Red Calcite Meaning


Red Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that can be found on almost every continent. 

Red Calcite is formed in gigantic rhombohedral crystals and its color is always close to red. Calcite has meaning and properties to increase your energy and desire to live.

Red Calcite can be very useful to women as it has the properties of balancing hormones. 

Fascinatingly, this excellent stone is thought to be very helpful for females in pregnancy and childbirth, along with improving the health of reproductive organs.

Red Calcite is a protective stone that safeguards your physical and spiritual boundaries. 

It also helps in reducing your restlessness and confusion. Calcite increases your willpower and has the property to energize the room in which it is placed. 

Red Calcite Meaning

Red Calcite: Meaning, Properties, and Benefits 

ColorOrange Red to Brick Red
Crystal StructureRhombohedral
Hardness3 on Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to opaque
Chemical CompositionCalcium Carbonate(CaCO3)
ChakrasThe Root Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Crown Chakra
Astrological SignCancer, Libra, Leo
Numerical VibrationNumber 8
LocationMexico, Argentina, Norway, Australia, Austria, Belgium

Emotional Properties


  • Builds emotional intelligence
  • Provides emotional stability
  • Balances hormones

Spiritual Properties

  • Increases spiritual consciousness.
  • Eliminate negative energy
  • Activates the chakras
Common FormsRed Calcite Angels, Red Calcite crystal points, Red Calcite tumbled stones
Favorable Crystal CombinationSodalite, Zeolite, Garnet
Unfavorable Crystal CombinationNone
Red Calcite meaning and properties


Red Calcite History and Origin

The word calcite is derived from the Greek word ‘Chalix’, which means lime. 

Red Calcite is one of the most abundant and common minerals on earth and makes up the base of limestone and marble. 

It has different forms and can be found in different geological environments.

The ancient Egyptians used Red Calcite crystals to make artifacts. They utilized Red calcite to decorate their tombs and also wore them as jewelry pieces.

Red Calcite is found in countries like Argentina, Norway, Australia, Austria, and Belgium, Mexico being the original discovery site.

Red Calcite Healing Properties and Benefits

Red calcite is an interesting stone that helps you increase your energy as well as your desire to live. 

Red Calcite is a grounded crystal that aids in safeguarding your physical and emotional boundaries as wellCalcite is also an amazing crystal that results in the reduction of stress and confusion.

This crystal will help you to recognize people who don’t deserve your attention. It will awaken the wisdom in you to stop wasting your energy on manipulative people and company with ulterior motives.

Red Calcite is a useful crystal for women as it can balances hormones and helps in preparing women for pregnancy and childbirth.

Red Calcite assists you in tackling the problems of your lives and it’s believed that it can attract love towards you. 

This crystal also has properties to reduce your fears, no matter what they are.

Red Calcite is for the people who struggle with countless problems frequently, as the mystical properties of this crystal are known to reduce and resolve hurdles in your path.

Some crystals that belong to the Calcite family and possess exceptional healing properties are, Orange Calcite, Green Calcite, Blue Calcite, Yellow Calcite, White Calcite, and Honey Calcite.

Red Calcite Properties


Spiritual and Metaphysical Properties Of Red Calcite

  • Red Calcite increases spiritual consciousness and wisdom. You will find yourself linked to greater spiritual energies as Red Calcite can awaken your psychic abilities.

    This crystal also magnifies your senses and the feelings you get from physical experiences.

  • This cleanser of energy eliminates negative energy, amplifying the positive ones simultaneously.

    Red Calcite will motivate you and set you on the path of progress and development by removing stagnant energy.

  • Red Calcite is known for its property to activate chakras( specifically base chakra ) and promote a good energy flow. This amazing stone also helps in enhancing one’s willpower by discarding old and stale energy patterns.

  • Red Calcite makes you observe things in a different and new way and helps you in creating new ideas and solutions.

    This is also a perfect stone to use if you want to 
    increase your focus and determination.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties Of Red Calcite

  • Red Calcite is an essential stone that builds emotional intelligence in the user by its startling healing properties.

    This crystal will also increase your energy level emotionally and attract peace and tranquility.

  • This crystal promotes you to accept and move on with your failures and disappointments by flowing a breeze of motivational vibrations within your heart and mind.

    Red Calcite
     provides emotional stability and motivation to the user.

  • Red Calcite is the perfect stone that balances hormones and reduces anxiety as it contains the attributes to keep your emotional plane healthy and fit.

    You can also use this gemstone to attain clarity of mind.

  • This crystal is very grounded and protective in nature and it will safeguard your emotional boundaries as well.

    People who lack happiness and serenity in their life can use Red Calcite to attracts cheerful energies that help in seeing how glorious life is!

