Rose Quartz water safe

Can ROSE QUARTZ Go In Water? (Read this before you cleanse your Crystal)

Rose Quartz is one of the most stunning crystals from the Quartz family that takes care of your emotional health and aids in feminine balance.

Belonging from a hard crystal race, Rose Quartz is suitable to go in water without any fear of damage hence, you can soak Rose Quartz in normal water, spring water, soapy water, and lukewarm water for cleansing purposes.

Continue reading to know more about the bonding of Rose Quartz with different kinds of water.

Is Rose Quartz water safe?

Rose Quartz (and other crystals from the Quartz family) score a solid 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, hence you can put Rose Quartz in water without worrying about any alteration in its natural form.

Now that you know that Rose Quartz may be safely placed in water, there are a few other things to consider when it comes to various other types of water such as saline water, moon, and bathwater.

Find out whether your treasured Rose Quartz can tolerate various types of water conditions in the following section.

Can Rose Quartz go in water?

Can Rose Quartz be cleansed in water?

Rose Quartz helps you in your healing path since the crystal metaphysically absorbs bad energy and imbalances in the body. 

Rose Quartz soak up the negative energies around itself and radiate positive energy in turn. 

Due to energy accumulation, the healing energy of your crystal might get blocked, and that is the reason why Rose Quartz must be cleaned and recharged frequently to maintain its vibrational frequencies for chakra balancing and other intention-setting purposes.

Rose Quartz is water safe, hence, the simplest and most popular way of cleaning it is by washing the crystal with water.   

To clean Rose Quartz, you can immerse it in a bowl of cold water for 2-5 minutes or just hold it under running cold water as water is an excellent neutralizer and cleanser that washes off all the debris from your beautiful pink stone.

After you are done cleaning, charge your Rose Quartz to bring out its therapeutic emotional healing properties.

Can Rose Quartz go in Salt Water?

Rose Quartz, being a  moderately hard stone can be safely immersed in saltwater. However, it is not advised to soak Rose Quartz in saline water for more than 12 hours as the crystal’s surface may be harmed if exposed to salt for extended periods of time.

Some crystal lovers choose to wash their Rose Quartz by utilizing the cleansing properties of natural bodies of water such as ocean water and seawater.

While this is a wonderful and efficient technique for cleansing your crystal, it is not accessible to everyone, thus, it is suggested that you cleanse Rose Quartz by preparing a saltwater bath at your home and put the crystal in there for a few hours and attain a refreshed and energized Rose Quartz.

Can Rose Quartz go in Moon Water?

Moonlight is another crystal cleaning technique that uses natural healing lunar energy to recharge and enhance the energy of Rose Quartz.

You can prepare moon water by filling a transparent glass jar with purified, fresh water and setting it outdoors, close to nature, or on a window sill where it can completely absorb the feminine energy of the moon. 

You can then place the piece of Rose Quartz in the charged water and let it brew your crystal with its subtle vibrations.

A Full Moon or Supermoon is an excellent time to charge Rose Quartz in moon water due to the heightened Full Moon energy, which will assist in energizing your crystal, thereby providing numerous health benefits to you.

Can Rose Quartz go in Bath Water?

Adding Rose Quartz in bath water is an excellent method to imbibe the energy of compassion and love that this crystal contains, therefore you must make Rose Quartz a part of your crystal bathing ritual.

Rose Quartz assists in creating a comfortable bathing atmosphere for you by producing refreshing energy. 

For luxuriating your bathing experience, dump Bath Bombs or other natural and organic bathing products that compliment your Rose Quartz-infused bath.

However, you should avoid using potentially harmful bath products like bath salt, and any product having harsh chemicals in them since they may harm your Rose Quartz.

Can you drink Rose Quartz-infused water?

Water that is imbued with the goodness of Rose Quartz is called Rose Quartz infused water and it is completely safe and healthy to drink this water.

Consuming Rose Quartz water aids in the promotion of forgiveness and spiritual communication. 

It also brings love and compassion into your life. 

The presence of Rose Quartz has the power to make its surroundings open and secure. 

This may also assist you in keeping negative energy and bad vibes at bay, thereby providing healing benefits of Rose Quartz.

How to prepare Rose Quartz Elixir?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to prepare Rose Quartz elixir:-

Step 1: Get the Crystal Ready

Before creating a Rose Quartz elixir, make sure that the crystal has been cleaned thoroughly as you don’t want a negatively saturated crystal to prepare crystal elixir with.

Step 2: Immerse it in freshwater

When a crystal is put in water and blessed with a good intention, it alters the properties of the water for good and makes it more beneficial and healthy for consumption,

For preparing Rose Quartz elixir, pour spring water or fresh moon water in crystal water bottles made of glass, since glass amplifies the power of your crystal and is the healthiest material because it does not change the characteristics of the water. 

Step 3: Allow it to Rest

You can leave your Rose Quartz crystals in water for about 24 hours and expose them to sunlight or moonlight ( whatever suits your crystals ). Strain the gem water prepared through a filter paper to remove any insoluble impurity.  


Rose Quartz is a crystal that can be safely immersed in water as it has a hardness rate of 7 on the Mohs scale.

However, when it comes to saltwater, extreme care is required because prolonged immersion may damage or even dissolve your crystal, hence, do not put Rose Quartz in salt water for more than 12 hours.

Rose Quartz can also be used to prepare crystal-infused water and crystal elixir because of its balancing properties that aid in the betterment of your physical health, therefore you must include this stone in your collection of crystals.

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