Optical Calcite Meaning, properties


Optical Calcite, chemically a calcium carbonate mineral is a transparent variety of Calcite. It has a hexagonal crystal system that produces a rainbow of colors when light is passed through.

The crystal is known for its unique appearance and incredible healing effects.

Optical Calcite has the ability to constantly radiate positive energy and absorb/prevent negative energy from depleting your aura.

What makes this crystal even more special is that Optical Calcite can activate all the chakras efficiently.

Some other crystals from the Calcite family are Honey Calcite, Blue Calcite, Yellow Calcite, White Calcite, and Red Calcite



Transparent to white




3 on Mohs scale


Transparent(mostly) or Translucent


Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)        




Iceland, New Mexico(United States), China, Brazil, Madagascar




  • Dispels fear-based emotions
  • Mental healing and stability
  • Reduces emotional anxiety 



  • Activates all chakras
  • Cleanser of energy
  • Balance spiritual vibrations
Optical Calcite meaning and properties

Optical Calcite History and Origin

The word Calcite is derived from the word ‘calyx’ which means ‘lime’ in Greek. The usage of Optical Calcite can be dated back to thousand years.

The Egyptian civilization, one of the earliest and most advanced ancient civilizations, used Optical Calcite for various purposes. The crystal was considered a symbol of prosperity and even found a role in burials of great Tuts in pyramids.

But, the most notable use of Optical Calcite was found in Iceland.

The Vikings, a famous Icelandic tribe that once conquered the rest of Europe, used this mineral for various purposes. They thought of Optical Calcite as the symbol of optimism and power.

Vikings believed that the crystal could make them even more powerful. And we know how they became one of the greatest conquerors in the world history.

Optical Calcite was used by several other civilizations and tribes across the world as they found the mineral to be a powerful source of positive energy.

It was even used in the second world war for weapons, owing to its chemical properties.

Presently, Optical Calcite is mostly found in Iceland, Mexico, the USA, and China.

Optical Calcite Healing Properties and Benefits

One thing that makes Optical Calcite unique among crystals is its ability to connect and reactivate almost all the chakras.

It is a powerful source of positivity that promotes a good flow of energy.    As a result, people wearing it, or the ones in its proximity will feel more confident. 

Here are some incredible healing properties of Optical Calcite.

  • Natural tranquilizer – Optical Calcite reduces frustration and aggression, thereby balancing the mood swings and making the mind more peaceful. The crystal is especially useful when you are confused or stressed about your job or business targets.
  • Awakens the spirit – Optical Calcite enhances all bodily functions and heals physical ailments well.
  • Focus booster – The crystal helps in maintaining focus and concentration towards chasing your goals and it is the perfect stone for keeping in office spaces for better productivity.
  • Energy purifier – Optical Calcite radiates positive energy, dissolving stagnant energy blockages.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties of Optical Calcite

  • Optical Calcite has the power to activate all chakras, from the base chakra to the crown chakra. It elevates your psychic abilities and helps you to build a deep connection with the subtle bodies. 
  • Optical Calcite is a cleanser of energy that purifies and renews your energy field, repelling negative energy away from you. This crystal radiates a hopeful, and positive power, ensuring a comfortable work, and rest environment for you.
  • This excellent stone balances spiritual vibrations and helps in controlling your actions and interactions. It is a spiritual stone that helps you to convert your ideas into actions.

Mental and Emotional Healing properties of Optical Calcite

  • Optical Calcite is among the best mind healing crystals as it soothes your emotional plane, dispelling fear-based emotions. This active crystal also offers emotional stability, calmness, and provides clarity to your mind.
  • If you find it difficult to stay consistent and stable in your work, then Optical Calcite is the ultimate solution for you as this crystal promotes mental healing and stability by its powerful vibrations.
  • Optical Calcite reduces emotional anxiety by dissolving toxic emotions. It offers emotional intelligence as well, making you aware and providing the right wisdom for dealing with troubles.

Physical healing properties of Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite enhances overall bodily functions and makes your physical body healthier.                  It is believed that this crystal has a great impact on healing your bones, joints, and skin. 

Some of the prominent physical healing benefits of Optical Calcite are:-

  • The crystal improves the circulation of blood in your body.
  • Optical Calcite helps in the digestion process, prevents bloating and other digestive discomforts.
  • It helps the brain function more effectively, making the sensory organs sharp.
  • Optical Calcite prevents headaches and other ailments concerning the health of your mind.

Using Optical Calcite

  •  Optical Calcite vibrates at high-frequency levels and you can place it in your house as well as in the office and let the crystal scatter its vibrant energy. 
  •  You can also keep the stone in constant contact with your body, as it activates your chakras. Optical Calcite will benefit your body, mind, and spirit with its soft yet powerful energy.
  •  Meditation with Optical Calcite will help you fade negative emotions, thereby clearing the mental energy space. 
  •  Optical Calcite is a great sleep partner. Hence, you can place it under your pillow, on the bed, or near the nightstand. It will help you have a good sleep with pleasant dreams.

