Real life experiences of Moldavite

20 Real life experiences of people using Moldavite

Whether you believe in the powers of Moldavite or not, the crystals don’t get much of a mention in mainstream media. But they’ve been used for millennia to enhance the powers of many of the world’s most influential people.

Activated Moldavite is believed to be even more powerful. This is known as the Moldavite flush, and for some people, it can be overwhelming. 

Here are 20 real experiences shared by people about their interactions with Moldavite.

I hope they inspire you to try Moldavite yourself! Having said that I would suggest you know the dangers of using Moldavite while you give them a try.

“My friend gave me a small chunk of Moldavite after she had worked with it herself. She said it helped her tremendously during a difficult time in her life. 

It has been almost two years since then and I still have not used any other stone besides this one. 

The first thing that happens when I hold it is a tingling sensation on both sides of my body. Then there’s a feeling like someone or something is watching me from behind. 

After that comes a sense of peace and calmness. My mind feels clear and focused. There is no doubt in my mind that this stone works!”- Mary Beth

“When I held a piece of Moldavites against my chest, I could feel its power flowing into me through my heart chakra. 

It made me very happy because I love being around nature and experiencing new things. I also noticed how much better I slept at night.” – Linda

“The best way I’ve found to use Moldavite is to place it under your pillow before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll find that you’re relaxed and ready to start your day.” – Susan

“After using Moldavite for several months now, I am amazed at what it does for me. I’m able to focus on tasks without getting distracted easily. 

I notice myself becoming calmer and less anxious. I don’t know if these effects will last forever but so far, I think Moldavite is helping me live a happier life.” – Karen

 “I bought a large slab of Moldavite and placed it next to my computer desk. Whenever I need inspiration, I pick up the stone and look at it. 

Sometimes I close my eyes and visualize what I want to create. Other times I simply sit quietly and let the stone speak to me.” – Laura

“A couple weeks ago, I purchased a small piece of Moldavite. Since then, I keep finding ways to incorporate it into my daily routine. 

For example, whenever I get stressed out, I take a moment to breathe deeply while looking at the stone. If I do this regularly, I usually end up feeling calmer within minutes.” – Sarah



“Whenever I go hiking, I always carry a piece of Moldavate along with me. 

While walking, I often stop to meditate and reflect upon whatever thoughts come to mind. This helps me stay centered and grounded.” – Jennifer

“Moldavite makes me more aware of everything happening around me. 

I see colors everywhere and hear sounds all the time. I enjoy listening to music and reading books even though I never thought I would ever read again. 

I really appreciate having access to such amazing stones.” – Lisa

“I recently discovered Moldavite and started working with it right away. Within days, I began noticing changes in my moods and emotions. 

Nowadays, I can handle stress much easier than I did before. I also sleep well at nights and wake up refreshed every morning. I highly recommend Moldavite as an effective tool for self improvement.” – Rachel

“My husband gave me some Moldavite after we had our first child. 

He said he was giving it to me because I needed to relax and be peaceful. 

The truth is, I just wanted him to give it to me! I have been carrying it with me since then and I still use it when I need to unwind and de-stress.” – Julie

“I used to work long hours during the weekdays and weekends. After taking Moldavite for about two years, I realized that I could no longer function like that anymore. 

My energy levels were low and I felt exhausted most of the time. So I decided to quit my job and spend more time doing what I loved: writing!” – Mary Ann

“When I travel, I bring a few pieces of Moldavite with me. They help me feel calm and focused wherever I happen to be. 

When I’m home, I sometimes put them near my bedside table or by my front door. It’s great knowing they’re there when I need them.” – Susanne

“The best thing about Moldavite is how versatile it is. You can wear it anywhere you go; whether you are sitting down or standing up. 

And unlike other crystals, Moldavite doesn’t require any special care. Just wash it off with water once a day and store it dry. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it?” – Michelle

“I love using Moldavite on myself. Whenever I’m anxious or nervous, I rub it over my forehead and temples. Then I lie back and listen to soothing music until I fall asleep. 

During meditation sessions, I place one of these little guys under each eye so that I don’t miss anything important going on inside my head.” – Karen

“I bought a large chunk of Moldavite last year. Since then, I’ve noticed that whenever I get stressed out, I start rubbing it between my fingers. As soon as I begin massaging it, I immediately feel better. 

Sometimes I’ll massage it while lying in bed at night. Other times, I’ll take it into the shower with me and rub it against the walls. In either case, I find that it works wonders.” – Laura

“I got hooked on Moldavite after seeing a friend wearing hers. She told me she always carries her piece around with her. I asked if I could try it too. At first, I didn’t know what to expect. 

But within minutes, I knew this stone was different from everything else I’d tried. I couldn’t stop touching it. Before long, I found myself wanting to carry it everywhere I went. Today, I keep mine close by at all times. If I want peace and tranquility, I reach for it.” – Jennifer

 “Moldavite has helped me through many difficult situations. Whether I am feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed, I will often hold onto a small piece of Moldavite. 

Rubbing it helps me release negative emotions and allows me to focus on something positive instead.” – Sarah

“Whenever I feel tired, I pick up a piece of Moldavite and rub it across my chest. 

This usually makes me feel much calmer than before. Plus, since I have such sensitive skin, I never experience any discomfort whatsoever.” – Lisa

“If I ever feel particularly restless, I’ll grab a handful of Moldavite and sit quietly with it in my lap. 

After a few moments, I notice that I’m no longer bothered by whatever was bothering me earlier. Instead, I just relax and let the energy flow freely through me.” – Amy

“I like to rub Moldavite over my heart chakra during meditation. When I do this, I instantly become more aware of my inner self. I learn things about myself that I would otherwise not be able to see. 

For example, when I meditate with Moldavite, I can clearly perceive how much anger I harbor toward certain people. 

By doing this exercise regularly, I eventually come to realize that I need to forgive them. Once I do, I feel lighter and happier.” – Susan


Moldavite is a very powerful crystal stone. It has helped many people improve their lives but you also need to understand that it comes with its own dangerous effects. Please use this stone with caution if you are a starter or take some help from a crystal healer who can guide you.

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