White Howlite Crystal 101 - Meaning Properties and benefits


Enriched with subtle calming forces, White Howlite is the go-to crystal for crystal enthusiasts. 

White Howlite is a white stone with grey streaks discovered in 1868 near Nova Scotia with meaning and properties of patience and spiritual consciousness.

A White Howlite stone will not only prove to be a beautifying element for your place but also rejuvenate the vibrations of its surroundings.

White Howlite is a stone that brings peace and tranquility. It is said to be a stone of infinite patience and can aid in achieving goals and ambitions. 

It is a soft stone with a hardness level of 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

The naturally occurring black-grey striations on the crystal add to the beauty of White Howlite, making it resemble the appearance of marble.

Despite being inexpensive, the glossy look of White Howlite gemstone standardizes it as a classy crystal to own. 

It is a semi-precious gemstone that is porous in texture and is viewed as a polished stone. Apart from its original name, White Howlite is also known as White Turquoise, White Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, and Silico Boro Calcite.

White Howlite is a lovely stone that holds healing properties and peaceful energy. 

In this article, I will detail out white Howlite meaning and its properties so you can make the right choice of the crystal.

White Howlite Crystal 101 - Meaning Properties and benefits

White Howlite: Meaning, Properties, and Benefits 

 COLOR:White with Grey streaks
HARDNESS:3.5 on Mohs hardness scale
TRANSPARENCY:Opaque with glimmering luster
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION:Calcium borosilicate hydroxide (Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5)
CHAKRAS:All the chakras, Crown Chakra being the chief
LOCATION:Canada, Los Angeles, California, Namibia, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Pakistan
RARITY:Rare in its pure form
  • Regulates overactive minds
  • Enhances memory and mental awareness
  • Instills hope and increases the level of patience
  • Enlightens spiritual consciousness
  • Furnishes peaceful aura
  • Links to higher realms
COMMON FORMSWhite Howlite irregular nodules, Crystal points, tumbled stones, and raw stones
  • White Howlite and Rose Quartz
  • White Howlite and Amethyst
  • White Howlite and Black Obsidian
White Howlite Meaning

White Howlite History and Origin

Howlite got its name from Henry How, the mineralogist, geologist, and chemist who discovered this crystal in 1868 near Nova Scotia. 

Henry named the crystal “silico-boro-calcite” but after his death, an American geologist, James Dwight Dana gave the crystal its real name i.e. “Howlite”. 

Among the native American tribes, Howlite was known as the “White Buffalo Stone” for a long time.

White Howlite is a borate mineral that is found in only 30 localities all over the world, some of them being, Canada, Los Angeles, California, Namibia, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Mexico, Germany, and Pakistan.

It was initially confused with Magnetite crystal, which supposedly led to the prominent discovery of Howlite. 

White Howlite is a malleable crystal that can be found in sedimentary rock and evaporite deposits. 

Talking of history, Howlite lacks a rich history as it was discovered in the 19th century. 

But despite being a new crystal, Howlite has established a commendable place in the world of crystals.

You would also find other colors of Howlite the most prominent being Blue Howlite and Red Howlite. These are basically dyed Howlite gemstone‘s .

White Howlite Healing Properties and Benefits

Are you a short-tempered person and find it hard to maintain a relationship with people? look no further, because we have a solution!

White Howlite is the best crystal known that can help you control your rage, impatience, and arrogant behavior. 

It is a crystal of compassion and generosity that will flip your world upside down and help you understand things in a better manner.

The white color of Howlite symbolizes purity and serenity like any other white crystal. 

It will also help you in times when you feel demotivated and uninspired to perform your tasks by generating a passion for exploring, creating, and implementing.

Now, every one of us faces complexities to a certain level in maintaining a healthy relationship. 

Be it with our parents, partners, friends, or relatives, we all have gone through a phase where it becomes hard to understand our loved ones and this is where our star ” White Howlite” comes into place. 

Being a stone of togetherness and love, Howlite instills a better sense of perception that accounts for sustainable relationships.

White Howlite is also a stone that teaches you the power of wanting more. 