Physical Healing Properties Of Red Calcite

  • Red calcite is well known for its trait of curing aches and pains.

  • It helps in lowering down your blood pressure.

  • This crystal can help in curing dysfunctions related to the joints and limbs.

  • If you are suffering from constipation for a long time, then Red Calcite can be of great help.

  • Red Calcite aids in improving your reproductive health.

  • It helps with disorders related to hips and legs.
  • This healing stone can cure your food poisoning and also energize your whole body.

  • Red Calcite helps in cleansing your circulatory system as well.

Using Red Calcite

As Red Calcite is very common, abundant, and affordable, it’s easy to buy one. You can make use of this wonderful crystal in the following ways to get maximum results:-

  • If you want to use this crystal for physical healing, then you can either place it on your body or wear it.

  • You can put the crystal on any part of your body to get rid of negativity and to remove energy blockages.

  • Red Calcite can be used as an element of home decor.

  • You can place it in your homes and office to bring positivity and flush out negativity.

  • Keeping Red Calcite in your pocket or bag will protect you from negative and unwanted energies.

  • You can keep the crystal in your workplace to gain motivation and energy.

How to use Red Calcite at home

We want our homes to be cheerful and full of peace to help us relax and get rid of our stress and Red Calcite is the ideal stone to keep in your house because of its soothing vibrations.

Red Calcite at Home


You can use the Red Calcite crystal at your home to lift the mood and gain some positivity

If you feel that your home is filled with negative energies and foul air, this crystal does the job of bringing in a fresh flow of positive and pure energy.

You can keep the stone in your living area to change the aura of the room and create a cheerful and happy environment. 

Red Calcite can bring in some friendly vibes and make the atmosphere more joyful. It will also repel negative and unwanted energies, hence, it’s a very useful crystal to keep at your home.

Red Calcite can protect you and your complete family because of its grounding nature. 

It will also help you to get rid of your stress due to its property to absorb negative energies and bring in positive energies. 

How to use Red Calcite at Office

Our office is a place where we spend a lot of our time and it can be very stressful sometimes. 

If you are someone who is burdened by the responsibilities of office work, then Red calcite can help you.

You can simply put the crystal on your worktable and it will help you to gain motivation to work. 

It will also provide you with the energy to be more productive. Red Calcite will make you more focused and calm by getting rid of the unwanted energies so that you can work in peace.

If you are feeling stressed because of the workload, then this crystal can help you clear your mind by bringing positive energies and help you get rid of your stress.

This crystal can even guard you against the toxic people at your office by repelling their negative energy.


How to use Red Calcite On Body

Red Calcite is a very miraculous stone for your body. You can keep the crystal close to your body to feel peaceful and calm.

Red Calcite also has properties to cure body aches, you just need to put the crystal on the affected area and visualize its healing properties. 

You will build a connection with it when you will keep the crystal near your body and it will understand you even better.

Keep the stone with yourself and it will aid in cleansing your circulatory system, making you feel more energized and fresh. 

Red Calcite also increases the desire to live when you keep the crystal with you as it makes you discover new possibilities, furnishing you with solutions.

Red Calcite also helps you to reduce your fears no matter what they are, hence, it’s a great crystal to keep in your vicinity.

Can you sleep with Red Calcite?

If you can’t fall asleep and face restlessness constantly, then Red Calcite can help you. 

Red Calcite puts your mind at ease and allows you to rest properly, hence, you can sleep with Red Calcite.

This crystal has the properties to reduce your fears and night terrors, offering a sound sleep. 

When kept under the pillow, Red Calcite makes your mind, body, and soul feel peaceful, allowing you to have a great sleep, thus it is a great idea to make this fabulous crystal your sleep partner.

Red Calcite Jewelry

 Red Calcite is a functional crystal, and the most effective and easy way to use this crystal is to wear Red Calcite jewelry as you can harness the crystal’s energy in form of beautiful jewelry pieces that will not only protect you from external toxicity but also garnish your look with its bold red hue. 

Red Calcite Jewelry


The most common Red Calcite jewelry is a necklace but you can find other pieces like rings, bracelets, and pendants in the market. 

Although, because of its perfect cleavage in three directions, it is quite hard to cut and shape Red Calcite and so wearing Red Calcite jewelry is not feasible for everyday use.

Meditation With Red Calcite

Red Calcite is a spiritual stone. It can connect you with higher spiritual powers and raise your consciousness. Red calcite can also awaken your psychic abilities.

All you need to do to gulp a risotto of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing is, keep Red Calcite close to yourself and follow these simple steps to meditate with this crystal.

