Rhodonite Water Safe

Can Rhodonite go in Water? Is Rhodonite Water Safe?

Rhodonite is a beautiful crystal with incredible healing properties. It is a rarely found manganite silicate mineral with colors ranging from red to subtle shades of pink.

It is a powerful stone that balances your turbulent emotions with its generosity of spirit elevation. The crystal is also believed to connect with your Heart Chakra and cleanse your auric field.

Like any other mineral, your Rhodonite crystal also needs regular cleaning to maintain its appearance and healing properties. Rhodonite has a Mohs hardness scale value ranging from 5.5 to 6, making it a moderately hard mineral. Therefore, it is considered water safe.

To know more about the water-related properties of Rhodonite, explore this article. 

Rhodonite go in water?

Is Rhodonite Water Safe?

Putting crystals in water is an effective and convenient way to cleanse them. Doing so can wash away negative energy from your crystals and fill it with positive energy.

But, there are certain factors that determine the safety of a crystal in water, and the most important among them is hardness score.

As discussed earlier, Rhodonite has a value between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs scale. (The Mohs scale expresses the hardness of a mineral on a 1-10 scale. The softest one has a value of 1 while the hardest mineral one i.e diamond, has a value of 10.)

Rhodonite, having a value of just under 6, is considered a moderately hard mineral and so, occasional exposure to water won’t affect its strength significantly. But if you bring it in water contact for longer periods of time, it may result in the gradual weakening of the crystal.

Also, Rhodonite is a warm crystal. That means Rhodonite is safer in lukewarm water or hot water than in cold water.

Can Rhodonite be Cleansed in Water?

Over time, dirt and other impurities may get accumulated on your crystals. To get rid of those impurities, regular crystal cleansing is mandatory, and among various cleansing methods, water cleansing is the most commonly used.

Being a moderately hard mineral, Rhodonite is safe to be cleaned with water. You can either soak it in water or place it under running water. After cleansing it with water, dry your Rhodonite crystal using a soft cloth.

Water cleansing is an effective way to free your Rhodonite crystal not only from physical impurities but also from unwanted energy.

But at the same time, you have to keep in mind that Rhodonite is not a very hard mineral either. Therefore, you should go for water cleansing only on an occasional basis.

You can also go for alternative cleansing techniques to clean your Rhodonite crystal, and you can do so by simply placing it under sunlight, polishing it, or skimming it with a soft brush.



Can Rhodonite go in Saltwater?

Compared to freshwater, saltwater is even more efficient when it comes to crystal cleansing. Rhodonite can easily go in salt water and thus, you can use it to clean your crystal

You just need to take a bowl of salt water and put your Rhodonite crystal in it for about 10 minutes. After soaking your Rhodonite crystal in saltwater, gently rub its surface using a dry cloth, or place it in sunlight.

But upon prolonged contact with salt water, Rhodonite may become porous and weaker as it can exert high pressure on the crystal’s surface. 

Can Rhodonite go in Moon Water?

Moonlight is an excellent source of positive energy, and has the ability to recharge crystals. It is prepared by exposing water to moonlight overnight.

Putting crystals in moon water is a proven way to cleanse and recharge them. Rhodonite, being a moderately hard mineral, is safe to go in moon water unless you do it very often, as constant encounter with water may make it lose its strength.

You can also place Rhodonite under direct moonlight for purifying its lost powers. 

Can Rhodonite go in Bathwater?

Using crystals in bathwater is a perfect way to enhance your bathing experience. It can make you calm, helping you find relief from stress. The incredible metaphysical properties of Rhodonite can elevate your spiritual energies.

Rhodonite is usually safe to go in bathwater. Therefore, you can place the crystal in your bathtub, and let it transfer positive energy to you through the bathwater.

However, in some cases, Rhodonite may cause allergic reactions if dissolved in water. These  particles, when come in direct contact with your skin, can cause skin irritation.

It is always advisable to polish the crystal before putting it in bathwater to avoid excess dissolving of Rhodonite particles in water.  

Crystals like Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, and Citrine can be effectively used for crystal bathing.

Can you drink Rhodonite-infused water?

Drinking crystal-infused water is a great way to intake the magical energy of mineral crystals. Hard minerals, which significantly won’t dissolve in water, are safe to infuse in drinking water.                    Crystal-infused drinking water is considered divine by crystal lovers. 

Rhodonite contains elements like iron, manganese, and silicon. Some of these elements are highly benefitial for your health. While elements like manganese and silicon can be harmful when consumed in excess.

Due to the presence of potentially harmful elements, it is better to avoid drinking Rhodonite-infused water.

How to prepare Rhodonite Elixir?

Elixir is nothing but water infused with minerals which is saturated with crystal healing powers. Elixir absorbs high vibrational energy from crystals and transfers it to the person using it.              Rhodonite is a mineral that is rich in iron content, and so it can make you energetic and spiritually liberated.

For preparing Rhodonite elixir, you just need to place your crystal in a container filled with fresh water and let it rest under the supernatural vibrations of the moon. Take the crystal out from the water in the morning and have the unmatchable benefits of your elixir.


Due to the fantastic healing powers of Rhodonite, you should definitely have it in your mineral collection. The mineral must be cleansed properly to retain its healing properties and brilliant appearance.

Rhodonite is a moderate crystal when it comes to hardness. Therefore, it is feasible to put it in water, salt water, and moon water for cleansing and recharging.

However, its surface particles can sometimes get dissolved in water which can prove to be toxic for your health, and so, you must avoid consuming it.

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