Amethyst water safe?

Can AMETHYST Go in Water? Things you should know

Cleaning your crystals is an essential step for dissolving negative energies and getting the most out of the unique properties that a crystal has to offer and water is a very common and natural source that can be used for cleaning your crystals.

Amethyst is a gleaming purple stone that belongs to the quartz family hence, is a hard crystal that can go in the water. 

It is feasible to put Amethyst in freshwater, warm water, spring water, cold water, and even tap water.

Since there are a lot of ways to wash Amethyst with water, understanding the favorable techniques will provide you with better cleansing.

Is Amethyst water safe?

Amethyst is a variety of Quartz with a toughness of 7 on the Mohs scale thus, this group of crystals will not be harmed when put in water and is entirely water-safe.

Apart from Amethyst, all the crystals from the quartz and calcite family are safe to put in water.

Now, let us bring some light upon the variety of water that Amethyst crystals are resistant to and what kinds you should avoid, guaranteeing the most effective and healthy preservation of your beautiful Amethyst crystal.

Can Amethyst go in water?

Can Amethyst be cleansed in water?

Cleansing Amethyst becomes necessary to release the unwanted energy held by this stone. 

Regular cleaning also helps to maintain the high vibrational frequencies of Amethyst, thereby providing soothing, healing, peaceful, and stress-relieving properties to the user.

Amethyst water filtration is the most common and straightforward approach available, particularly given that Amethyst, with a hardness score of 7, stands this water purification process without any damage.

Water may be used to wash Amethyst in a variety of ways, including the following:-

  1. Tap Water –  Holding Amethyst beneath running water is a great way to clean it, but ensure that the temperature is not too warm or too cold, since it may harm or even break your crystal.

    You can just simply rinse Amethyst and then pat it dry.
  2. Filtered Water- Filtering your water is the most excellent method to reduce mineral damage to your crystals and the use of charcoal as a water filter is our preferred method. 

    We accomplish this by placing binchotan charcoal sticks for 12 to 24 hours in a tap water pitcher and then pouring this charcoal-filtered water over the crystal.

  3.  Rain Water- Some people claim that putting your Amethyst out in the rain is an excellent method to cleanse it.When water comes directly from the ground or the sky, it is cleansed more fruitfully.
cleanse your amethyst


Another important tip to keep in mind when cleaning your crystal is to keep the bowl of water away from direct sunlight as exposing Amethyst to direct sunlight may be harmful.

After the purification is done, be sure to discharge the energized water outside your house.

Finally, use a soft towel to clean the stone gently.

Can Amethyst go in Salt Water?

It is not advised to soak Amethyst in saltwater since the crystal may get damaged. 

In case the Amethyst crystal is exposed to saltwater, make sure that you rinse it with normal water thoroughly to prevent the rupture of your crystal.

If you do wish to use ocean water to cleanse your Amethyst, make it a fast brief dip rather than a lengthy soak, and then rinse it with normal water to remove any salt particles that may have remained stuck to the crystal.

Can Amethyst go in Moon Water?

Putting Amethyst in Moon water is an excellent way to charge and boost its power hence, you can immerse Amethyst in Moon water.

You can place one or more crystals of Amethyst in the Moon Water and let them soak and bathe in the divine energized water for a considerable period of time.

Moon water is one of the ideal sources for balancing the natural energies of Amethyst. 

It also concentrates on increasing the production of good thoughts and positive energy since the natural light of the moon is believed to have a powerful cleansing effect.

Can Amethyst go in Bath Water?

Adding Amethyst to your bathtub or around the shower helps in creating a tranquil and soothing environment for bathing, therefore, adding Amethyst in bath water is a wise decision. 

You can either let the crystal sink in the tub or just keep it in the four corners and experience a refreshing bath.

Natural and organic bathing products are ideal for use during an Amethyst bath. However, avoid using any hazardous bathing supplements like chemical soaps, body washes, or bath salts, since these may damage Amethyst crystal.

Go through the components of the product when putting it into the amethyst bath and if you find any chemical that can harm Amethyst or have bad effects on the crystal, then avoid using it in the Amethyst bath. 

Can you drink Amethyst-infused water?

Amethyst-infused water is enriched with the royal crystal essence that supports the cleansing process in your body, flushing out toxic substances hence, you should drink Amethyst-infused water frequently.

The best way to drink the infused water is to fill a mason jar, drop Amethyst in water, and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours. 

You have your freshly prepared, chilled crystal water.

Drinking Amethyst-infused water regularly is a healthy method to enhance the circulation of healing energy throughout your body. 

This crystal-infused water may also help you keep bad energy at bay and uplift your spiritual life with its natural vibrations.

How to prepare Amethyst Elixir? 

To create an Amethyst crystal elixir, place your stone in a crystal water bottle and pour regular water or spring water over it.

Keep the vessel out in the moonlight and let it extract the vibrations from the lunar energy of the moon all night. 

This is a safe method of imbuing the water with crystal energy.

Put this crystal-infused water in a container and use the water mixture anytime you need to tune into the crystal’s vibrations.

Here is a small Video from Dobetterforyourself Coach’s youtube channel on how to make CRYSTAL ELIXIRS.

Amethyst Elixir – How to make it?



Amethyst, in general, can be immersed in water as long as the water is free from salts and chemicals, as despite being a hard crystal, Amethyst is prone to get damaged if put in hard water.

The best way to get the dirt off Amethyst is by washing it with soapy water, warm water, or spring water.

Crystal-infused drinking water is extremely healthy for our body as when Amethyst is in direct contact with drinking water, it offers its mystical health benefits.

Along with drinking, Amethyst can also be used for lighting up your bathing routine hence, avoiding the hazardous substances that can ruin your crystal, you can enjoy the complete benefits of Amethyst.

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