Crystals For Aries

9 Lucky Crystals For Aries Zodiac Sign – Best Gemstone Every Aries Should Consider

A classic Aries recipe would have 2 spoons of hot sauce for every one spoon of sugar syrup. Even if you order dessert, expect a sprinkle of chili powder.

While not intending to hurt you, Arians aren’t much on the sugar-coating side because they possess fiery energy and can’t keep the fire out for too long.

They rather prefer to be direct and outspoken which sometimes is perceived as unfriendly.

This April astrological sign is Courageous, passionate, and competitive. They consider Mars as their ruling planet and live in a much faster world than the rest of us.

The first zodiac sign naturally has an obsession with being at the top of the table and they hate sharing the limelight of the top spot.

Nothing but the best is a prominent Aries trait. Fiercely loving and loyal is the perfect depiction of Aries zodiac personality.

The Aries energy is powerful and bold, and they believe more in the ‘every person for themselves’ ideology.

Any conversation with an Aries person should end in their favor. If disagreeing with people was a sport, Aries would have an Olympic Gold.

Crystals For Aries

Aries zodiac sign ( 21 March – 19 April )
Symbol –
Element –
Planet –
Birthstone –
Favorable crystals –
Diamond, Citrine, and Bloodstone
Unfavorable crystals –
Lucky numbers –
9 and 6

Element of Aries

Justifying their element Fire, Arians possess a fiery nature and they could beat the Fiery Noodles Challenge because these hot-headed rams practically breathe fire.

While Arians shoot up like a rocket in their personal lives, they can have a hard time managing their relationships because of the occasional volcano anger outbursts they have. Let’s just say that Anger Management and Aries aren’t exactly besties.

A good piece of advice would be to steer clear till the lava cools down, DO NOT attempt to tread on the lava thinking you’ll make it out alive.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Aries


Arians are the first in the zodiacs, therefore they represent positivity and new beginnings. This naturally makes Arians full of positivity and high enthusiasm

They are independent thinkers and will come up with ten different ways to look at the same problem. This also makes them creative problem solvers.

Arians carry their foremost weapon, their courage, everywhere they go. They are warriors outside the battlefield. If making a choice requires courage, an Arian would not think twice before doing what’s required.

They have a very strong focus on what they want from life and they don’t let the ups and downs affect their dedication. This makes them highly likely to be successful in whatever field they choose.

They also are extremely honest, hence, they make very faithful partners. The basis of an Aries relationship is mutual trust and loyalty. An Arian is highly unlikely to lie or cheat.


There’s always a black for every white. Therefore, even with such strong qualities, the Aries star sign has its flaws as well.

Being a high-energy sign, Aries also has a downside. It makes Arians highly impatient as they want everything done and dusted at the earliest. This makes them take rash decisions that affect them in the long run.

They always believe in being a little too straight forward which always does not add up in their favor. In a world where everyone lives to hear their praise, they can be perceived as arrogant so that makes it hard for Aries to make friends or keep existing ones.

Along with being impatient at times, it is hard for an Arian to manage their energy which sometimes manifests as aggression. This makes them short-tempered and too quick to react in certain situations. This also hampers their rational decision-making abilities a lot of times.

They also tend to have a lot of opinions, including a very high opinion of themselves. Hence, an Arian is bad at receiving negative feedback and worse at applying it in their lives for a positive outcome. 

All this perfectly sums up the kind of ups and downs you’d be welcoming in your life with the entry of an Arian. Enjoy the see-saw ride!

Why should Arians use Crystals?

Aries is a highly energetic star sign and they believe in one thing which is, “GO, GO, GO.” But sometimes in the speed and hurry, they don’t see the red lights that might cause disturbance in their auric field.

It’s important to find a balance, and crystal healing can help in doing that while maintaining a clearer focus without getting distracted or more importantly, overwhelmed.

