is Malachite Water Safe

Can MALACHITE Go In Water? Read this before you dip it in water.

Malachite is a copper mineral with a fantastic greenish tone and a silky luster.

Along with its unique appearance, Malachite stone is famous for its powerful healing benefits. This wonderful crystal enhances your heart chakra, increases bone strength, and brings positive energy to your life.

Like any other crystal, Malachite Green should also be cleaned properly at regular intervals to get rid of the piled-up negative energy.

Although water is the best cleansing agent for some crystals, you should be careful while putting Malachite in water as it is a relatively faint crystal in terms of hardness.

Is Malachite water safe?

Placing crystals in water is a great way to make them clean and recharged. But, certain properties of Malachite make the crystal water unsafe.

Malachite has a score of 3.5 – 4 on the Mohs scale, which determines the hardness of a substance. Any material with a Mohs score of less than 6 is considered a soft mineral, making Malachite a non-hard crystal.

Being a soft mineral, Malachite’s particles may dissolve in water if immersed for a long period of time and eventually make the water toxic and unfit to use.

Also, the desolvation of surface particles will make the crystal even fragile. Hence, putting Malachite in water for long hours would affect the durability of your crystal.

However, a quick exposure to water won’t alter the strength of Malachite and so with a measured amount of time and temperature regulation, Malachite can be placed in water.

Warning: Do not put Malachite in extremely warm water or cold water.

Crystals like Selenite, Fluorite, and Howlite should also be prohibited from going into the water.

Can Malachite go in water

Can Malachite be cleansed in water?

Extended contact time with water may make Malachite Green soft, but you can still use water to clean the crystal.

All you need to do is, dip Malachite gently in a bowl of fresh water and take it out within a minute. Let the crystal dry by either exposing it to sunlight or patting it with a dry cloth.  

There are some alternate ways to clean Malachite:-

  • Using a wet cloth or a soft brush
  • Placing it in moonlight 
  • Rubbing it with sage.
  • Letting Malachite absorb the smoke of sacred herbs.

Can Malachite go in Saltwater?

Malachite should not be put in salt water at all as the salt particles can react with Malachite, eventually damaging your crystal.

Malachite’s chemical composition is copper carbonate hydroxide and it reacts when comes in contact with the molecules of salt, making your crystal weaker.

Along with compromising the strength of Malachite, you will also initiate the production of highly toxic fumes if you immerse this crystal in salt water, hence, it is suggested to keep salt water away from Malachite.

Can Malachite go in moon water?

Moonlight has a great significance when it comes to crystals and healing. Moon possesses the ultimate removal efficiency when it comes to unwanted energy, in and around your crystals.

It is a powerful source of positive vibrations and can recharge all your crystals, including Malachite.

However, Moon water ( prepared by placing water in the moonlight ) is not safe for Malachite as this crystal cannot afford the exposure to water overnight. 

Therefore, instead of putting your Malachite crystal in moon water for the entire night, you can place it under direct moonlight, preferably on a full moon night, when the moon’s charging power is at its highest!

Can Malachite go in the bathwater?

Having a healing crystal infuse your bathwater radiates a multitude of benefits for the skin and body. A crystal bath purifies the water and surroundings, creating an energetic vibe.

Bathing with crystals relaxes and calms your physical and emotional plane as well.

But, owing to the soft nature of Malachite, you should not put it in your bathwater.

Considering that the bathwater will stay in direct contact with your skin, the disintegration of Malachite particles in your bath water is likely to cause skin irritation and even a fungal infection.

Nb: It also depends on skin type. Some may have allergic reactions, while some may not

Although, a simple and safer way to use Malachite during bathing is, placing the crystals inside your bathroom, or on your bathtub rim and let them radiate positive energy all around your bathroom, making it fresh and vibrant.

Lapis Lazuli and Black Tourmaline are one of the best stones to have a crystal bathing ritual with.

Can you drink Malachite-infused water?

Malachite is a toxic stone when put in water for a long duration of time, and so you should not drink Malachite-infused water.

Malachite crystal has a fair copper content and consuming extremely high quantities of copper ions can lead to diseases and allergies, thus Malachite is unfit for drinking purposes.

However, if you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of crystal-infused water, consider consuming infused water prepared by some harder crystals like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Sodalite.

How to prepare Malachite elixir?

Crystal elixirs are a powerful source of energy that fills your spirit and mind with a charge of enthusiasm and optimism, upgrading your energy level.

They are specially meant for clearing away unwanted energy from your aura.

As we know, Malachite Green is a soft as well as a toxic stone, it should thus be avoided for preparing crystal elixir.

Malachite is a fragile mineral with highly reactive compounds present in it which will make the water toxic if kept in contact with water for a long duration of time.

Due to this reason, Malachite elixir should be prepared using the indirect method.

Here is a step by step guide for making a Malachite Elixir:

  1.     Select the finest Malachite crystal and cleanse it thoroughly.
  2.     Put it in a glass jar to ensure transmission of energy.
  3.     Place the jar inside a big container.
  4.     Add the volume of water you require to prepare the elixir in the container.
  5.     Place it under the moonlight to attract positive energy from the moon,
  6.     Malachite Green elixir is ready.

Malachite elixir increases your energy and vibrations, making you optimistic.

It also helps in maintaining the health of your heart and other organs as well.


Malachite is a fantastic mineral that does magic to your body, mind, and spirit.

But due to its lower Mohs scale value and the presence of reactive compounds, you should try to avoid bringing Malachite in contact with water for a continuous duration of time.

Short-term contact with water may not affect its strength and durability significantly, however, long and continuous exposure to water should be avoided.

Instead of water, you can use alternative methods to cleanse and recharge it.

Doing so will help you enjoy the long-lasting benefits of Malachite without compromising on its durability.

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