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Is It Safe To Put Carnelian Stone In Water? (Know the details)

If you’re a crystal enthusiast, you must be aware of the amazing powers that dwell within Carnelian stone. If not, you’re in for a treat!

Carnelian is the stone that ties within itself, hues of sunset and energy of the Sun. This reddish-brown crystal has won the favors of the people in modern and ancient times alike for a reason.

Carnelian stone opens the gateways of positive energy and abundant luck in your life.

And so, it’s important to keep the crystal safe, that protects you from all harm, and the best method to shield and care for your Carnelian stone is by regularly cleansing and recharging it by water.

But, are Carnelian and water really friends, or is water just a toxic friend in disguise?

Let’s explore more and learn the details to help our Carnelian keep its magic safe.

Is Carnelian Water-Safe?

The short and sweet answer to this is, yes! Your Carnelian won’t freak out if you introduce it to the water.

The hardness of a crystal is what determines its relationship with water, and Carnelian, scoring a 7 on the Mohs scale, is absolutely water safe.

There are certain crystals that despise water because it makes them lose their luster or worse, dissolves them.

Carnelian Stone, however, does not come under that category and can happily sit inside a tub of water, giving out its magical essence to every drop of water.

Can Carnelian go in water

Can Carnelian be cleansed in Water?

Just like you wouldn’t keep a dish back in the cabinet without washing it, the same applies to your crystals.

Crystals hold the energy of anything and everything they come in contact with. Hence, cleansing them of the unwanted energy is important, for it to remain useful and functional.

Since Carnelian has a liking for relaxing baths, it is absolutely safe to clean the crystal in water.

You can perform the old trick and rid Carnelian of all its stale and negative energies with just a simple mix of lukewarm water and soap.

Apart from dipping the crystal in water, you can also hold Carnelian under natural running water or tap water 

However, as mystical Carnelian already is, it does not need to be cleansed on a regular basis.

As a bonus, it, in turn, helps in cleansing and recharging other crystals, when kept together with them because of its super energetic vibrations.

Can Carnelian go in Salt Water?

Fresh salt water remains one of the greatest ways to cleanse your crystals.

However, not all crystals can bear contact with salt as salty water can be corrosive to many of them, causing breakage, and Carnelian is a part of that club.

As much as Carnelian likes hanging out with water, it hates when salt tries to third wheel as saltwater can damage the surface of Carnelian, hence you should keep this crystal away from the contact of saltwater.

However, you can cleanse certain crystals like Clear Quartz, Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst in saltwater.

Can Carnelian go in Moon Water?

Moon has been loved by spiritually inclined crystal users for ages and utilizing the moon’s energy for spiritual purposes is a widely accepted and followed practice.

Since water is a highly programmable source of storing and transmuting energy, it is the best fit to complement the subtle energy of the moon.

Preparing moon water is not that tough of a task. You just need to leave fresh water out in the moonlight during a high-energy celestial event like a Full Moon and let the water get imbued by its mystical energy.

Keeping Carnelian in moon water for a sleepover is a great way to help it give up its negative baggage and supercharge its energy, hence, leaving Carnelian in moon water is completely safe and healthy for your crystal. 

Can Carnelian go in Bath Water?

Bathing with water-safe crystals is an amazing way to absorb the natural healing properties of your stones.

Water is a great conductor of energy and so is the human body, which makes crystal bathing a feasible as well as relaxing experience.

You can safely put Carnelian in your bath water as it is not water soluble.

All you need to do is fill your bathtub with normal water and place the Carnelian in water for about 15-20 minutes and then step into a pool of good energies which will help you to connect with the spiritual realms and also aid in activating the solar plexus chakra

However, since salt is corrosive to Carnelian, make sure you don’t make a cocktail of Carnelian and water with any bathing product that contains salts.


Can you drink Carnelian-infused water?

Consuming crystal-infused water lets each cell in your body absorb the healing benefits of the stone and maintain a good energy flow.

It can even speed up the recovery process as the crystal comes in direct contact with your body.

Since Carnelian is non-toxic and does not dissolve in water, hence, preparing crystal-infused drinking water with it is 100% safe.

You can prefer spring water or distilled water for making Carnelian-infused water. 

Monitored consumption of this gem water can help with numerous health issues like arthritis, rheumatism, lower back pain, depression, and fertility issues in women.

Carnelian regulates the fluids in our body, resulting in a healthy circulatory and endocrine system.

How to make Carnelian Elixir?

Crystal Elixirs can infuse magic in your baths or even in the water used to wash your clothes or water your plants, and you do not want to miss out on this amazing source of rejuvenating energy.

For preparing the Carnelian elixir, you need to take a freshly cleansed and charged Carnelian crystal and place it in a glass bowl.

You should preferably take a transparent glass bowl since patterned bowls might interfere with the geometric properties of the crystal. 

Fill the bowl with distilled water such that the crystal gets completely covered with water and then place the bowl of water out to get a sunbath or moon bath.

After a few hours, your magical Elixir is all set to be stored and used. 

NOTE: Tap water is not recommended for preparing elixir because it has minerals of its own which might restrict the natural flow of the process.


Being a water-safe crystal, you can harness the goodness of Carnelian in various different ways.

You’ll be surprised by the benefits that this crystal has to offer when taken care of appropriately.

Carnelian will open the gateways of confidence, good luck, courage, creativity, and motivation in your life. Keeping this stone and harnessing its power to use it against the negativity in your aura will turn your life around for good.

You just need to clean and recharge this crystal using soapy water, lukewarm water, and moon water, and make sure to keep it away from saltwater to prevent any potential damage.

Moreover, you can consume Carnelian water to get the best out of its properties and you can do so by consuming infused water and even elixir.

Therefore, grab your hands on this beautiful and valuable crystal to harness the mystic benefits that it has to furnish. 

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