Although the traditional birthstone for Aries is diamond, it is not reasonable and accessible to everyone and hence, we have come up with a list of 9 powerful healing stones for Aries with great healing properties that you could bring home for attracting positive energy and maintain a more balanced life:-

Best Healing Crystals For Aries

1. Diamond – A Stone for Inner Strength and Harmony

Chakra – Crown Chakra
Colors –
White, black, pink, brown, blue, yellow, green, red, orange, grey, and even colorless
Planet –
Properties –
Channels inner strength, provides balance, enhances inner vision

Diamond for Aries Zodiac

Diamond is the primary Aries birthstone. Hence, it only makes sense why this stone would bring an inflow of the best for all Arians.

Diamond is the perfect crystal for Aries and is a highly recommended stone as it creates balance in your life.

This beautiful Ariesstone would allow the inflow of abundance, love, radiance, and power in your life. Diamond being the hardest substance in the world, itself depicts the kind of rock-solid strength it provides to its people.

You become as unbreakable as the diamond.

It is associated with the crown chakra as it unites the body into one spiritual entity and promotes spiritual as well as emotional growth.

Best way to use Diamond for Aries

Diamond is a precious stone that holds the power to energize your soul. You can effectively use it for sharpening your memory and getting a relaxed sleep by placing it under your pillow.

2. Bloodstone – A Stone to Inflame Courage

Chakra: Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Vibrational Number:
4 and 6
Deep green with reddish-orange spots

Bloodstone for Aries Zodiac

Properties: Provides courage, Amplifies energy, Block negative energies

Bloodstone is a powerful stone that will help Aries live more truly by that trait, by giving more strength to its courageous and bold side.

Bloodstone is representative of Aries individuals who live for the energy and the adrenaline rush. It aids their inherent positive energies and amplifies the traits that come naturally to them.

This Aries gemstone also helps them improve their emotional resilience by blocking out negative energies that help them bounce back harder during tough times.

Best way to use Bloodstone Crystal for Aries

Bloodstone is the perfect stone to have in your bag while traveling. It not only drives negative vibes away but is also said to activate Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root chakra. For getting the best out of the crystal, you should consider meditating with it.

3. Aquamarine – A Stone to Calm the Fire

Chakra – Throat Chakra
Vibrational Number – 1
Color – Bluish green
Planet – Saturn
Properties – Promotes calmness, Balances the heat, Uplifts energies

Aquamarine for Aries Zodiac

Aries is a fiery sign and it only makes sense that at times they’d need the fire brigade. That fire brigade is an Aquamarine healing stone. It just puts out the heat in a balanced manner.

An Aries should be careful with water signs because it opposes their element, but Aquamarine is a gentle, blue green gemstone( also known as water stone), that will fill your energy field with healing properties.

Arians usually get overwhelmed by the amount of work they take up to over-achieve, and the fear of under-performing in any of them makes them anxious.

The amount of energy Aries has, also adds to their anxiety, making it difficult for them to calm down in any given situation.

An Aquamarine is one of the perfect healing stones that will just calm that fire down and provide Arians with uplifting energies.

Best way to use Aquamarine Gemstone for Aries

Aquamarine is a water stone and hence is used for calming you down. You need to place this crystal over your forehead and let its subtle rays pierce through your spirit and make you peaceful.

4. Green Aventurine – A Stone for Mental Clarity

Chakra – Heart Chakra
Vibrational Number – 3
Color – Light to Dark shades of Green
Planet – Mercury and Venus
Properties – Clears the mind, provides self-esteem, induces patience

Green Aventurine for Aries Zodiac

A Green Aventurine is a healing crystal that could do wonders for an Aries zodiac. When things get too hot to handle and the overflow of energy starts to interfere with their mental clarity, Aventurine crystal will have their back.

This gemstone will help dissolve any self-doubt that is holding them back and promote the right sense of self-esteem to prevail, helping them handle things with a more balanced emotional sense.

Since impatience and impulsiveness is a major problematic trait in their nature, it often restrains them from making rational decisions.

Aventurine is an excellent stone that helps in maintaining that aggressive nature and promotes patience and harmony by radiating lovely energy.

Aventurine stones are simply the go-to crystals for fiery Aries.

Best way to use Green Aventurine Stone for Aries

Green Aventurine builds communication and a sense of understanding within you. Hence, keeping it in your office area would account for increased goal-achieving abilities.

