5 Best Crystals to Raise your Vibrations

Everything in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency. Every word, action, and thought has a vibration and different frequency, which is constantly manifesting.

Every matter in the universe has its own unique vibrational frequency. Those who vibrate at a higher frequency radiate kindness, love, peace, and compassion, whereas those with lower vibrations display negative emotions like jealousy, anxiety, anger, or fear.

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics."
- Albert Einstein

Crystals and Energy

Every matter in the universe possesses energy and vibrates at a different frequency, crystals are no different.

Crystal vibration has a constant frequency known as resonant frequency, which makes it a perfect tool to enhance vibrations of other matter. This means they can influence and amplify your vibrations too. 

The frequencies at which crystals vibrate depends on their composition and color. It is this property that constitutes the healing power of crystals.

Best High-Frequency Crystals to raise your vibrations

Below we bring you our top chosen 5 crystals to raise vibrations you can work with to bring an amazing transformation.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz vibrates at a very high frequency which helps to cleanse the space around it and also cleanse and charge any other crystals kept near it hence this crystal is used in almost every crystal grid.

Known as a master healer it is the most popular stone in meditation and other energy healing modalities. Using Clear quartz prayer beads while chanting mantras and affirmations helps bring focus to the mind and raise your vibrations quickly during crown chakra meditation.

Due to its versatile properties and ability to amplify the energy of space around this stone is a goto crystal for every crystal healer and a must-have for all energy work.
Being a self-cleansing crystal this is the easiest healing stone to work with for beginners.


This crystal is a purification stone. It is a super cleansing stone that purges your aura of any negative energies that block higher vibrations.

It assists in crown chakra healing and vibrates at a frequency in the bandwidth of higher dimensions. Named after the moon goddess Selene, selenite vibrates with intense energy during full moon and helps you connect with the higher realm.

Rub a selenite wand a few times between your palms to cleanse your energy field.


Favorite crystal in crystal healing, Amethyst has numerous benefits and is widely available. Amethyst is most popular among the high vibe crystals because of its beautiful color and affordability.

The positive vibrations of this stone are soothing and calming and help clear any unwanted lower vibration emotions such as stress and anxiety from your auric field.

Amethyst is a popular choice for crystal jewelry and you can wear it as a bracelet, crystal pendant or crystal necklace to keep yourself always surrounded by its protective healing energy.


Moldavite is currently in rage and known as the stone of rapid and powerful spiritual transformation. It is so high vibrational that even a tiny piece can bring powerful shifts in your energy.

Moldavite is known as the highest vibrational stone on the planet. Those in possession tend to undergo a rapid spiritual transformation which may be a difficult process with major life changes.

Because of its high vibrations, you should be very careful and know about Moldavite dangers before using it.

Hence you need to be ready for the changes when bringing a moldavite into your space. Just being in proximity of a tiny moldavite for a while can lift your vibrations.

Because moldavite is one of the most powerful healing crystals, many crystal healers recommend you use it together with a grounding stone. Moldavite energy is intended to clear energy blocks in your body so that you can heal and embark on a higher path which is your calling.


This high vibration stone has the ability to unveil and stimulate spiritual gifts and psychic ability, which greatly accelerate your spiritual growth and help you connect within your sacred space.

Celestite works with the throat chakra and third eye chakra to encourage self-acceptance and help you communicate with higher celestial beings and the divine source.

Other High-Frequency Crystals

Below are some other high vibration stones you can work with

Watermelon Tourmaline

The high crystal energy of this stone helps dissolve any blockages that you might have in your energy field.


It is another high vibrational crystal that helps in connecting you with the angelic realm and spirit guides that provide you with wisdom to help yourself and others.


Malachite is a powerful crystal of transformation known to vibrate at a very high frequency. It absorbs all negativity in your auric field and channels negative energy away from you.

Blue Kyanite

High vibration kyanite aligns and clears the chakras. This stone works with the third eye and throat chakra in meditation to develop intuition, telepathy, and other psychic gifts.

Other Ways to Raise Vibrations

There are many other natural easy ways to raise your vibrations some of these are listed below


Meditation works wonderfully in bringing focus to your mind and calm to your thoughts gently eliminating unwanted vibrations and bringing in positive energy.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils such as sage, sandalwood, frankincense, rosewood are known to clear negative energy and raise vibrations of the space around. Applying a few drops of essential oils such as lavender and rosewood helps calm your senses and keep unwanted thoughts away.

Being in Nature

Being close to nature helps you ground and centre yourself and helps strengthen your root chakra and open heart chakra. Spending time in sunlight and moonlight helps absorb the healing properties of these two and raises your energetic vibrations.

Healing Music

Certain Music is known to produce a healing effect on our mind and space around and is used in meditations and other healing rituals. Singing bowls are popularly used to dispel low negative vibrations and cleanse the space.
Binaural Beats music is used to attain higher vibration and ascend to the angelic realm.

Word of Caution

Because of the very high vibrational energy of some of these stones, it is always advised that you begin your crystal journey with lesser vibration stones and then move to these strong higher frequency stones.

Since these stones have a direct effect on the higher chakras in the chakra system It is important to first balance and centre the lower chakras such as root chakra, sacral chakra, before working with these crystals.

It is recommended to always use these stones together with grounding crystals such as tourmaline, Agate, Jade, Hematite, Smokey Quartz.

Final Thoughts

Work with the above crystals in combination with other easy habits for raising vibrations for a richer, more fulfilling and rewarding life. When you are vibrating at a higher frequency you naturally attract all positive things and it’s easier to manifest all your desires.

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