwell within Clear Quartz.

Physical Healing Properties of Clear Quartz

This astounding crystal contributes to taking care of your physical body as well. It may sound unfeasible, but Clear Quartz provides you with its benefits that can heal you physically too:-

  • It strengthens the immune system, protecting from harmful invaders.

  • Clear Quartz helps in curing wounds and bone injuries.

  • The cardiovascular system functions effectively when you pair up Clear Quartz with a regular workout.

  • Quartz promotes weight loss along with helping with metabolic issues. It eases the process of digestion and assimilation of food.

  • Clear Quartz boosts stamina and builds up the endurance to sustain physical pressure.

  • Using this crystal over a burnt area soothes the wound, leaving a cool effect.

Using Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz is a gentle crystal that brings mental clarity, withdrawing unproductive thoughts. It is used for numeral purposes.

When you feel a blockage in your creative space, you can place this crystal on the energy-restricted area and it will encourage the flow of energy, eventually resulting in liquidity of thoughts.

Clear Quartz is a cooling crystal, hence, installing it in a place that feels heated will freshen the space up.

If you are completely blank about the usage of any crystal, creating a crystal grid is the best and one of the most beneficial choices. 

Clear Quartz is a powerful stone that disperses energy and enriches the practitioner with startling crystal properties.

Along with using Crystal Quartz within four walls, you can carry it with you while traveling too. 

It is a protective stone that will keep you shielded throughout your journey, building resistance against toxic energy in your way.

Pressing the Quartz Crystal against your palms and focusing deeply, sets up a connection between the outer and inner world which allows you to experience the presence of subtle bodies.

Journaling accompanied by this practice resolves anxiety and stress.

How to Use Clear Quartz at Home 

Placing Clear Quartz anywhere in the house can brighten the look and mood of the room. 

Its exceptional beauty is a treat to the eyes. There isn’t a correct or wrong way to use this crystal at home, but we have sorted some conventional methods used by crystal enthusiasts for you:-

  • A basic way is to place your Clear Quartz on the altar along with other crystals so that all the purity remains concentrated at a particular place.

  • There are 2 methods to utilize Clear Quartz in your kitchen area. The first is simply placing a Crystal Quartz over a shelf and leaving it to energize the space.

    But if you want to enhance the beauty of your kitchen as well, installing Quartz countertops is the best alternative.

  • To feel the extraordinary vibrational energy of milky Quartz, keeping it around your bathtub or bathroom sink will elevate the vibes.

How to Use Clear Quartz at Office 

Our offices and workplaces are filled with stress and this can often make us heavy, resulting in deprived productivity in our work. 

But, no worries as Clear Quartz has got you covered. Just place a Crystal cluster or wand over your desk( preferably the left side) and observe the results for yourself.

  • Clear Quartz will diminish the harmful radiations that emerge from your electronic devices.

  •  Crystal points are the most appropriate forms of Quartz that cater to increased concentration and steadiness.

  • The quality of your work can also be improved with frequent use of Clear Quartz as it redirects peaceful energy.

How to Use Clear Quartz on Body

 We have discussed the usage of Clear Quartz at home and office, but there’s more to it!

You can use this miraculous crystal all over your body.

  • Close your eyes and place the crystal over your head.

  • Be patient with it and gently glide the stone from head to toe.

  • If any part feels strained, keep Clear Quartz over it and concentrate on snatching away the pain.

  • Feel the vibrations and try to resonate your energy with the crystal.

  • Repeat the practice of cleansing your body with it at least twice a month.

Can you Sleep with Clear Quartz?

 Clear Quartz is a great crystal to sleep with. As it is an amplifying stone, keeping it on your nightstand or under the pillow helps in understanding your dreams better

Quartz crystal stimulates a good night’s sleep, dispelling nightmares.

If you love traveling, then accompanying this stone with you can help provide a restful sleep even after the change of places.

Clear Quartz Jewelry

 No matter how obsessed you are with crystals, it is a bit discomforting to carry a big cluster or Crystal points with you everywhere. 

To solve this issue of the non – portability of crystals, investing in a good jewelry set is very profitable. 

It not makes you look more glamorous but also keeps the bad energy away from your auric field.

The user would acknowledge instant comfort and protection when the Clear Quartz jewelry is directly in contact with bare skin.

There is a wide variety of jewelry when it comes to Clear Quartz. You can find Crystal earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and even prayer beads that you can wear around your neck.

Customization of your Clear Quartz jewelry is also an option. You can choose a combination of different crystals along with Quartz and embrace the unmatchable properties of your crystal jewelry.

Meditation with Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is powerful enough to send you into a deep meditative space even if you are just starting with meditation. 

