Mystic Dee

Like many people, I began to search for answers to the deep questions of life, and the meaning of existence. I sought out answers to “Who am I,” “Why am I here,” and “What was I sent to do?” The answer I found, and continue to find, can be summed up in 2 words: LOVE and LIGHT. There is love in everything and everyone, and each of us is here to share that love with the world. I am a spiritual healer and intuitive who has been using my healing gifts to help others.

Black tourmaline side effects

Black Tourmaline Side Effects and Benefits

Black tourmaline is a very popular stone among metaphysicians and alternative healers.  Those who wear, carry, or have a black tourmaline gem in their homes are believed to have stronger spiritual alignment, improved connectedness to all creatures, and a cleaner spiritual environment free of negativity.  While black tourmaline mineral is extensively used in crystal healing

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Is Malachite poisonous? Is it toxic to touch?

Is Malachite poisonous? This is the question many have. Crystals are beautiful creations of nature and have been used widely since ancient times for their beauty and healing properties but not all crystals are completely safe some minerals contain toxic material, such as copper, lead, iron, zinc, sulfur, asbestos, and arsenic which under certain conditions

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