From your life, from the things you do for spiritual as well as emotional growth, from your surroundings, from your energy, and your heart. 

Having White Howlite with you will support in creating awareness and balancing strong emotions.

White Howlite Properties

Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties of White Howlite 

  • White Howlite is the perfect stone that enlightens spiritual consciousness, clearing away the blocked energy that resists you from acquiring a higher state of spirituality.


  • It will also help you if you feel that your’re in a spot where your energy feels trapped or stationary.

  • The metaphysical properties of Howlite furnish a peaceful aura and attract infinite energy in your energy field as it behaves as a magnet that attracts positive vibrations.


    White Howlite receives, traps, and transmits the receptive vibrations of the moon.

  • White Howlite aids in the alignment of your energy with the abundant energies of the universe.


    It plays an important role in pushing you to link with higher realms as it opens up the channels that facilitate angelic communication.

  • You can build links to your past lives when meditating with White Howlite. It is a calming stone that will widen your horizon by opening up the chakras associated with it.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of White Howlite

  • White Howlite regulates overactive minds by calming down the thoughts that are running consciously as well as subconsciously.


    This white stone aids in a healthy emotional balance and is said to be a powerful healing stone that provides the serenity of mind.

  • Howlite is a crystal that is known for improving concentration when you make proper use of it while meditating.


    It helps to keep you away from distractions and enhances memory and mental awareness by creating stillness in your mind.

  • As White Howlite’s distinguishable property is to reduce anger, it does the work by building tolerance in the user.


    Unhealthy traits like selfishness and insensitivity can be curated by Howlite as it instills hope and increases the level of patience.

  • White Howlite balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain and helps the mind to stay rational even in tough circumstances.


    It makes you capable of handling the emotional pains of the past and strengthens the willpower to let go of unhealthy emotions.

 Physical Healing Properties of White Howlite

  • Howlite balances the calcium levels, preventing osteoporosis, and supports healthier bones, teeth, hair, and skin.
  • The circulatory and endocrine system functions effectively with the usage of this astonishing white crystal.


  • It is said to detoxify the body, eliminating unwanted substances and assisting in the supplement of oxygen and nutrients evenly.


  • Those facing health issues such as ADHD, arthritis, thyroid, or even sinuses can benefit from the properties of this healing crystal.


  • White Howlite takes complete care of the nervous and muscular system and prevents the illness caused by intense stress as well.

Using White Howlite

Using White Howlite is as easy as an apple pie! 

Just hold your crystal and let it guide you in your spiritual journey. Press it softly between your hands and move it over the chakras that White Howlite is associated with.

You will feel an immense rush of upliftment when you give yourself to Howlite.

Meditation is a wonderful exercise to build closeness with your crystal. You can also pair up meditation with some affirmative statements that you want to attract as this universe works upon the law of attraction.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is, own authority over your crystal and make it your possession. 

You will ultimately end up finding your way of using it.

How to Use White Howlite at Home?

The best place to keep your White Howlite is in the bedroom. It is said to stimulate healthy sleep, creating a perfect environment by its energy emission. 

You can also keep this crystal at a certain height and let it radiate positive vibrations all-around your house. 

Creating a crystal grid by placing White Howlite on the four corners of your house is also an efficient method to use it.

White Howlite at home

If you feel any kind of negativity at a certain place or even coming through a family member, you can just simply place White Howlite in the vicinity of the toxic energy and let the crystal transform it into constructive energy.

Crystal practitioners love to use Howlite at home in Feng Shui energy.

How to Use White Howlite at Office?

Your office is the place where all of your stress and frustration dwells, and to root it out, all you need is a White Howlite crystal as it is a natural stress buster.

The appropriate place to keep your Howlite crystal is near electronic devices or the place that you feel the most negativity in. 

After a few days, you will eventually feel the difference in your workplace and work-related decisions as Howlite is a stone of calmness that enables you to focus only on important and relevant things.

There are also a variety of crystal trees available in the market that will serve the purpose of both eliminating blocked energy from your place as well as adding bling and making your office look elegant.

 How to Use White Howlite on Body

White Howlite is completely safe to use on the body as it doesn’t contain any harsh substances. 