Steps to meditate with Red Calcite:- 

  1. Hold the Red Calcite crystal in your hand before you start meditating.
  2. Close your eyes and try to concentrate and align your thoughts at one focus point.
  3. Visualize and absorb the subtle vibrations of Red Calcite.
  4. Tell your crystal about the intentions you have in your mind.
  5. Have complete faith in the crystal’s healing energy and you will get the maximum results.

If you meditate with Red Calcite regularly, you would experience a considerable change in yourself, some of which are listed below:-

  • It will boost your energy.
  • You will gain confidence in trying out new things.
  • Red Calcite will brighten your mood and fill you with joy.
  • You will be more passionate about your life and desires.

Meditation with Red Calcite will help you to get rid of your old and outdated ways, replacing them with innovative ideas. 

You just need to believe in your Red Calcite stone to make it work and focus your mind on the stone while meditating.

Red Calcite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Red Calcite is the birthstone of the Cancer zodiac sign and it has the following benefits for Cancers:-

  • It can help them calm their emotions and stay controlled even when anxious.
  • It helps cancers in maintaining old and new relationships.
  • Cancers are attractive and full of charisma, and Red Calcite helps them stay cheerful in unfavorable situations.

Some other zodiac signs who can be benefitted from Red Calcite are:-

Libra:-  People belonging to the Libra zodiac sign are generally beautiful and charming at heart. 

They are obsessed with making things appealing and aesthetic. They always look for a balanced and peaceful life. 

Libras prefer peace more than anything and Red Calcite can help Libras by removing negativity around them as it has properties to absorb negativity.

Leo:- People falling under the Leo zodiac are filled with generosity and compassion. 

Leos are self-motivated people and they are said to be born leaders. Red Calcite works for these people like the cherry on top of a cake, as the crystal has properties to boost confidence and increasing productivity in Leos.

Red Calcite and Chakras

 Crystal enthusiasts believe that chakras are focal points on our body through which our life energy flows. 

It is believed that through meditation and proper focus, you can increase your energy flow by opening these chakras.

To use Red Calcite for this process, all you need to do is to roll the crystal over the chakra points and focusing on them.

Red Calcite CHAKRA


Red Calcite can fasten this process and can help in opening the following Chakra points:-

Heart Chakra– Heart Chakra is our fourth primary chakra which is associated with emotions like compassion, love, and affection. 

Heart Chakra is at the center of your chest and Red Calcite is perfect for enhancing this chakra as it clears all the hurdles of your love life by clearing out negative energies ruining your relationship.

Base Chakra– Base Chakra is all about your survival instinct and balance. The other name for Base Chakra is Root Chakra, and it connects your body and soul to the earth. 

Base Chakra draws its energy from the ground and it’s believed that it is our primary power source. Red Calcite can work effectively for activating this chakra as it reduces confusion and restlessness from your mind, creating a balance.

Crown Chakra- Crown Chakra is what you can say junction of your body. It’s the point where our physical body, the universe, and our soul meets. 

This chakra is the source of our enlightenment and awareness. 

If you can balance this chakra, you can get a deep sense of peace and joy. 

Red Calcite is an excellent stone to revitalize this chakra as it brings in a lot of positive energy and absorbs negative energy, making your mind clear and more stable.

Best Red Calcite Stone combination

Pairing two or more crystals can increase and amplify the benefits that the crystal has to offer its user. 

Crystal practitioners have been doing this for a long time to get maximum benefits from their crystals.

To get the maximum benefits out of Red Calcite, you can pair it with Sodalite, Zeolite, Garnet, and Agate.

Red Calcite and Sodalite: Sodalite is well known for its properties of washing out toxic vibes associated with fear and guilt. 

Sodalite enhances confidence and clarity in you which pushes you to have faith in yourself. You can pair it with Red Calcite to promote courage and inner strength.

Red Calcite With Zeolite: Zeolites can release toxins from your body like alcohol and drugs. 

This natural stone provides mental, emotional, and physical support when you are trying to get rid of your addictions and you can pair Zeolite with Red Calcite for detoxifying your body.

 Red Calcite With Garnet: Garnet is well known for its properties of balancing the body. 

This crystal is also said to promote love and balance sexual energies. 

Garnet is a healing stone that improves your reproductive health when paired with Red Calcite. 

How To Cleanse and Care for your Red Calcite stone

Red Calcite has properties of absorbing negative energies and diverting them back to their sender, and in doing so the crystal gets heavy with toxic energy and so it becomes very necessary to clean the crystal regularly.

Red Calcite Cleanse and Care


  • Calcite stones require extreme care when it comes to cleaning them. You need to be very gentle as Calcites are prone to scratches and are also very sensitive towards acids. Therefore, you need to be cautious when cleaning them.


