Can Sodalite go in water

Can SODALITE Go In Water? Did You Know This?

Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral that is generally royal blue in color. It’s an average stone in terms of hardness as the crystal ranges between 5 and 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Sodalite is a beautiful illustration of how healing crystals may improve your life and it comes in a wide spectrum of colors, including Blue Sodalite, Purple Sodalite, White Sodalite, and even Fluorescent Sodalite.

It is a mineral that can be dissolved in water, hence it should not be soaked in water for long periods of time but a quick rinse may not cause a problem.

There are other crystals like Selenite and Calcite that are soluble in water, and if you soak them in water overnight, you might find a much smaller portion in the morning.

Hence, having the basic wisdom of using your crystals in water can save you from any potential dangers of ruining the crystal.

Can Sodalite go in water


Is Sodalite water safe?

Sodalite can produce toxic substances when it comes in contact with water, which can be highly dangerous and risky.

When water is in direct contact with the Sodalite stone, it can release Aluminum, which is considered a hazardous substance, hence, it is suggested not to put Sodalite in water. 

If you accidentally leave your stone in a water bowl, dump it immediately and rinse it thoroughly before using it again.

When Sodalite is submerged in water for a prolonged period, it not only becomes frail, but also loses its natural shine, and its bright vibrant blue fades over time.

Can Sodalite go in water?


Can Sodalite be cleansed in water?

If you don’t want to press down on the crystal healing, keep your Sodalite stone clean, clear, and ready to convert the best of its energy.

If your Sodalite turns cloudy, It is a sign that it’s time for cleansing and energy replenishment

While some varieties of Sodalite don’t dissolve in warm soapy water, others might disintegrate in it, hence, having a brief knowledge about your crystals is beneficial but If you’re not sure about the nature, simply rinse the stone in running water and dry it with a cloth.

Cleaning the surface of Sodlite with cotton or a soft brush is a great alternative to water cleansing.

Sodalite also enjoys being wrapped in silk for a magnificent recharge, and you can place it in direct sunlight for around ten minutes to receive a dazzling rush of energy. 

Placing Sodaline under the fresh vibrations of the moon will completely remove all the negative energies, leaving it fresh-faced crystal, ready for radiating healing energy.  

Can Sodalite go in Salt Water?

Sodalite being an averagely fragile stone can dissolve in salt water, hence it is not advised to put this crystal in saltwater.

The hardness of the Sodalite crystal on the Mohs Hardness Scale ranges from 5.5 to 6, putting it in the group of crystals that should not be in the water. It is critical to understand that not all crystals are water-friendly.

Mineral composition, color, and hardness of crystals are all important factors in evaluating whether or not we should clean our stones with water. 

Can Sodalite go in Moon Water?

The Moon’s power is recognized by astrologists, witches, and mystics alike. It’s one of our sky’s two luminaries (the other being the Sun), and it is believed to be a powerful asset for manifestation and magic. 

When we align ourselves with the Moon, we’re connecting to an ancient energy current, and making use of its energy for preparing moon water is the best you can do for cleansing and charging your crystals.

Sodalite’s exposure to moon water can result in the production of toxic minerals, hence, you should avoid immersing Sodalite in moon water overnight. 

Although this blue stone cannot be kept in moon water, placing your Sodalite on the window sill at night will equally favor the reactivating and cleansing of your amazing stone.

Can Sodalite go in Bath Water?

You can place your crystals directly in your bath (for water-safe crystals) or around your tub (for crystals that aren’t water-safe) for preparing crystal-infused water for your bath.

Depending on what you’re working on, you can blend crystals in and around your bath to produce varied results.

Sodalite is a porous mineral that may be submerged in water.

However, soaking sodalite in bathwater might cause damage to the stone and so we don’t recommend doing so for an extended period of time.

Rather than submerging Sodalite in your bathtub, go for placing 2-3 crystals around in the bathroom, away from the direct contact of water.

Can you drink Sodalite-infused water?

We’re used to seeing water with fruit or powder added to it, but wellness experts have recently waxed poetic about the mental and physical benefits of modifying the energy of your water in addition to the taste.

As we know, Sodalite fall under the category of fragile stones, hence, preparing Sodalite-infused water for drinking is inadequate or rather toxic for health but there are other beneficial crystals that can be used to prepare consumable gem water. 

Some of the crystals that you can use to make infused water are Citrine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and any crystal from the Quartz family.

Sodalite in water


How to prepare Sodalite Elixir?

Water that has absorbed the healing properties of the crystals immersed in it is called an elixir, and it includes the essence of the crystals. 

It is believed that drinking an elixir transfers the powers of the precious stones soaked in the water to the person who consumes it. This water is said to improve the health of those who drink it.

Preparing Sodalite Elixir is a non-feasible process as the crystal would disintegrate if kept in water for a long time, therefore, you can neither drink Sodalite-infused water nor form Sodalite elixir with water.

But, there is an indirect method by which you can make Sodalite-infused water. 

Instead of direct exposure to water, Place Sodalite in an empty jar and then place that jar in a bigger vessel, filled with water. You will have to leave the setup in the morning rays of the sun or the soft light of the moon overnight and let it infuse your crystal with vitality and positive energy.


Sodalite is a porous stone with a hardness of 5.5 – 6 on the Mohs scale which makes it somewhat unhealthy to soak in water, and so you must be very careful in handling the crystal as it is likely to get dissolved in normal water as well as saltwater.

For charging and cleansing Sodalite off the negative energies, you can substitute water with sunlight and moonlight.

It is not advised to consume Sodalite-infused water as it can result in hazardous health effects.

Sodalite, in brief, is a stone that should be avoided from coming in contact with water and you must deal with this crystal very wisely.

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