You can place it on the crown chakra above your head or the heart chakra to feel a wave of positive energy running through you.

White Howlite on body

White Howlite is one of the best crystals to use while meditation as you stay connected with it the whole time you concentrate your vision. 

The more intertwined your energy is with the crystal’s energy, the more benefits will it be able to deliver you.

Wearing jewelry made out of crystal is the best way to stay in contact with Howlite the whole day. 

We have discussed White Howlite jewelry in the latter part of this article so read on to know more about it.

Can you Sleep with White Howlite?

White Howlite is an appropriate crystal to install in your bedroom as it is known to induce a good and restful sleep when your mind is occupied with irrelevant thoughts that prevent you from falling asleep. 

It is also helpful in curing sleep-related diseases such as insomnia.

Along with promoting healthy sleep, Howlite also develops lucidity in dreams and enhances the potential of recalling those dreams. 

You are going to have a completely different experience once you start keeping White Howlite under your pillow. 

The soothing vibrations that this crystal of sleep ejects will improve your sleeping pattern as well.

White Howlite Jewelry

Who doesn’t love jewelry? We all do right? 

But what if we tell you that you can actually heal yourself just by wearing jewelry! Crystals have a unique effect when they are in contact with the user’s skin. 

Crystal jewelry is a must-have accessory to complement your outfit.

White Howlite Jewelry

White Howlite is a crystal that can be easily carved into desired shapes and so you can find a variety of jewelry pieces made out of White Howlite, the most bought being necklaces, bead bracelets, pendants, rings, and malas.

Wearing Howlite jewelry accounts for the reduction of bad temper, negative emotions, and even your fears. 

It also helps in renewing the heart chakra when worn as a mala or necklace.

However, wearing Howlite jewelry every day should be avoided as excessive vibrations can seldom overwhelm the user. 

Meditation with White Howlite

Having a meditation practice with White Howlite will transport you to a different setting, where you will be alone but not lonely. 

There will be your spirit guides to illuminate the higher level of perspective in you.

Meditating regularly with White Howlite will help you to bond with the crystal better and will help you find your inner peace.

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow for effective and efficient practice:-

  • Find a perfect location where you can connect to your elements. Make sure you are sitting at a place where you feel more grounded and attached to mother earth.


  • Sit back straight on your mat, holding the crystal in your hand and feeling the power entering your body.


  • Focus on your breath and chant an affirmation in your mind, having the faith in making it happen.


  • Ask for peace, while constantly inhaling and exhaling, and visualize your intentions as well.


  • White Howlite will increase the level of mental and spiritual awareness when you concentrate on consuming its positive energy.


  • You can pair White Howlite with Orange Calcite for dissolving the stagnant energy in your environment.


  • Practice meditation till you feel refreshed and motivated. Follow this process daily for building a healthy balance in your life.

 White Howlite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

 White Howlite does not correspond to any particular birth month or planetary energy in modern birthstone history, but it is believed that those related to the zodiac signs “Gemini” and “Virgo” are likely to experience wondrous benefits of this stone.

Geminis are very adaptable and intellectual but they can also be impulsive in certain situations and for that, White Howlite is the finest crystal. 

Making complete use of it the way we have described above will help Geminis in improving the balance of mind and spirit.

Virgos tend to have an overactive mind and often fail in maintaining grounding energy. 

White Howlite works beautifully in this case. It helps the Virgos to stay grounded and connected to earthly energies by its calming energy.  

White Howlite and Chakras

White Howlite is versatile enough to connect with all the 7 chakras, but the primary chakra that this crystal connects to is Crown Chakra. 

Crown Chakra is the seat of immense knowledge and creative thinking. It illuminates your energy center, enriching your thoughts with new ideas. 


For opening the crown chakra with the help of White Howlite, close your eyes and gently place the crystal over your crown area. 

Stay focused and let the crystal scatter its vibrations to connect with your crown chakra.

White Howlite is also associated with the third eye chakra and the heart chakra and hence you can glide it over those areas and feel them opening with your spiritual abilities.

Best White Howlite Stone Combination 

White Howlite is itself a powerful protective and healing stone but did you know that the properties of this crystal can be intensified?