5. Carnelian – A Stone to Keep That Motivation Going

Chakra – Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Vibrational Number – 5 and 6
Color – Red to Orange
Planet – Mars
Properties – Promotes self-confidence, Dispels negative traits

Carnelian for Aries Zodiac

Carnelian is a healing stone that by nature, fosters motivation, confidence, courage, and endurance, which complements and supports the naturally energetic behavior of the Aries zodiac.

If Aries has been feeling dull or out of the fire, they can use it to rekindle that natural fire. But it can also leave them over-stimulated and promote selfish behavior and hence, they should try pairing it with an Aquamarine or Clear Quartz to balance it out.

Carnelian healingstone also has the quality to absorb the negative vibes and turn them into a positive rainbow, which helps them handle those negative traits and keep their motivation up despite the cloudy days.

A Carnelian would help Aries to maintain its zest and thrill for life since they are constant adrenaline-seekers.

Best way to use Carnelian Stone for Aries

Carnelian is a beautiful red crystal that proves to be an astonishing jewelry piece. Using the crystal in the form of earrings, pendants, or rings will not only make your look more glamorous but also keep unwanted energies at bay.

6. Jasper – A Stone to Think Before Acting

Chakra – Root Chakra
Vibrational Number – 6
Color – Generally Reddish Brown
Planet – Mars
Properties – Provides patience, Builds connections

Jasper for Aries Zodiac

A Red Jasper really lends patience and decision-making abilities to Arian’s hot head. Red is the favorite color of Aries and hence, Red Jasper is a hot pick as it resonates with their energy.

Aries really struggle with giving too much thought or carefully analyzing the course of their actions which also makes them end up making decisions that they regret later.

A Jasper helps to think clearly before finally closing a deal. It makes them more than the selfish people they are thought to be as Jasper helps them to connect better with the people around them.

Best way to use Jasper

Gemstone for Aries

Jasper is a grounding crystal that refreshes you and your environment. It is a versatile stone that can be used for making vases and other decorative items for your home and hence, you can place it in your house to re-energize the space.

7. Clear Quartz – A Stone for Empathy and Calmness

Chakra – All the chakras
Vibrational Number – 4
Color – Transparent to Translucent
Planet – Mercury
Properties – Balances emotions, lessens selfish emotions

Clear Quartz for Aries Zodiac

Aries have a tendency to be blinded by the goals they are chasing that makes them always look out for themselves first. It’s like they operate with them as the center of the Universe.

A Clear Quartz helps to balance that emotion out by promoting regard for other people’s feelings and shun the emotion of selfishness.

It gives them the patience to give more thought to their actions and is often used with those fiery Aries stones to help regulate their energy by sprinkling water over the excess fire.

Best way to use Clear Quartz Crystal for Aries

Clear Quartz holds a significant place in the Feng Shui rituals. It is used to purify your home and office from psychic debris and toxicity. Therefore, keeping it in a place filled with dark vibrations will aid in cleansing the area.

8. Black Onyx – A Stone to Find New Perspectives

Chakra: Root Chakra and Heart chakra
Vibrational Number: 6
Color: Jet Black
Planet: Saturn and Mars
Properties: Boosts confidence, promotes growth, improves focus

Black Onyx for Aries Zodiac

Black Onyx is one of the best Aries stones as it brings the light of new perspectives for them while boosting their confidence and sense of obligation, which helps with their personal strength and growth.

It provides them with balanced and centered energy to help with enhancing their mental focus. It also prevents any of their fears, holding them back from acting towards their goals.

Best way to use Black Onyx Stone for Aries

Black Onyx is directly related to your Root chakra, and it is your primary responsibility to keep your chakras clean and activated for them to function without any resistance. Practicing meditation with Black Onyx will furnish the opening of your Root chakra.

9. Citrine – A Stone to Manifest their Dream Reality

Chakra: Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra
Vibrational Number: 6
Color: Light yellow to deep tones of red and orange
Planet: Jupiter
Properties: Manifestation crystal, increases creativity

Citrine for Aries Zodiac

Aries sign being the first in the Zodiacs is all about rebirth, new beginnings, and a fresh start, and Citrine, the last Aries crystal on our list, is said to be the perfect stone for them as it promotes the energy of manifestation.

