Selenite wand meaning and uses

Selenite wand meaning and uses

If you are looking for a crystal that calms your mind and soul along with expelling negative energy, then Selenite is your best choice.

Selenite is a milky, translucent crystal that is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

The most common being Selenite tower, slabs, hexagons, crescents, wands, Selenite bowl, Selenite harmonizer, selenite jewelry, etc.

Although all of them work just the same, wands are more handy and easy to work with. 

The color of the Selenite wand can vary from white to peach selenite and orange

Orange Selenite is harder to get, hence, more expensive than white selenite wand.

Selenite wand meaning

Selenite is an incredibly soft stone that contains multiple healings properties. 

It is linked with the seat of our higher wisdom i.e. Crown Chakra. Selenite radiates white divine light which surrounds you with an aura of protective shield. 

It encourages the flow of positive energy in our bodies, clearing out stagnant blocked energy.                    

What is a Selenite crystal wand?

The selenite wand is a long wand made of a single piece of clear quartz. It has been carved into a spiral shape that resembles a flower stem. It is a very powerful tool for balancing the chakras and clearing out blockages.

Selenite Wand is a powerful healing tool that has been used for thousands of years. It is believed to have special powers to heal and cleanse the aura. It is said to be able to clear the aura of negative energies and help you connect to the spirit world.

It is the most common type of Selenite shape to cleanse your aura. 

These wands come in different sizes and you can choose the size that comforts you.

Selenite wand directs the circulation of peaceful energy and helps in getting rid of low, vibrational energies.

Wands feel great when rubbed between palms and are ideal crystals that can be used for spiritual connection, emotional transformation as well as physical healing properties.

Selenite is undeniably a powerful crystal since it produces high-frequency vibrations that favor mental clarity. 

Selenite wands are amazing to use in meditation and manifestation. They provide a relaxing effect by decluttering unwanted energy.

Selenite wand is very versatile and serves multiple purposes which makes it an ideal crystal that absorbs negative vibes, and clears the path to angelic consciousness.

What are Selenite wands used for?

Selenite is a must-have crystal for all crystal healers as well as crystal enthusiasts. 

It is also essential for those on the path of ascension.

What are Selenite wands used for
  • Selenite wands are said to harness spiritual energies and build a connection with higher realms.

    They are used to heal issues such as inflammation, body ache, and anxiety.
  • Selenite stone is also referred to as ‘Liquid light’ because of its appearance.

    It is a high vibrational crystal that helps in the alignment of all the chakras and is used in Chakra healing.
  • Selenite crystal healing properties are not just limited to cleansing your aura and mind but also helps in clearing your atmosphere.

    You can place a Selenite wand at the entrance of your house, living room, workspace (over or beside electronic devices), etc.    
  • Selenite wand is extensively used in crystal healing to cleanse and purify other crystals especially the crystals used in a crystal grid.   

How to use Selenite wands for healing?

Selenite is a monoclinic crystal that amplifies energy. It is one of the best healing crystals, and very easy to use.

Just grab your magical wand, wear a wizard hat, and perform the spell “Abra – ca – dabra”.

How to use Selenite wands for healing

Well, that’s just fairy tale magic, so skipping this step read on further to know the actual steps you need to perform, to heal yourself and your ambiance using a magical Selenite wand.

  • Hold a Selenite crystal wand in each hand.

  • You can vary the distance between the wands according to your comfort.

  • Start from the top at the location of the crown chakra, touching the wands to the center of your head.

  • Move on to your third eye chakra and then the throat.

  • Progress towards your arms, all the while visualize expelling the negative energy away from your chakras and aura.
  • In a gentle motion, glide the Selenite stick over your back and towards your legs and imagine pushing the negative energy away from your root chakra towards the ground.

  • If you feel resistance at any point keep the selenite wand at that part for a longer time to release the stuck energy before moving further.

  • Repeat this process and make sure to go over and over any part that feels knotted or blocked.            

Can you use Selenite wands for sleep?

A lot of us struggle with improper and restless sleep. We all crave a good night’s rest after a tiring day, but despite the tiredness, we are unable to sleep peacefully.

Selenite, being the stone of the moon, is believed to stimulate a deep sleep. Keeping a Selenite wand on your nightstand can be helpful in case of insomnia. 

It induces good sleep, elevates the energy of the environment, and rejuvenates the quality of sleep.

Can you keep the Selenite crystal wand under the pillow?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of frequency of vibrations a person can consume.

Selenite is a powerful crystal, and this power can sometimes overwhelm the user. 

Keeping Selenite wands under your pillow might be highly beneficial to some people, but can also cause disturbance in natural sleep to others.

You can always know if Selenite wands work for you or not, simply by experimenting with it.

Instead of keeping the wand directly under your pillow, begin the process by keeping it near your bed or on the nightstand. 

Feel the vibrations and if the experience soothes you, start to decrease the distance. Place the Selenite over your headboard, and eventually under your pillow if you see positive results.

If Selenites energies are too strong for you, keeping rose quartz under pillow is a great alternative to Selenite for a peaceful night.

Are Selenite Crystal wands Toxic?

Crystals are very fascinating and are growing in popularity day by day. 

However, incomplete knowledge of a crystal can be dangerous. There are many stones out there that are toxic or behave as toxic under certain circumstances such as Malachite, Chrysocolla. 

A little knowledge about crystals, before adding them to your crystal collection is beneficial.

Coming back to the crystal in question, Selenite being a crystallized form of gypsum crystal is not Toxic. Selenite can safely be held and used in your healing rituals and spiritual practices.

Benefits of Selenite wands

Selenite wands are versatile, not only in their sizes but also in their properties. 

They have a multitude of benefits, some of the Selenite uses are listed below.

  • Selenite is associated with the crown chakra and helps to raise our vibrations to connect with the higher consciousness. Apart from crown chakra Selenite also assists in opening the soul star chakra.

  • It is a protective stone that shields from external negativity, especially during meditation.

    Selenite acts as a watchful eye protecting you from harmful spirits while you are sleeping.

  • Selenite is believed to have a close connection to moon energy and instills calm and peace in your life and harmony in relationships.

  • Regular aura cleansing with Selenite is said to rapidly raise your energetic vibrations and open the doorways to stimulate your psychic abilities.

  • Selenite is a master cleanser that can clean itself as well as cleanse other crystals of energetic debris and impurities.

  • It is the ideal stone to accompany you on your journey as it is known to keep bad spirits away and act as a talisman.

How to cleanse and charge a Selenite wand?

How to cleanse and charge a Selenite wand

Selenite has exceptionally high vibrations that allow it to cleanse and charge itself.

It doesn’t need external cleansing, but it’s always recommended to follow a healthy practice of cleansing all your crystals physically and energetically to retain their natural pure energy.                                    

Visit our blog on cleansing and charging of Selenite, to get more such questions answered.

Final Thoughts

Selenite wand is indeed a magical wand in crystal healing renowned for its master cleansing properties and a must-have crystal to keep your precious crystal collection cleansed and purified.

Use the wand on daily basis gently rubbing it between both palms for energetic cleansing.

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