How to make Moon Water in Winter

How to make Moon Water in Winter? You should read this

It is human nature to always be in search of secrets that we can’t comprehend, and that is why the moon and its magic have remained a subject of fascination to us.

Moon is an object of mystery and mysticism, and for decades we’ve tried to align our existence with this powerful celestial body.

We talk so highly of the moon and its energy, imagine the power of this cosmic object sealed off in a jar just for you to bring magic into your life whenever you want.

That is exactly what a jar of Moon-charged water would do!

What if I tell you, that you landed just in the right place?

As in this article, we are going to take you through the process of making your very own Moon Water by harnessing the moon magic.

Moon Water is basically just water charged with lunar energy during a certain phase of the moon cycle.

The phase is chosen depending on the kind of moon energy you want to attract and the intention you’re setting for your Moon Water.

You can use the moon-charged water for almost anything from washing your face to cleaning your house to watering your plants.

Now, let’s see how to trap the power of the cosmos in a jar, and the ways to avoid the roadblocks in this spiritual process.

How to make Moon Water in Winter

How to make Moon Water?

Making Moon Water is probably one of the easiest rituals in the witch’s grimoire.

All you need is a mason jar and water.

You need to choose a moon phase depending on your intentions and fill up the jar (glass, preferably) with water.

You can use regular water, bottled water, or spring water, depending on what you plan to do with the Moon Water.

Place the vessel of water outside or on a window sill at night, just in an area where the water is exposed to the moon, and let the moon water ritual be completed without any resistance.

Retrieve it early in the morning before the sun decides to show up (Just for this once let’s get up early because we don’t want the sun to hit the water).

And et voilà, your Moon Water is all ready for you to remove any negative energy in your energy field.

How to make Moon Water in Winter?

Some people prefer to keep the bowl of water prepared indoors as they worry about their jar breaking or the moon water freezing during the winters.

While this is a personal preference, it is recommended to keep the water exposed to the moon for this ritual.

You could leave a little space in the jar for the water to expand if it freezes, but there is absolutely no harm in making moon water outside in winters.

You can always bring the frozen glass container of the moon-charged water inside and just thaw it before use. The water will still charge up and have every bit of the magic that normal moon water does. 

Does it have to be a Full Moon to make Moon Water? Can Moon Water be made without a Full Moon?

A full moon is a period when the moon’s energy is at its peak.

Most people prefer to make the moon water during a full moon to trap this outburst of positive energy. It is basically the norm because the abundant lunar energy at this time helps to connect with our intuition more easily.

However, there is no hard and fast rule that says, you can’t make moon water without a full moon.

Moon water can be made during any phase of the lunar cycle depending on the kind of energy you’re attracting for your water and life.

Different phases give the energy to help realize different spiritual intentions. You can try and make it during the phase that fits your intentions. However, regardless of the phase, the moon will charge your water up, and so you can make moon water at any time of the month.

Tip: Do not prepare the moon water in case of a Lunar Eclipse since it would not allow the right energies to flow in, eventually clashing with the intention of preparing moon water.

Can Moon Water be made with Tap Water?

You can use any kind of water that is easily available to you for preparing moon water.

You can take a bucketful of water straight out of the ocean or fill up a glass from under the tap at your house. Both would work just the same.

But, if you plan to ingest it, make sure to use a potable source of water like distilled water, spring water, or freshwater. If the tap water at your place is safe to drink, by all means, go ahead with it.

If you want to cleanse and charge your crystals like Howlite, Selenite, or Fluorite with moon water, it is recommended that the lunar water is free of salts so that you accidentally do not damage one of your crystals. 

For other purposes like cleaning the house, you could use pond water, distilled water, or ocean water, basically any source of water as long as it is clean enough to use.

After all, you wouldn’t want tadpoles swimming in your moon water, would you?

The type of water just needs to be kept in mind depending on what use the moon water will be put to.

Can Moon Water be made in a plastic bottle?

While there’s no binding rule that only a glass container is to be used for preparing moon water, it is usually preferred to use a glass jar as it does not interfere with the energies in the process.

You could use a plastic bottle or Tupperware container but remember that plastic is harmful to Mother Nature, and here, in this process, we are harnessing her powers and so, it would be disrespectful if we harm our environment.

Glass is the most preferred material for such processes dealing with the extraordinary cosmic and spiritual energies, as it does not add any energy of its own to meddle with the ritual, and hence, is the perfect substance to prepare moon water.


Moon water is a versatile magical liquid that can be used for multiple purposes.

There are no binding rules for preparing moon-charged water except for a few things that you should avoid to get the best out of it.

Some people like to put water-safe crystals like Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Black Obsidian in the moon water to add their energies to the water.

You could also add herbs like Mugwort and even essential oils of your choice to support the intentions you desire for moon water manifestation. Whatever intention you’ve set with the water, be it be love, power, peace, acceptance, or forgiveness, it’ll work towards bringing them and fill your spirit with positive energy.

Using the moon water in some way in your daily routine will just dispel that energy in your life. Just remember to believe in the magic and change moon water can bring to your life, believe that the Universe is working for you.

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