Those Arians that have a hard time accepting other people’s negative feedback should use Citrine as it will help them to accept the truth and move on, improvising themselves.

It lends them the creative energy needed to excel and be successful. Citrine helps them attract wealth and the right kind of positive energies and fosters healing to aid all their endeavors.

Best way to use Citrine Crystal for Aries

Citrine is the predominant stone for attracting wealth. The best place to harness its energies is to keep it near your money area. The crystal will spontaneously work for producing vibrations that will help you in your financial journey.

Crystals For Aries – Best Gemestone Combination

Did you know that crystals can double their powers when matched with their perfect partner?            Well, crystals are meant for showering their healing powers upon you, and when you pair two or more compatible crystals, their energies get amplified and the fusion targets nothing but your betterment.

Some crystal combinations that will boost Aries energy are:-

  1. Carnelian and Ruby
  2. Bloodstone and Aquamarine
  3. Diamond and sapphire

Carnelian and Ruby – Both Carnelian and Ruby possess a bright Red hue which is the foremost reason for their compatibility, as crystals with the same color or tone are best friends and are known to uplift each other’s energies.

As Carnelian and Ruby have a connection with Aries zodiac, they form the perfect combination. They can be used to attract love and compassion in your life by imparting soft energies full of endearment.

Bloodstone and Aquamarine – Bloodstone is the crystal that provides strength and immense courage to Arians. Aquamarine on the other hand is a calming stone, and when these crystals come together, you get a perfect blend. 

This combination will let you fight with unfavorable circumstances while keeping your emotions peaceful and pitch down the aggressiveness.

Diamond and Sapphire – Arians are obsessed with the shimmer of Diamond and the deep blue tone of Sapphire. When these crystals are paired, it is no less than a treat for Arians. Sapphire helps you to connect with higher realms and Diamond gives you the power to visualize your intentions clearly.

The best way for harnessing the energies of this combination is to wear diamond sapphire jewelry. It would be a bit costly but definitely worth it!

Crystals For AriesHealing Crystal Jewelry

Wearing a crystal is a highly effective way for Arians to reap their benefits as it remains in close contact with their body, and the exchange of energies becomes a much easier process.

These days you can pick whatever appeals to you the most as there are abundant options and designs available in any online as well as offline gemstone store for Aries.

Most crystals make fantastic adornments and mesmerizing accessories.

However, the physical properties of the stone should be kept in mind before opting to wear it as jewelry. Aries should choose the type of jewelry depending on what the crystal would best fit in according to their energy.

You could go for a necklace, healing crystal pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc. 

Another important aspect that should be kept in mind is the chakras that the stone is associated with. Keeping it close to the desired chakras would bring about much greater change.

Also, certain healing stones when kept close to injuries or areas of pain bring about relief and good health.

So, at last, it all comes down to the stone you’re choosing to wear and your fashion sense.

My Favorite Crystal Stone for Aries 

All the above-mentioned crystals, from Diamond to Citrine are the ideal partners to enhance and balance Aries’ traits. They work individually as well as in unison to provide you with the best of emotional and spiritual benefits.

My most favorite crystal out of these stunning crystals is Citrine. The golden yellow charm that this crystal brings with it is relaxing to the soul. It brings productivity and creativity to your work, thereby drawing abundant wealth towards you. 

Citrine is a full package of calmness, compassion, generosity, and positivity. And so, I highly urge you to go for this crystal.

However, Arians should stay miles away from Emerald crystal.


An important thing to always keep in mind is that you need to work with your crystals to let them help you. Mindlessly wearing them or just carrying them around for the sake of the article you read isn’t going to work.

You need to establish a connection between you and the crystal to help it understand the energies you carry, what pulls you down and picks you up, to help direct you towards the path of positive change that is lined with sweet-smelling flowers.

Apart from the above-mentioned crystals, you can also use Moonstone, Fire AgateLapis Lazuli, and Smokey Quartz as a zodiac crystal. You can use these crystals in the form of tumbled stones and birthstone jewelry as well.

There is a multitude of crystals for Aries, the only thing you need to keep in mind while using them is, setting a healthy intention in you and your crystal before use.

Pick the crystals that you think could help you best and let them instill their magic in you. Happy Crystal Picking!

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