Sleeping With Moldavite

How to sleep better with Moldavite – Things you need to know

Imagine holding a part of the greater cosmos in the palm of your hand and feeling the energies of the higher plane gush through you as a real sensation that makes your heart thump inside your chest.

That part of the cosmos is Moldavite for you, my friend.

A stone so powerful that it sends vibrational energy you can distinctly feel right when it comes in contact with you.

What if we tell you that Moldavite is much rarer than diamonds?

After reading this article you might be convinced, it’s a better deal to ask for real Moldavite earrings rather than the diamond ones for your next anniversary gift.

Moldavite is said to be a healing crystal that was formed as a result of a meteorite impact and sleeping with Moldavite is subjective as its frequency does not suit everybody, hence, you need to try and observe whether Moldavite can be your sleeping buddy or not.

Let’s look more closely into this piece of solidified magic before you decide to bring it home.

Consider this as an instruction manual that comes with an appliance, however, it is recommended that you REALLY read this one.

Can you sleep with Moldavite

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is an enigmatic stone that encompasses both the energies of the earth and space. It is an extremely rare stone because it isn’t produced by the earth naturally.

About 15 million years ago, when a meteorite crashed into Earth, Moldavite was formed and since it was formed during a single event at just one particular place, we soon might run out of authentic and genuine Moldavite stone.

That is the reason which justifies the rarity of this green crystal. 

Technically speaking, Moldavite is a Tektite, which is a group of impact glasses formed by meteor collisions.

The mystical properties and extraterrestrial energies that this green stone carries within itself have made it a rather popular stone to attain in recent years.

Moldavite is a beautiful stone that has an ambiguous sense of mystery about its form.

The shades of forest green and deep green color add to its sense of unexplainable charm, the fact that it has an essence of something alien.

The Power of Moldavite

With its alien charm, comes the intense energy that Moldavite stone holds within itself. It has an extremely high vibrational energy which is why it acts as the perfect stone to amplify positive frequencies in you.

The best part about Moldavite is that its crystalline energy can be felt almost instantly by anyone who merely holds it.

This sudden transformation and rush of sensations can be overwhelming to the point that the person starts laughing or crying at the moment if they are too sensitive to high vibrations.

Spiritual enthusiasts highly believe in Moldavite’s metaphysical properties because of its extraterrestrial origin.

According to them, Moldavite can help you tune into the higher plane and build a deep connection with the forces of the cosmos more clearly.

This excellent stone creates an energy field around the person who carries it, ensuring high energy levels at all times.

This will also ward off negative energy, and ensure that negative potentials don’t pollute your auric field.

Moldavite is the bodyguard that protects you from all probable harm, and ensures a safe path, sticking by you even in the toughest of situations.

Uses of Moldavite

Moldavite is a powerful stone whose incredible healing benefits can work to transform your energy levels and aid in dream recall, along with helping you to discover the real meaning behind your vivid dreams or abnormal dreams 

It is a mystical stone that works to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual state of its owner.

Pinpointing some uses of Moldavite, we could manage to sort the following for you, though, the actual list is no less than a Sunday shopping spree bill.


  • Moldavite is a heart stone that is excellent for the heart chakra as well as the eye chakra, as its vibrations help remove energy blockages and encourage abundant energy flow.                   
  • Meditation with Moldavite will enhance your spiritual experiences as its energies will help you focus and connect to your intuition more clearly.
  • If you’ve lately been troubled by some spiritual roadblocks that are holding you back, Moldavite will help with your spiritual healing, alignment, and enhancement.
  • This healing stone will ensure the influx of cosmic love and abundance for you and open the channels of astral travel as well.
  • Moldavite is a powerful crystal that helps to eliminate self-doubts and negative effects from your spiritual and emotional bodies.
  • When coupled with other stones like Rose Quartz, Citrine, Black Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, and Clear Quartz, Moldavite’s intensity boosts up and it functions more effectively, providing an enormous amount of energy.

Can you sleep with Moldavite?

After reading the immense benefits of Moldavite, you might feel that it is an excellent stone to snuggle with in your sleep but actually, it’s not what you think.

The extremely high vibrational energy of Moldavite makes it not a great cuddle partner. It might actually cause you to go without sleep for several days and even give you dark circles. Moldavite effects could also disrupt your sleeping pattern because of its powerful energy field.

Just like listening to a heavy metal album will not be your first choice of sleep music, similarly, a crystal with such intense energy isn’t the best crystal to keep under your pillow while sleeping.

However, there is no generalized experience when it comes to working with such mystical objects.

Some people have slept with Moldavite only to receive a lovely experience and positive results while some come across negative experiences.

The problem isn’t the stone but actually the magnitude of its strength that a person can consume.

Hence, your experience with Moldavite depends on the capability of your emotional and physical body to handle the strength of the stone. Once you become accustomed and comfortable with its energies, you could sleep with Moldavite around you.

How to sleep with Moldavite?

One good way to help both, your stone and you accept each other would be to spend more time with it.

Just like if you want to know if a person is right for you, you find ways to spend more time with them. In the same way, spending time with your Moldavite will help you connect to its highly intense powers and embrace them.

Spending quality time with your crystal could include a meditation date, sitting together in a room, holding it in your hands, or just carrying it around with you in the form of jewelry till you start getting used to its presence.

Once you begin to get the idea of how to handle Moldavite’s energies, you could try placing it in your house and gradually bring it a little closer to your bedroom every day to help with the transitioning of being in touch with its energy during sleep.

Once comfortable enough, you could place Moldavite by your bed or under your pillow and let it work its magic even in your sleep.

However, if none of this seems to work out, Moldavite might not be the best match for you.


Moldavite is one of the most powerful stones out there that is believed to be formed as an impact of meteorite.

However, with that extraordinary power, comes the need for balancing it. Hence, Moldavite always needs to be handled with caution, appropriate knowledge, and the right intentions.

Research well about Moldavite’s nature, benefits, and ways to work with it before deciding to get your hands on it.

As this crystal is very precious and rare, it is highly likely for crystal sellers to produce fake Moldavite and sell it under the name of a real one, therefore, you need to be very cautious while buying a Moldavite crystal.

An additionally important thing to keep in mind while having this stone is, to keep it miles away from water as it’ll end up dissolving in water.

Moldavite is an exceptional crystal to have and If you’re lucky enough, someday a piece of true Moldavite will walk into your life and turn it around for good.

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