It is an enlightening crystal that opens up the third eye chakra and clears the mind.

meditation clear quartz

All you have to do is, sit upright on your mat, hold Clear Quartz in your hand, gather all your focus at one point, and leave the rest on the crystal. 

It will tap into a higher level of consciousness and enable your mind to be more aware. 

You would gradually feel the reduction in your aggression, frustration, and anxiety as the soothing effect of Clear Quartz helps in getting rid of negative energy. 

It is a powerful stone that aids to visualize your thoughts in a better manner.

Hold the crystal quartz wand in both hands and move it all over your body, while imagining healing yourself with it.

Effectiveness comes with experiments. Therefore you need to keep experimenting with your meditation practice to discover what works best for you.

Clear Quartz Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

 Clear Quartz is an abundant yet untraditional crystal that is said to have an exceptional fondness with the people born in April.

Astrologers think that the zodiac signs, stars, and planets have a huge impact on our lives. 

Although all the zodiac signs are affected by Clear Quartz, Leo and Aries are believed to be stimulated the most by this crystal.

In Aries, Crystal Quartz induces goal-achieving behavior and raises enthusiasm to grab opportunities. 

It magnifies energy levels and also proves to be a perfect jewel for Aries.

In Leo, the Quartz cluster nurtures lucidity of mind and helps them in learning the art of letting go. 

Greek philosophers believed in the memory spark that is advocated with the utilization of Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz and Chakras

Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal that balances and aligns all the chakras. It is a powerful stone that resonates with every chakra and works for all the energy centers or meridians of our body.

Our chakras can get depleted and eventually work inefficiently if we never concentrate on reactivating them from time to time.

Practicing meditation while focusing on the opening of our chakras can prove to be highly beneficial if we use Clear Quartz, as it can stimulate all the chakras( Crown chakra and Eye chakra specifically).


There are total 7 chakras in our body and here is how you can place Clear Quartz to feel them opening up:-

  • Lie down flat.
  • Place the first stone above your head.
  • Then place two Clear Quartz stones on either side of your arms.
  • You also want to hold the stones in each hand.
  • Keep one below your feet.
  • Place the last stone in the vicinity of the crown chakra.

This would complete the circle and activate all the chakras, enriching you with divine wisdom, warmth, prosperity, love, harmony, and wealth.

Best Clear Quartz and Stone Combination 

 Clear Quartz is a self-sufficient stone, but pairing it up with a crystal that complements it, can enhance the overall impression of its properties. 

But you need to analyze and select the best crystal combination that suits your energy. 

Stones can be chosen based on criteria such as colors, vibrations, origin, etc.

Here are 3 stones that you can pair with Clear Quartz and enjoy the powerful healing energy.

Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is undoubtedly the best crystal that goes with Clear Quartz. It is the ” King Crystal” that absorbs bad energy and ejects positive energy in return. 

When Clear Quartz is put together with Black Tourmaline, the energetic field that they create helps with fatigues, spiritual healing, and overall development. 

You can use this pair in gridwork as well.

Clear Quartz and Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most major varieties of Quartz that can be paired up with Clear Quartz in jewelry. 

It is also a healing crystal just like Clear Quartz and that is the reason they both go hand in hand.

Coupling these two will help in the reduction of physical stress and migraines. They are also said to open up the eye and crown chakras.

Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is another crystal from the Quartz family, which makes it a perfect fit for combining with Clear Quartz.

Rose Quartz is a crystal of love and is also a wonderful one to have in your bedroom, and as we are familiar with the amplifying nature of Clear Quartz, it will increase the intensity of Rose Quartz, thereby increasing the warmth of love and prosperity in your life.

Clear Quartz Should Not be Used With 

You cannot expect any random crystals to cooperate without knowing their properties and having a clear crystal intention. 

If two or more non – feasible crystals are set together then they won’t provide you the required benefits.

You would want to use crystals that don’t cancel out each other’s effects. 

Clear Quartz and Aventurine 

Aventurine is often found in colors like green, red or blue with a soft shine on it. 

It is said to be the crystal of luck that attracts opportunities and positivity.

But using aventurine with Clear Quartz is not the best choice.

Both of them are powerful stones and when used together, they cancel each other’s effects and the users are left feeling incomplete and more drained out instead of wholesome and lively.

Hence, you should avoid pairing Clear Quartz with Aventurine.

How to Cleanse and Care For Your Clear Quartz Stone

Cleansing your crystals is a must-have ritual that crystal practitioners should inculcate if not already doing so. 

Removing all the negative energy and toxins from us, our crystals get heavy and this bulk of energies can be removed by cleaning them.

