Hematite Stone Side Effects.

Hematite Stone Side Effects (Should you be worried?)

Hematite is a mineral stone that offers several emotional and spiritual benefits. It purifies blood, balances the root chakra, extracts out the negative energy from the body, and brings harmonious energy.

It makes the one in its presence, mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger. The crystal inspires people to chase their goals by making them feel optimistic and worthy.

Hematite is an iron oxide mineral and hence, has a high iron content. It also has a brilliant black metallic luster, and apart from the benefits mentioned above, hematite has some side effects as well.

Staying in prolonged direct contact with Hematite stone can have an adverse impact on one’s physical and emotional health, which we have discussed in the latter part of this article so make sure that you read the entire post before getting your hands on Hematite.

Hematite Stone Side Effects

Is Hematite safe to wear?

Hematite is known for its ability to enhance metabolism and other body activities. Hence, it’s always best to wear it or keep it in contact with your body as it is absolutely safe to wear Hematite jewelry.

You can wear a Hematite bracelet, chain, necklace, ring, or any other ornament made using Hematite to protect your auric field and energy centers from toxic invaders.

Ornaments are made either by purely using the mineral or by combining it with other metals like gold and platinum.

Thanks to its brilliant metallic appearance, Hematite gives an aesthetic look to the ornaments.

Apart from this aesthetic look, Hematite imparts positive energy to the one wearing it.

Wearing Hematite is useful, especially when you are engaging in some activities that require effort and attention as it is said to be a protective stone that will not only guard you against negative energies but also promote subtle healing energy.

Athletes, public speakers, and adventurers usually prefer wearing Hematite. It gives them energy, courage, and focus to pursue their goals.

Jewelry made out of Quartz Crystals like Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz is a great option as well if you want to get started with crystal jewelry.

Can you wear Hematite every day?

Hematite stone can provide positive energy continuously to the person wearing it. Therefore, you can wear it every day, unless your body is allergic to it. Hematite will help you focus more on your daily activities as it enhances your root chakra.

However, if you wear Hematite regularly, it might cause adverse reactions to your emotional health as the vibrations that this crystal radiates are powerful enough to overwhelm you.

There are certain physical and emotional side effects that come with Hematite if you wear it continuously for a long time.

But they occur rarely, and their likelihood varies from person to person.

Therefore, you need to try and pick the crystal according to your capability of consuming high energy.

Hematite side effects-physical

Hematite is said to be a healing stone that offers pain relief and doesn’t have any significant physical side effects, and that is one of the main reasons that Hematite jewelry is produced extensively.

However, for some people, Hematite may cause certain minor side effects and allergic reactions like :-

  1. Tingling sensation
  2. Dizziness
  3. Skin irritation
  • Tingling sensation: Hematite is known for its ability to enhance blood circulation in the human body, but it may seldom lead to the over-stimulation of the circulation system. As a result, you may experience a tingling feeling, characterized by a loss of sensation in your arms and legs. It usually occurs when you go to regions with a higher atmospheric pressure.
  • Dizziness: Wearing Hematite for a long period of time may cause dizziness or discomfort to the mind. In such cases, you may feel faintness or non-balance. But as stated earlier, it occurs rarely.
  • Skin irritation: Hematite is a mineral that has a number of chemicals and compounds in it. When it comes in contact with skin, it can cause negative reactions to your skin, leading to skin irritation. This also occurs when Hematite mineral is saturated with the negative energy that is absorbed from you. In such cases, you should consider replacing it.

Hematite side effects- emotional

Hematite is a powerful source of positive energy with intriguing metaphysical properties. It makes you emotionally stronger and stable due to its wonderful healing properties 

But the amount of energy that this crystal produces may cause a variation in your vibration and the crystal’s vibration, and that is when you might start to feel emotional discomfort and imbalance.

A sudden change in your energy centers may result in extreme mood swings and even an increase in blood pressure which can make you anxious and short-tempered.

If your Hematite is continuously affecting your mental and emotional health adversely, you should consider replacing or recharging it, as when the crystal is working continuously for extended periods of time, it might lose its healing properties and function ineffectively eventually.

How to handle Hematite side effects?

The best way to handle side effects caused by Hematite stone is to meditate with it.

Meditation helps you counter the overstimulation of body activities caused by the mineral, and brings your mind and body to an equilibrium position.

You can also try various Yoga Asanas to heal both, physical and mental discomfort caused by the mineral.

Yoga and other sports activities can help you deal with various physical side effects, e.g you can find relief from the tingling sensation caused by the excess stimulation of the root chakra. 

Regular cleansing of Hematite helps prevent further occurrence of side effects caused by it. You can polish it, cleanse it with water, or keep it in the moonlight to ensure that the energy and magnetic properties of Hematite are restored back.

Is Hematite water safe?

Whenever Hematite imparts positive energy, it simultaneously extracts the negative energy from you, and over time, the negative energy gets accumulated in the mineral, making the precious stone lose its healing and magnetic properties.

To solve this issue, you can consider cleaning Hematite by putting it in direct contact with water.

Hematite has a Mohs hardness ranging between 5.5 and 6.5, making it a moderately hard mineral, and so, you can put Hematite in contact with water for cleaning purposes.

However, avoid keeping the crystal in water for prolonged periods of time as doing so might make it weaker. Moreover, Hematite is an iron mineral, (chemically named iron oxide) that can react with water, eventually leading to the rusting of your crystal.  


Hematite is a brilliant mineral stone with incredible healing properties and wearing it will make you strong, confident, and energetic, as it enhances the root chakra ( Some of the Chakra stones that you can use for activating your chakras are Citrine, Calcite, Black Obsidian, and Howlite). But, like any other mineral stone, Hematite may cause discomfort to some people.

Hematite may also disfunction when it runs out of energy. In such cases, you should either charge or replace it. The best ways to recharge Hematite are, by bringing it in contact with moon water or sacred bushes.

The side effects of Hematite ultimately boil down to the capacity of your body and spirit to consume the vibrations. Hence, you need to build a deep connection with the stone before actually starting to work with it.

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