Mystic Dee

Like many people, I began to search for answers to the deep questions of life, and the meaning of existence. I sought out answers to “Who am I,” “Why am I here,” and “What was I sent to do?” The answer I found, and continue to find, can be summed up in 2 words: LOVE and LIGHT. There is love in everything and everyone, and each of us is here to share that love with the world. I am a spiritual healer and intuitive who has been using my healing gifts to help others.

The only Healing Crystal you would ever need.

Crystals that help with depression and anxiety.

Depression, stress and anxiety are very common in today’s fast-paced life. Depression and anxiety make you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and deteriorate your health. Although there are a lot of mainstream medications to beat the challenge, a lot of people are moving to alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, and healing crystals. The benefits of …

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