How to use Optical Calcite at home?

Optical Calcite can bring the energy of cheerfulness and harmony to your house. It is a powerful amplifier of positive energy that creates a strong bond between family members. 

  • Place the crystal in your living room, and let it resonate with the energy of family members. As a result, harmony develops in the family. 
  • You can keep Optical Calcite in your bathroom to have a peaceful bathing experience as this stone will enhance and refresh your body and mind. 
  • Using this crystal in your bedroom will prevent nightmares, welcome good dreams, and helps you to have a long and peaceful sleep.
  • You can place this excellent stone on the threshold of your house to prevent any evil force from entering.
  • Optical Calcite is a versatile stone that can be placed anywhere in your house, including the kitchen or drawing-room. Having this crystal in the vicinity of your house will ensure the complete safety of the family members.

How to use Optical Calcite in the office?

The best way to increase your productivity at work is to place Optical Calcite at your office desk or in your cabin as this crystal works for increasing your concentration, eventually resulting in increased productivity.

  • Placing the crystal in your workspace will make your mind more clear and aid in improved decision-making abilities.
  • By keeping Optical Calcite in conference halls or meeting rooms will help you to build a better bond with your colleagues or employees.
  • Having this crystal in your workplace aids in grabbing and building new opportunities, optimism, understanding, creativity, and communication.
  • Optical Calcite is a beautiful stone that can be simply placed on your desk as a decorative piece.

How to use Optical Calcite on the body?

Optical Calcite caters to almost all the chakras including the Crown chakra, Eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, and the Root chakra.

To get the most out of Optical Calcite you can place it:-

  • On your foot as the foot is where your nerves end, and keeping it near that area will transmit positive energy in your aura.
  • Over your navel as it is the scientific metacenter of the human body and by placing Optical Calcite on the belly button will help your bodily functions reach a balanced state.
  • On your forehead as Optical Calcite makes your eyes cooler and mind calmer. Placing Optical Calcite on the forehead is also an effective way to relieve stress.

Can you sleep with Optical Calcite?

Holding Optical Calcite before sleeping is an excellent way to harness its calming properties. This crystal can be placed under your pillow as it helps in keeping nightmares away and forms a protective layer around your body and mind to repel evil elements.

Hence you can peacefully sleep with Optical Calcite.

Optical Calcite has an excellent ability to bring your spirit to equilibrium, and thereby to adapt new environments. Thus, If you are traveling long distances, it is an effective solution to tackle challenges caused by time zone differences

Meditation with Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite takes your meditation experience to a whole new level. It helps you to fall into a deep and focused meditative state by guarding you against any distractions. 

To meditate with Optical Calcite, you need to first cleanse and recharge it to ensure effective functioning.

After you are done cleaning the crystal, it is time for finding an appropriate place to concentrate as your environment plays a primary role in meditation.

You need to sit upright and hold 1 Optical Calcite in each hand for convenient energy flow. This crystal will trigger your nerves and facilitate positive energy to rush through your senses.

Focus on an intention and believe to achieve it while concentrating and repeating your affirmations. Keep your eyes closed and meditate for around 15 minutes every day to attain a better and peaceful state of mind.

How to Cleanse and Recharge Optical Calcite?

Optical Calcite consists of incredible healing powers and it constantly works for radiating positive energy and hence, needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.

Water cleansing is a popular way used to make crystals cleaner. But Optical Calcite has a Mohs scale value of 3, making it soft and easily dissolvable in water. Constant water contact makes Optical Calcite weaker or even results in sudden shear failure. Thus, you should be careful while using water to clean it.

Instead of using water for cleaning, you can opt for some alternative methods to cleanse and charge your Optical Calcite crystal.

  • You can use a soft dry cloth to gently clean the dust off your crystal and can quickly dab it with a damp towel. 
  • Sacred herbs will not only make your crystal cleaner but also energetic. Thus, you should rub your Optical Calcite at regular intervals using locally available sacred herbs.
  • The best way to recharge Optical Calcite is by placing it under a full moon. You can even make use of the mystical light of the moon for manifestation. Hence, consider placing Optical Calcite at a place where it receives a good amount of moonlight.
  • Water cleansing is not completely forbidden and so you can consider cleaning it with water once or twice a month. Moon water is also an incredible way of recharging Optical Calcite.
  •  Polishing is another technique that you can use to clean your Optical Calcite crystal as doing so will improve its appearance and maintain the shine.

Final thoughts

Optical Calcite is a powerful source of positive and loving energy. It creates a protective layer around your body and soul to drive away toxicities.

But, the most significant property of this crystal is its ability to activate all chakras and improve your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. 

You can place Optical Calcite crystals in your house and workplace to increase learning abilities.

The crystal is also an excellent travel partner and so you can carry it with you in the form of small tumbled stone or jewelry pieces.

Optical Calcite, in short, is a perfect crystal to increase self-worth, and if you are someone lacking a sense of confidence then Optical Calcite is the best choice for you.



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