Selenite Water Safe

Can SELENITE go in water? (Don’t put Selenite in water before reading this)

Selenite is a commonly found translucent crystal that is a variety of the mineral gypsum.

It has a Mohs scale value of 2 and hence, is considered as a soft crystal that cannot go in water.

Selenite is famous for its powerful healing properties which attract positive energy and dispel the unwanted energies from your aura.

As a result, along with increased energy, people in its proximity will have a calm and peaceful mind as well.

However, to maintain and boost Selenite’s powers, you must know the appropriate cleansing factors which are discussed in this mystical post so dive right into it to keep your Selenite bright and beautiful!

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Is Selenite water safe? Does it Desolve in Water?

Gypsum does not come under the category of hard crystals and so when put in water, it gets dissolved.

It is also porous in nature which makes the mineral more water-soluble, and Selenite, being a gypsum mineral, disintegrates when in contact with water. 

However, if you want to clean a Selenite wand with water, prefer a quick dipping instead of soaking it in water for a long period of time.

After cleaning, make sure to use a cotton cloth or a soft brush to dry your Selenite immediately, or else it might lose its strength and shine.

If you immerse Selenite in water constantly for hours, the surface particles will dissolve as a result of its higher porosity and low hardness rate.

The crystal particles will mix up with the water, making the water and Selenite toxic in some cases, hence, you should avoid placing Selenite in water as it is water unsafe.

Can Selenite go in water

Can Selenite be cleansed in water?

There is no complete restriction while cleansing Selenite with water. You can quickly rinse it under running water or dip the crystal in water for a few seconds and then pat dry it. 

However, water cleansing may not be the perfect way to clean your Selenite crystal.

The best practice is to use a soft cloth and clean the surface gently.

But, if you prefer water cleansing, make sure that is not done frequently as regular exposure to water may result in loss of stability and radiance of Selenite.

We recommend alternate methods to cleanse Selenite and do not recommend using water. 

Can Selenite go in Saltwater?

Selenite is a fragile crystal that dissolves in normal water and placing Selenite in salt water would be an unwise decision as the chemical composition of salt is NaCl (sodium chloride) which can react with the molecules of Selenite that is a form of gypsum, and eventually result in the damage of your precious stone, hence Selenite should not be put in salt water.

Furthermore, when compared to normal water, saltwater has an even higher pressure on crystals, resulting in the formation of pores on the surface. 

Can Selenite go in Moon water?

Moonlight is considered a powerful source of natural energy that enriches your crystals with its soft vibrations and makes them energized, and the best way to take advantage of a full moon night is to prepare moon water for your crystals.

Moon water is prepared by putting water under the light of the moon and letting the water get recharged with its energy.

Some crystals when put in moon water, acquire a brilliant sheen and active energy, ready to cleanse your energy field by ridding the gathered negative energy.

Selenite and moon are closely related as the name Selenite comes from the Greek moon goddess “Selene” and putting Selenite in moon water will increase its energy and frequency, but it may reduce the hardness of the crystal if soaked overnight.

Therefore, instead of submerging Selenite in moon water, you can place the crystal over a windowsill and let the gentle rays seep through your beautiful crystal, enhancing its healing powers. 

Can Selenite go in Bathwater?

Crystals like Selenite have great potential energy, imparting positive energy to you, and most of them can be used in bathwater.                       

However, unlike the crystals from the Quartz family, Selenite is highly likely to dissolve in water.

This may also cause skin irritation and allergies if used as an ingredient for your crystal bath, hence, you should avoid using Selenite in bathwater.

Additionally, if you use chemical-based bathing products, it would cause irreversible damage to your Selenite crystal, forming toxic substances.

So, a better way to attract the rejuvenating healing properties of Selenite is to put them near your bathtub or in the corners of your bathroom.

Following this method, you can avoid the chances of getting skin irritations and still enjoy the benefits of your valuable crystal.

Can you drink Selenite-infused water?

Selenite is fragile in nature and thus is prone to dissolve in water which makes it unsuitable to prepare crystal-infused water with.

If you put Selenite in water, the surface particles with start diffusing in water, leading to the production of hydrated calcium sulfate which is potentially harmful and not fit for drinking.

Although, some other crystals, like Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and some polished stones can be used to make consumable infused water.

How to prepare Selenite elixir

Crystal elixir increases our energy by matching our vibrations with that of the crystals. Elixirs are known for their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties.

While some hard crystals are safe to be put directly in water, Selenite or other Gypsum minerals aren’t.

Hence, instead of bringing Selenite in direct contact with water, you can go for the indirect method.

Here is the Step by Step guide to making a Selenite Elixir:

  1. Put Selenite in a jar made of glass to ensure proper transfer of energy.
  2. Place the jar in a bigger vessel.
  3. Add spring water or distilled water to the larger vessel. 
  4. Keep the arrangement in either sunlight or moonlight for charging the water.
  5. Remove the inner jar and strain the water to obtain your magical elixir.


Selenite is a relatively soft, porous, and fragile substance crystal, hence, it’s always better to keep it away from the contact of water.

Instead, use a soft cloth or brush to wipe off the debris from your Selenite. You can also put it under sunlight or moonlight for cleansing and charging purposes.

Selenite is a wonderful crystal with amazing healing and boosting benefits. 

If taken care of by following the right cleaning methods, it can be one of the most special crystals that you will ever own.

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