is Fluorite Water Safe

Can you put FLUORITE STONE in water? (You might be taking a risk)

Fluorite is a very common stone, known for its incredible healing properties. It comes in a wide variety of colors, depending upon the presence of chemical impurities.

It is mostly found in a greenish hue, followed by purple and several other colors, the purest being translucent Fluorite. 

Besides having an attractive appearance, Fluorite is also said to have high vibrations that aid in removing negative energy from your surroundings.

It heals your spirit and makes you stronger, both physically and emotionally.

Water is the primary component used to clean crystals, especially Quartz crystals and Calcites. But you need to be aware of certain properties while dipping the crystals in water.

In this post, we will be spilling the tea on the relationship of Fluorite with water.

Fluorite comes under the category of a soft mineral, hence you should be careful about immersing the crystal in water for long periods of time.

Can Fluorite go in water

Is Fluorite Water safe?

The Mohs scale is used to express the hardness of a mineral.

The value ranges from 1 for the softest mineral to10 for the hardest mineral.

Any mineral that has a Mohs scale value less than 6 is considered soft and Fluorite, having a score of 4, comes under the category of soft minerals.

Putting Fluorite in water will make it weaker in terms of both physical properties and healing powers, but that doesn’t mean that the mineral will completely dissolve in water within seconds. Continuous exposure to water is what affects the strength of Fluorite.

Although Fluorite is water safe and can resist the contact of water, extended exposure to cold water and hot water must be avoided.

Can Fluorite be cleansed in water?

Water cleansing is a popular way to make your Fluorite clean and energetic, but prolonged exposure to water may make it lose its strength and energy.

However, water cleansing can be performed occasionally.

You can also go for the spraying method, or simply rub your Fluorite with a wet cloth. In both cases, you must dry the crystal immediately using a dry cloth.

There are some better methods of cleansing Fluorite that can be used as an alternative:-

  • Polish them regularly
  • Rub with sacred bushes, making your mineral not only clean but also recharged.
  • Keep in sunlight or moonlight to get rid of unwanted energies in your Fluorite

These methods can help in cleaning Fluorite without compromising on its strength.

Can Fluorite go in Salt Water?

The chemical composition of Fluorite is Calcium Fluoride and that of common salt is Sodium Chloride and when these two compounds come in contact, irreversible reactions may occur and cause deterioration of the strength of your Fluorite mineral.

Additionally, there are certain impurities present in Fluorite crystals (These impurities determine the color of a Fluorite crystal) that can further react when they come in contact with sodium chloride.

These reactions make Fluorite lose not only its power but also the particles on the outer surface of the crystal.

Along with that, high pressure exerted by the salt water significantly affects the strength of the mineral and causes the formation of pores. Thus, you should always avoid putting Fluorite in salt water.

Can Fluorite go in Moon Water?

Moonlight is commonly used to recharge crystals and fill them with its soft, feminine energy.

There is no trouble in bringing Fluorite in contact with moon water but it would be better to avoid putting the crystal in moon water for the whole night as it can affect its strength. 

But since moonlight is an incredible source of natural light, you can certainly perform the moon water cleansing ritual once a month.

You can also place Fluorite under direct moonlight and recharge the lost energy by the peaceful white light of the moon. 

Can Fluorite go in Bath Water?

Adding crystals in bathwater is an effective way to have a calming bathing experience. It soothes your mind and body, thereby reducing stress and frustration.

While some hard crystals like Rose Quartz, Calcites, Citrine, and Smokey Quartz are safe to be used in bathwater, some stones with less hardness rate should be completely avoided to soak in bathwater.

Fluorite, due to its softness, is not the perfect crystal to put in your bathtub, but with a controlled soaking period of time, it can deliver benefits like regulating the health of bones and enamel.

However, when this crystal fuses with the bath water for a prolonged period, it may cause skin irritations.     

Using chemical-based bathing accessories along with Fluorite can further react with the Calcium Fluoride particles, or impurities present in them, making them potentially toxic.

Although, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the spiritual and health benefits of Fluorites during bathing.

All you need to do is, place the crystal in the corners of your bathroom or bathtub instead of directly immersing it in water and you have a crystal bath ready!

Can you drink Fluorite-infused water?

Crystal-infused water is known to have an incredible ability to impart energy to the person consuming it.

Crystals usually have a great vibrational frequency and when used to prepare crystal-infused drinking water, they induce a flow of harmonious energy in the body.

However, Fluorite crystals may have some impurities that can enter your body and cause side effects, producing toxic compounds, hence, you should not let the crystals of Calcium Fluoride in drinking water.

How to make Fluorite elixir?

Crystal elixirs are an incredible source of positive energy and when used regularly, your body’s frequency comes in equilibrium with that of the crystal’s energy.

As a result, a protective layer will be formed around your aura, preventing evil elements from ruining your energy field. 

But since Fluoridated water can be toxic upon direct contact, you should go for the indirect contact water method. 

Here’s how to make fluorite elixir using the indirect method:

  1. Take fine crystals of Fluorite and put them in a jar, preferably a glass jar.
  2. Place the jar in a clean, bigger vessel.
  3. Add fresh water to the vessel.
  4. Keep it under a full moon overnight and let the water turn into a magical elixir. 
  5. Take the crystal out and your fluorite elixir is ready to use.

Consuming Fluorite elixir and using it on your body frequently will make you energetic, and fill your body and spirit with positivity.


Fluorite has great healing powers. Its presence can hence benefit your body and spirit. But as a soft mineral, it may dissolve in water.

Putting Fluorite in water will make the crystal more fragile and water, toxic. Hence, you better avoid bringing it in direct contact with water for a long time.

Even if you put Fluorite in water, consider making it a rapid rinse under tap water and then pat it dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

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