There is a multitude of ways to get rid of gathered junk on our crystals.  Some of them are listed below:-
  • WATER – This is the easiest way to clean Clear Quartz. Quartz, being a hard mineral, is a water friendly which can be cleansed with both normal water and salt water.
You can either hold your crystal under running water or let it soak in it for a few hours.  After you are satisfied with the cleansing, take the crystal out of the water and then pat dry it.    You can also add sea salt to the water and then let the Clear Quartz soak.
  • SMOKE – Cleansing with smoke is a beneficial way to take off the dirt. You can burn sage and Immerse the crystal in its smoke. Palo Santo is a great alternative to sage.Let the crystal stay in contact with it and absorb all the smoke.  
  • MOONLIGHT AND SUNLIGHT – Both moonlight and sunlight are great sources of cleansing Clear Quartz.You just need to leave your stone to bathe in the moonlight overnight and take it inside after 10 in the morning as after absorbing the moonlight, crystals crave to get sunk in the morning sun rays.
NOTE:- Avoid cleaning Clear Quartz with household chemicals because they may damage your crystal.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Water?

Clear Quartz is a hard mineral with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale which makes it ideal to go in water.  Soaking the crystal it in soapy water is the primary cleansing method and along with Clear Quartz, any crystal that belongs to the Quartz family can get soaked in water. For better cleansing and as a safety precaution, you could substitute tap water with mineral water.

Can you drink Clear Quartz infused water?

 The consumption of crystal infused water is an standard practice performed by crystal lovers.  It is done to build a deeper sense of closeness with your favorite crystals, but you might be wondering, what is the meaning of crystal-infused water?  Well, you just have to dip your crystal into a cup or mason jar and place it outside, under sunlight for some hours. Clear Quartz does not dissolve in water, hence, drinking Clear Quartz infused water is perfectly safe and nourishing for your health.  You have to follow the above mentioned steps for preparing Clear quartz infused water for your yourself. Do strain the water before drinking it. If you are skeptical about immersing Clear Quartz directly into the water, keeping it by the side of your cup would also work well.

How to Charge and Activate Clear Quartz

 Charging increases the functionality of your crystal. Every time you cleanse your crystals, they need to be reactivated.  Few methods that you can follow to charge Clear Quartz are: –
  • Place your rock Quartz back from where it came i.e, mother earth. Bury your crystal under the ground and let it regain its lost power from the earth.
  • Charging from moonlight has always been the most powerful method. Keep Clear Quartz under a full moon, overnight and get a fully charged Quartz in the morning.
  • Solar and lunar eclipses are highly dynamic methods of activating Clear Quartz but you would want to be careful with eclipses as they might shift the vibrations of your crystal.

How to Program Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a highly programmable crystal and you can program it by setting a crystal intention.  Here is the step by step guide to program your Clear Quartz:-
  • Close your eyes and hold the Clear Quartz between your palms, feeling the heat transfer.
  • Count your breaths as you think about the purpose you want your crystal to serve.
  • Visualize your thoughts with positivity to achieve them. 
  • Hold and repeat these thoughts in your mind.
  • Focus on your intentions and you have a well-programmed Clear Quartz in your hands.
Another way to set crystal intention is a variation of manifestation. Write the affirmations that you have in your mind on a piece of paper and place the Clear Quartz over that paper, meditating simultaneously. Your Quartz will be programmed.

Clear Quartz Shapes and Forms

Clear quartz Shapes

CLEAR QUARTZ ANGELS – These are angel-shaped Quartz which is the most helpful form of Clear Quartz to harness angelic communication. 

They build a bridge from the inner world to the spiritual world and introduce you to your spirit guides.

The angelic forms also create a sacred space that intensifies vibrations and contributes to a healthy meditation.

CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL POINTS – Crystals points are powerful as well as protective. The point is used to conduct healing energy and set intentions. 

It also acts as an air purifier and cleanses your clumsy space. Crystal points are appropriate for creating crystal grids and fill you with their amazing healing properties.

CLEAR QUARTZ TUMBLED STONES – Tumbled stones are the perfect fit for making Clear Quartz jewelry. They enhance spiritual awareness and encourage inner peace. 

Tumbled stones are also used in reiki healing and manifestation. It protects from harmful vibrations and stimulates the growth of personal energy.

Clear quartz Cluster – Clear quartz crystal stones are also available as clusters and are used in many rituals while doing crystal healing. These clusters are large in physical dimension’s and are placed in the house or office. 

Where to buy Clear Quartz?

You can find Clear Quartz very easily in your nearby crystal stores.

However we have provided you with some of the links from which you can order your Clear Quartz online:-

tiny rituals

Final thoughts on Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is supremely one of the best crystals to include in your altar. 

Its second-to-none healing properties should be experienced and embraced by all crystal collectors. The versatile nature of Clear Quartz is what makes it a ” Master Healer”. 

It connects with every chakra and works for all the zodiac signs, it is a wonderful harmonizer that brightens up your spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

In a nutshell, Clear Quartz is worth giving a shot!

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