  • You should always use a soft cloth when cleaning your calcite stone and use very mild soap only when needed. Always ensure that you have washed the stone completely and there is no soap residue left.


  • Avoid using harsh cleansing agents like bleach and acid.


  • Don’t keep the crystal around you when you are doing extreme physical work as the stone might get damaged

Can Red Calcite go in the water?

Water can’t damage Calcite unless it is acidic, but it can affect the crystal if you soak it in water for a long period, hence, you can put Red Calcite in normal water while keeping a track of immersion time.

Do not put Red Calcite in saltwater as it can cause harm to the surface of your crystal.

The dissolution of carbon dioxide in water can cause the disintegration of Calcite as the water will react with calcite, resulting in the formation of calcium bicarbonate.

Can You Drink Red Calcite infused Water?

Drinking Red Calcite water is not dangerous to your health if consumed occasionally in small quantities but in a long run, it can cause diseases like diabetes, reproductive failures, cardiovascular problems, and neural diseases, therefore, you should avoid drinking Red Calcite infused water regularly.

How To charge and activate Red Calcite crystal?

Red Calcite is indeed a very useful stone in making your life easy and making you peaceful, but because of its attributes of absorbing negative energies, the properties of stone might deplete. 

That is the reason it becomes crucial to charge the stone from time to time to make it work perfectly.

Here are few ways to charge your Red Calcite crystal-

  • You can charge your Red calcite crystal by putting it in sunlight for a few hours. Let the crystal absorb the sun’s warmth and radiate sparkling energy when charged completely.

  • Moonlight is also a great way to charge and cleanse your Red calcite stone as crystals love to bathe in the feminine energy of the full moon. 

  • You can charge your red calcite by using other stones like amethyst and quartz. These stones will regenerate the properties of your red calcite and charge it.

How to program Red Calcite?

You can program Red calcite crystal with your thoughts and intentions, and you can do so by tuning the vibrational energy of the crystal with that of your thoughts

Follow these steps to program Red Calcite:-

  • Keep your mind calm.
  • Focus and speak to your crystal to forget all the previous programs and commands.
  • Keep your intentions clear and fill them in Red Calcite crystal, chanting it multiple times.
  • You only need to program your stone once on a single intent. If you want to change your intent you need to program the stone again.
Program Red Calcite


Red Calcite Shapes and Forms

Red Calcite Angels: They are nothing but Red calcite crystals in the shape of an angel. These crystals are great if you want to feel linked to angelic realms. 

It helps you to form a connection between you and higher-level entities that can guide you in your spiritual life.

Red Calcite Angels also make a beautiful decoration piece for your home and office.

Red Calcite crystal points: If you want your Red calcite to focus its energy at a particular point then you should get Red calcite as crystal points, as the pointed tip is meant for absorbing, storing, and directing healing energy

Crystal points also aid in taking care of your emotional and spiritual health which makes them the most powerful form of Red Calcite. 

Red Calcite tumbled stones: If you wish to wear your Red calcite stone in form of jewelry, then tumbled stones are perfect. 

This way, Red calcite will be close to you all the time and protect you from all the negative energies, making you feel more happy and calm.

Where to Buy Red Calcite?

You can buy Red Calcite from the sites listed below-

  1. They have a wide variety of red calcites in different forms. Their price range is vast, so you can pick whatever suits your pocket. 
  2. Amazon is one of the most successful and trusted brands and they sell a wide variety of red calcite.

How To tell if Red Calcite is Real?

Red Calcite is a rewarding crystal but you can attain its benefits only if you check for the authenticity of your crystal before buying it. 

There are several dishonest crystal sellers out there who often sell fake crystals at a lower price therefore you need to be very careful before getting your hands on a precious or semi-precious gemstone. 

You can check the authenticity of the Red Calcite through the following observations:-

  • If your crystal is completely symmetrical and has perfect patterns, then it is likely to be a fake crystal as real crystals do not have perfectly symmetrical patterns.
  • If you can observe air bubbles in Red Calcite, then it’s not real, hence, always look for these minor details to differentiate between original and fake crystals.

Final Thoughts On Red Calcite

Red Calcite is without a doubt very miraculous and useful gemstone. It is an energized crystal that has high detoxifying properties. 

Red Calcite can bring balance and stability to your life, promoting growth and steadiness at the same time.

This crystal will help you progress in your life and attract love towards you. It will also aid in the reduction of your fears and confusion. 

Red Calcite will help you to remain calm even in opposing situations.  

In a nutshell, Red Calcite is a vital crystal to have in your collection!

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