Well, you just have to find a perfect match for White Howlite that helps you to experience deeper levels of patience. 

We have figured out 3 crystals that go hand in hand with White Howlite but you can always experiment and select the combination that keeps your emotions at peace.

White Howlite and Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone, both in its appearance and properties. 

It is said to contain feminine energy that induces the feeling of love and compassion towards others and yourself. 

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra and when used with White Howlite, the pair acts as an excellent antidote to aggression and anxiety. 

They work together for lifting grey clouds of spiritual as well as emotional pain by increasing the vibrations of positivity for one another.

White Howlite and Amethyst

Amethyst is a variety of Quartz with a lustrous purple hue. It is said to be a natural tranquilizer that aids in increasing spiritual awareness.

When Amethyst is paired with White Howlite, they both aid in the opening of crown chakra as Amethyst and Howlite are connected with it.

White Howlite and Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a crystal that is formed by volcanic lava. It is an excellent cleansing stone that also heals your worn-out energy. 

Black obsidian connects to your root chakra, and when used along with White Howlite, it draws off negativity from the surroundings and returns it to the earth. 

This combination wards off toxicity and evil energy, providing a peaceful aura altogether.

How to Cleanse and Care For Your White Howlite Stone

You cannot expect your crystal to work proficiently if you are being lazy to cleanse it. 

Just like you clean yourself, your crystals also need cleaning and there are quite a few ways by which you can cleanse your White Howlite off the negative energy and clustered debris.

Taking care of White Howlite
  • Sound cleansing – Cleansing White Howlite through sound vibrations has always been a primary method.

    You will have to place this crystal in a singing bowl and play it. The vibrations produced will aid in the cleansing of Howlite.


  • Rice cleansing – Throw in some rice(preferably brown rice) into a bowl and place the White Howlite into it.

    Let the crystal sit in there for a few hours, once it’s done throw away the rice as it may have absorbed the negative energy from White Howlite.


  • Water cleansing – The easiest method to clean White Howlite is by soaking it in water.

    You want to leave the crystal in water for about 30 – 60 minutes and let it extract all the debris from the crystal. 

You can also add soap to the water but remember to pat it dry completely after use.

  • Smoke cleansing – Aromatherapy is often used to cleanse White Howlite.

    Bathe the crystal in the smoke of sage, incense, or palo santo wood and let the smoke envelop your White Howlite.


  •  Moonlight cleansing – Moon is the most natural method for cleansing White Howlite.

    All you need to do is take advantage of the full moon and let the Howlite sit under the feminine light of the moon and cleanse itself.

Can White Howlite Go in Water?


White Howlite is a brittle yet porous stone that is appropriate to put in water for cleansing.

You can rinse Howlite with normal water however the contact of saltwater should be avoided because it can rupture the surface of your crystal.

White Howlite is a fragile stone, therefore soaking it in water for more than an hour might cause damage to it. 

You can always use natural soap and lukewarm water for better cleansing results but keep in mind that you do not use harsh chemicals that contain bleaching agents or citric acids because they will do irreversible destruction to your precious White Howlite.

Can you drink White Howlite Infused Water?

White Howlite is undissolvable in water to some extent, hence, having a proper track of time and favorable situations, will result in healthy, toxin-free crystal-infused water that you can preferably consume before sleeping.

There are multiple benefits of using White Howlite in drinking water. It persuades a good sleep and keeps calcium-related diseases at bay.

You would also notice a differentiable glow on your skin.

While preparing the crystal-infused water, do keep in mind not to immerse White Howlite in water for a long time.

How to Charge and Activate White Howlite?

Charging your crystals helps them to retain their power and further transmit it to you. 

It increases their ability to perform the tasks they are made for, without blocking or trapping the energy.

Some of the ways to charge White Howlite are:-

  1. Sun charging – For this method, you will need to immerse White Howlite in water and then keep it outside in the sun and let it charge from its rays.

    Sun has masculine charging energy and you would feel the strength your crystal gains after charging.

    Do not leave the crystal in water for more than an hour.

