Is Malachite poisonous? Is it toxic to touch?

Is Malachite poisonous? This is the question many have.

Crystals are beautiful creations of nature and have been used widely since ancient times for their beauty and healing properties but not all crystals are completely safe some minerals contain toxic material, such as copper, lead, iron, zinc, sulfur, asbestos, and arsenic which under certain conditions can be harmful when in contact with or ingested.

Some minerals have more toxic substance than others and may also have different types of toxicity. Make sure you research and read about the crystal’s usage before deciding to work with it.

Malachite is known as one of the most powerful stone of transformation and treasured by many crystal enthusiasts who vouch for its amazing healing properties. But Malachite should be used with caution as it’s listed high on toxicity by the International Gem Society in its list of toxic crystals.

Is Malachite poisonous and toxic?

To understand why is malachite poisonous, we need to understand its mineral base composition.

Raw Malachite is quite poisonous as it contains copper minerals in a very high percentage (approximately 58%). Copper is toxic to humans and it affects the formation of red blood cells and hence Malachite dust should not be ingested, inhaled, or left on the skin.

This is the reason Malachite is well polished and cleansed before it can be used.

It is important to handle raw Malachite very carefully especially when performing any operations like cutting, drilling, or polishing and should be done using proper protective equipment.

Is Malachite poisonous when wet?

Malachite rates low on the Mohs hardness scale (3-4) which makes it relatively less safe in water.

Because of high copper content, prolonged contact with water may cause damage to the coating of the stone and make the copper compounds in the stone leech causing the stone to release toxic fumes and make the water toxic.

Is Malachite poisonous to touch?

Malachite rock dust or powder is known to be a highly toxic element and can create irreversible damage to organs if inhaled constantly. Hence it is poisonous to touch Malachite dust or powder in its raw form.

Stones like malachite and Azurite in their raw form when touched or held in the hands can release the mineral powder which can be dangerous.

Make sure your Malachite stone is polished and cleansed well before working with it and wear appropriate protective gear such as mask, goggles, and gloves while doing any lapidary work on the stone.

Is Malachite toxic to wear?

Malachite Poisonous

Malachite stone in its polished form is completely safe to wear and has powerful properties of transformation. But constantly wearing it without cleansing may cause the sweat on your body to react with the stone causing some reactions from copper in the stone and making the malachite poisonous.

Never place a broken Malachite stone, raw natural stone, or one that is not completely sealed directly on the skin.

Is Malachite infused water poisonous to drink?

Malachite is one of the toxic stone that should NEVER be used to make Crystal elixir or any kind of Crystal water to be ingested. Great care must be exercised in working with Malachite, as it can be poisonous in its raw state.

To make a gem elixir using this stone it must not be used directly, rather use the indirect method that picks up only the vibration of the stone.

This means you need to have glass between the stone and the water.

Is broken Malachite poisonous or safe?

Malachite when broken might release small particles which makes the malachite poisonous if accidentally inhaled or ingested. Broken malachite must be handled with care wearing gloves and mask and then polished and sealed properly before reuse.

Ways to use Malachite safely

Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits as well as the dangers of this powerful healing stone below are some safe ways you can bring it into your life.

Wear polished Malachite jewelry

Malachite jewelry is pretty and powerful. Malachite pendants, bracelets, and necklaces are widely used by many to bring amazing self-transformation. It absorbs all negativity in your auric field and channels negative energy away from you.

Malachite has amazing energy transmuting properties that help balance and activate your lower chakras opening the way to spiritual ascension.

Make sure to wear only the polished stone in jewelry form and not wear it for a prolonged period.

Keep a Malachite Angel and power animal for protection

Malachite energy is very strong and protective. Having malachite in angel or power animal form amplifies the protective properties of the stone acting as a strong shield absorbing any radiation and clearing electromagnetic pollutants from the space.

Use Malachite tumbles and cabochons

Malachite is a powerful crystal of transformation known to vibrate at a very high frequency. Keeping a few tumbles of malachite around your house with help raise vibrations of the space.

Malachite is also known as a wealth crystal and helps manifest abundance by allowing you to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns. Keep Malachite cabochon in your purse or pocket to carry its energy with you always and attract abundance into your life.

Use Malachite in Grids

Use Malachite raw stone and pointers in grids this way you can direct the high transformational energy of the stone for a purpose and avoid direct contact with it.

Ways to remove toxicity and cleanse Malachite safely

Malachite being a very powerful stone it tends to absorb negative energies quickly hence it’s recommended to cleanse it regularly to drain any excess buildup. Below are known safe ways of cleansing this crystal.

Cleanse it under running water

Keep Malachite under running water is safe and the stone must be quickly pat dried before use. Make sure not to leave the stone in water for a prolonged period as malachite rates low on the Mohs hardness scale (3-4) water may cause damage to the coating of the stone.

Leave it in Moonlight

Leave Malachite out in moonlight to safely cleanse it of any unwanted energy and restore balance. The calming protective energy of the moon restores and balances the innate healing properties of the stone.

Cleanse with grounding crystals

Malachite being a very high vibration crystal it’s recommended to use it with a grounding crystal to balance its energy. Leave Malachite in a bowl with hematite or tourmaline tumbles for cleansing and charging it.

Smudge with sacred herbs

Smudging with herbs is a traditional and safe effective way of cleansing crystals. Smoke from the sacred herb cleanses any unwanted energy from the stone and purifies its energy.

Other popular stones you need to be careful with


Though Moldavite is not a toxic stone it might be dangerous for beginners because it can be too intense for them. The Moldavite can trigger a deep spiritual awakening, and this can be quite overwhelming.


Just like Malachite, Chrysocolla is another toxic mineral that contains copper in very high content (45 – 70 %) making it a toxic stone. Putting chrysocolla in water makes the water toxic.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is moderately toxic mostly due to its pyrite inclusions and because it contains sulfur. Care should be taken when doing any lapidary work such as grinding or polishing on this stone.


Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold is a sulfide mineral that contains sulphur and iron and in small amounts, contains arsenic sulfide.

When exposed to humid air, pyrite reacts with oxygen and water to create iron sulfide (the rust), corrosive sulfuric acid, and harmful sulfur dioxide gas.

Due to its tendency to rust, pyrite must never be used in elixir preparation.


Lepidolite contains aluminium and lithium which makes it toxic when ingested.


Amazonite contains lead and copper making it unsuitable when infused in water.


Crystals are gifts of mother earth and when used correctly can bring major positive transformations in our lives but caution should be used in working with them.

Most crystals available for purchase are well polished and safe to wear nonetheless wash your hands after handling any raw stones known to contain toxic elements.

Introduce crystals in your life one by one, read their properties well before using them. Refer to our guide for a list of crystals for beginners if you are unsure. 

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