Can Clear Quartz go in water

Can CLEAR QUARTZ Go In Water? (Read This First)

If you value your crystals as much as we do, the last thing you want to do is damage them. 

It’s critical to keep our beautiful gems and dazzling stones free of any stagnant energy so they can hum at their greatest frequency and perform all of the necessary healing work.

Water cleansing is suitable for some crystals, while it is not recommended for others.

The crystals that have a hardness of 6 or more on the Mohs scale of hardness are perfect to go in the water and Clear Quartz, having a score of 7, is completely safe to put in water.

All the crystals from the Quartz family love to bathe in water, hence, you can leave Clear Quartz in water without the stress of it being dissolved. 

Can Clear Quartz go in water

Is Clear Quartz water safe?

Clear Quartz is a visibly hard crystal that can scratch the surface of glass and putting it in water won’t damage the finish of your lovely stone, therefore it is crystal clear that Clear Quartz is water safe.

Soaking the stone in water for 10-15 minutes will completely Cleanse Clear Quartz, leaving the crystal healthy, shiny, and free of negative energy.

Can Clear Quartz go in water. IS IT SAFE?

Can Clear Quartz be cleansed in water?

If you follow us, you know that one of our favorite things to do is cleanse our crystals as the clean your crystal is, the more powerful effects will it have on you.

It’s important to cleanse your Clear Quartz crystal after extensive usage and absorption of bad energy as it might result in the under-functioning of your crystal.

There are various techniques to cleanse your crystal, one of which is to make use of the most natural cleansing element, water.

Clear Quartz is a strong mineral and is not water-soluble, thus you can clean it with water. You can use regular water and spring water to wash Clear Quartz effectively.

Can Clear Quartz go in Salt Water?

Clear Quartz crystals have the amazing power to remove negative vibrations and unwanted energy from our energy field and this specific feature indicates Clear Quartz’s ability to hold negative energy after repeated use.

Saltwater is one of several practical ways to clean your Clear Quartz and restore its healing properties to its original state and a good saltwater bath is wonderful for achieving pure energy purification in your crystal.

You just need to immerse Clear Quartz crystal in a bowl of water and sprinkle some salt in there. Close the lid and let the saltwater cleanse off all the debris accumulated in the crystal.                  Allow Clear Quartz to sit in the water for a few hours and once you are satisfied, take the crystal out and make sure to pat it dry.

Can Clear Quartz go in Moon Water?

Humans’ fascination with the moon is not new, but the origins of moon water are unknown. The practice of creating moon water, according to what we can discern, has its roots in witchcraft and has been around since the 1800s.

Moon water is nothing but just water that is exposed to the full moon’s light and absorbed part of the lunar energy, and this energized water is highly advantageous for cleansing and charging Clear Quartz.

Moon water transmutes its feminine energy in the crystal, thereby dispelling bad vibes and negative energies, hence, you should consider soaking Clear Quartz in moon water at least once a month.

However, there is one occasion when you don’t want to brew moon water: during a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are gloomy and not the best moon phase to activate Clear Quartz, therefore, you should avoid lunar eclipse for charging Clear Quartz. 

Can Clear Quartz go in Bath Water?

Clear Quartz is the best crystal to complement your bath time routine as it is believed to fill the bathroom with its refreshing and recharging properties.

To get the most out of your crystal, consider drowning it in your bathtub.

Clear Quartz, being a hard crystal, does not disintegrate when in contact with water, and hence, you can immerse it in water and enjoy the benefits it has for you.

If you are still skeptical about placing Clear Quartz directly in water, then take your crystals and form a grid around your bathroom. This will ensure the safety of the crystals as well as radiate positive energy in and around your bathroom.

Can you drink Clear Quartz-infused water?

Clear Quartz is a member of the Quartz family which makes it appropriate to go in the water. 

This crystal offers numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, therefore preparing Clear Quartz infused water is the most effective way to harness those benefits.

You can take a jar or crystal water bottles available in the stores to prepare Clear Quartz infused water.

Make sure to cleanse and charge Clear Quartz before preparing infused water with it as you don’t want any blockages in the crystal’s energy.

After you are done charging, place it in the vessel filled with water and choose a source( sunlight or moonlight ) that your crystal will resonate with.

Once you are happy with the process, take Clear Quartz out of the container, strain the magic water, and VOILA! your Clear Quartz infused water is ready.

 Dehydration Prevention

It’s crucial to remember that dehydration can be a significant health problem and to avoid that, you need to keep drinking water throughout the day.

To diversify your liquid intake, Clear Quartz infused water is the best alternative that can be used to prevent Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, head injury, seizures, and other symptoms of severe dehydration.

Weight Loss

If you’re relying on sugary drinks for your flavored beverages, try switching to infused water to cut your sugar/carb intake that will offer some help in your weight loss journey in the long run.

Water, in general, is thought to aid weight loss by increasing the sensation of fullness.

Cancer Treatment Support

People who are undergoing cancer treatment find it difficult to stay hydrated, and crystal-infused water is recommended as a source of staying hydrated and energized during and after the treatment.

Potential Risks of Infused Water

Although drinking Clear Quartz-infused water is beneficial for health, excess of everything is bad, hence, you should monitor the consumption of infused water.

 How to prepare a clear quartz Elixir?

The most important thing to remember while preparing a crystal elixir is to check the solubility of your crystal as not all stones are safe to prepare elixir through direct contact with water.

Some water-insoluble crystals like Clear Quartz can simply be popped into a water bottle and used as they do not toxify the water they are placed in.

Clear Quartz is completely safe and healthy to prepare gem water with and you can directly put the crystal in a water-filled beaker or mason jar for a long period of time and let the water molecules get infused with the goodness of your Clear Quartz.

For preparing Clear Quartz elixir, you need a Pitcher, a glass, or a bottle – (depending on how much you want to make), spring water or distilled water, and Clear Quartz.

Begin with placing the crystal inside a container and then pour water according to your need. Once the vessel is filled, cover the top and leave it out in your yard for a few minutes.

Transfer the liquid formed into a spray bottle or dropper bottle, and Clear Quartz elixir is ready for use.


To summarise, Clear Quartz is a water-safe crystal and so you can keep it in water. It is a crystal with a Mohs hardness of 7, indicating that it can withstand going into liquids.

It is advisable to completely dry the crystal after a water bath, either by keeping it in direct sunlight or patting it with a cotton towel.

Clear Quartz is also a great crystal to prepare crystal-infused water and elixir with, as it transfers its healing properties into the water which is healthy and uplifting for your body, hence, do try this crystal out if you don’t want to miss out on something refreshing as well as nutritious.

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