  2. Moonlight charging – The subtle rays of the moon charge your crystal with a calming and intuitive energy.


    You need to keep White Howlite on a window sill or out in your garden where it can completely absorb the soft energy from the moon.

  3. Charging with other crystalsSome crystals can charge other crystals, Selenite being one of them. 

    You just have to wrap White Howlite with Selenite and leave them together.

    Unwrap them after a few hours and you have a freshly charged White Howlite.

 How to Program White Howlite?

 Programming your crystal is the best way to build a bridge of communication. Once you start programming it before meditation, there’s no going back. 

This practice will enhance the power of White Howlite and facilitate the connection with higher realms.

To program White Howlite, the initial step is to cleanse and deprogram your crystal.

After you are done clearing out the negative energy, follow these simple steps to program your White Howlite.

  1. Hold the Howlite in your left hand (since the energy gets absorbed through your left hand) and try to relax your mind, clearing away all the thoughts.


  2. Have an affirmation prepared already for your crystal and say it out loud as if instructing the Howlite to complete the work for you.


  3. Envision your intention as you speak it for the crystal and have faith while the entire process because that is what matters in the effective programming of White Howlite.


  4. After you are done programming the crystal, try to keep it near you for a few days to experience the extraordinary benefits.

Here are some of the affirmations that you can take inspiration from, the next time you program White Howlite:-

  • I ask this crystal to attract wealth and prosperity for me.


  • I dedicate my crystal to bring peace and love to my life.


  • I want this crystal to eliminate the feeling of rage and selfishness within me.
White Howlite Shapes

White Howlite Shapes and Forms

Raw Stones – Raw Stones, as the name suggests are crystals that are untouched and unpolished.

They are completely organic and are considered to be the purest form of White Howlite as they have been not altered by any means and so the energy is very prominent.

You can find raw White howlite stones in all sizes varying from small and portable to large clusters.

The price also varies with the size of the stone, but no matter what the proportion is, White Howlite has the same healing benefits on the user.

Crystal Points – White Howlite crystal points are meant for directing the energy from you or towards you, depending upon the manner you hold it while meditating.

If you hold the crystal point facing towards yourself, you could experience energy drawing inwards and if you wish to get rid of negative energy within you, hold the crystal point facing outwards.

The pointed tip of the crystal is also known as termination through which you can have the benefit of better energy flow.

Tumbled Stones – Tumbled stones are comparatively small, rounded, pebble-like stones that are polished, unlike raw stones.

They are best known to create a shield of protection and are the best ones to accompany your meditation as they feel good to hold.

Apart from healing, White Howlite tumbled stones can add to the beauty of your room. You can fill them in your glass vases or potted plants to enhance the beauty of your room.

Where to buy White Howlite?

We have listed the best online stores from where you can buy your favorite White Howlite crystals:-

1) Howlite on Etsy  – This is the vastest website where you can find a multitude of Howlite stones, pillars, jewelry, and ornaments.

2) Howlite jewelry – You will find a variety of White Howlite jewelry on this site. There’s bracelets, earrings, necklaces, malas, rings and what not. You will not be able to stop yourself from buying the beautiful howlite jewelry.

How To Tell If White Howlite Is Real?

White Howlite is not a precious or expensive stone and hence it is very less likely to make a fake Howlite.

However, White Howlite can itself be used as an imitation stone due to its white color and porous texture.

Crystals that are of high value in the market are often imitated and sold at much lower prices by some unfaithful crystal sellers.

Turquoise is the most popular stone that is imitated by White Howlite due to the similarity in the grey and brown veins in it

About 85 – 90 % of Turquoise available, is in reality just dyed White Howlite. 

Apart from Turquoise, crystals such as red coral and other colored crystals are imitated by White Howlite.

Final thoughts on White Howlite

You must have been fairly acquainted with our superstar, “White Howlite” after going through this article. 

We discussed everything you need to know before getting your hands on it. 

This beautiful white stone with brown-black veins is simply incredible. It will take care of your physical health and create mental as well as spiritual awareness.

The healing benefits of Howlite Stone are remarkable and if you haven’t tried it out yet, you are missing out on something very special.

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