how to Moon water manifestation

You Should Know This About Moon Water Manifestation

Do you want to feel magical? Then all your answers lie within the lunar energy of the moon.

If you fall under the category of people who wax and wane according to the moon, then this post is just for you.

Moon water is full of feminine energy which is used for various healing and manifestation purposes.

Some people make use of moon energies to cleanse their space while others use it to manifest.

The ancient practice of manifestation in the company of moon water is said to turn your dreams into reality.

The energetic properties of this combination aid in the boost of energy as well as creating psychic awareness.

Keep reading to know more about the magical properties of moon water.

how to Moon water manifestation

Moon Water Properties

Moon water is no less than medicine.

It is in fact, a magical potion that furnishes a current of positive energy. In the magical world, moon water is used as a source to energize spells. 

The main feature of moon water is, that it is filled with the dazzling cosmic energy of the universe that manifests rays of positive energy and you can use this power to eliminate the stagnant energy within your auric field.

The properties of moon water, however, keep changing according to the moon phase.

  • Moon Water On A New Moon Day

As understood from the name itself, the new moon represents fresh starts or new beginnings, and the fresh moon water prepared during this time attracts newness and vitality in your life.

The ultimate gifts of new moon water are to help one achieve goals, balance new relationships, and build a deeper level of understanding.

  • Moon Water During Waxing/Crescent Moon 

You have already started new things with the help of new moon water.

Now, to make them grow and prosper, you need to consume drops of moon water during the crescent moon phase.

Waxing moon mainly represents the growth of a dark moon into a full moon and so, it brings powerful energy to your life as well.

  • Moon Water On A Full Moon Day

A full moon represents completion and it is the ideal time when you concentrate and let go of past traumas.

The magical water prepared during this time of moon phase, allowing full exposure to moonlight, increases your vibrational energy and furnishes a sense of fullness.

  • Moon Water During Waning Moon

A waning moon represents the time where you re-evaluate your past decisions and situations. It is during this phase that you can think deeply over the journey of your life.

The waning moon water will help you raise your energy levels and give you an extra boost of immense spiritual power as well.

It will also remove any negativity and toxicity from your surroundings.

What Is The Purpose Of Moon Water?

There are endless benefits of moon water and once start using it, there is no going back!

The primary purpose of moon water is to remove negativity from your life.

It is a powerful tool to fill your life with spiritual energy and it works effectively when the practice of preparing moon water is performed as a monthly ritual.

Apart from removing negativity, moon water also helps in manifestation. It connects you directly to the universe and makes your affirmations happen.

You can also water your plants using moon water as it aids in promoting the growth of your plants.

If you are stressed and need a break, then consider having a moon water bath. This magical water will release all your pressure and anxiety, providing a peaceful experience.

Moon water

How to do Moon Water Manifestation?

Requirements: A piece of paper, pen/pencil, a box, candles, and lighter/matches.


  1. Start by lighting a candle and set out all the disturbing thoughts in your mind. Do not start until you can completely focus on your intentions.
  2. Spend some time thinking about what you want to attract from the universe and simultaneously release into it.
  3. Write down all your desires or affirmations on a piece of paper, and the things you expect from life in the near future.
  4. Place this piece of paper in a box or any closed container.
  5. Keep this locked box in moon water carefully and let your paper of manifestation soak all the energies.
  6. Take out the paper after 24 hours and stick it somewhere you can read it daily.
  7.  Repeat the affirmations aloud at least twice every day. 

Can Moon Water Charge Crystals?

Moon water itself is a very energetic and powerful source that can easily transmit its healing vibrational energy to those seeking it.

And when it comes to crystals, moon water is one of the main sources to charge them.

Its magical properties pull out the negative energies stored in your crystals and act as a source of cleansing and charging them. 

Some of the crystals that can be charged through this moon water ritual are Rose Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst.


No matter in which phase you are preparing moon water, everything boils down to your intentions.

The result of any manifestation will depend upon your thoughts and expectations. Moon water only adds energy to your desires.

Simultaneously, it also helps you to connect and manifest the immense power that the universe has to offer.

Therefore, try to draw as many benefits as you possibly can from this natural source of manifestation and success.

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